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  • Using God given knowledge and wisdom in doing business can be the one most significant lesson a business person might learn. Click Here to down...
    Knowledge And Wisdom
  • Working together with members of your peer group/club can help launch new businesses.  This lesson is a case study of this, forming around one George...
    Travel Guide
  • Understanding when and how a company should added more employees is important. Adding the wrong people at the wrong time could be a critical mistake. ...
    When To Hire
  • Failure is not likely for the person that will start small and growing step-by-step. Setbacks will come and from these come experience. Click H...
  • The ability to delegate is a learned skill and vital for all businesses that want to grow. Click Here to download in audio (.mp3 format) Cli...
    Effective Delegation
  • Don't be held back from starting a business because of lack of capital. Be inspired with Judith the Jeweler as you hear how she started and have the c...
    Courage To Start - Africa

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Starting Your Business?

Starting a new business can be a daunting yet rewarding task. Don’t go it alone. Check out our videos on Start Ups to learn how others have navigated the uncertainties of launching a business.



Growing Your Business 

Having a solid plan and the right people in place is key to great business growth. But what about finances? Or determining the right time to expand? Growing your Business is a great place to start.



Excelling Your Business?

A wise man is eager to learn from others understanding that no matter the depth of his expertise there is always more to know and understand. Watch our series on Excelling in Business.



Leaving Your Legacy

It’s important to leave a legacy of excellence for generations to come. Watch our series on Building Your Legacy.


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