What Is IBB Talks?

IBBTalks.com exists to “Inspire Better Business” and help small to mid-sized businesses start, grow, and excel.

Our goal is to spread universal truth that will stand the test of time and not be limited to one culture or specific economic condition. Please watch this talk where I speak from my heart and tell what IBBTalks is all about.

Hello. My name is Gary Shotton. I want to explain to you the concept behind the birthing of this website—and hopefully a new movement—called IBBTalks.com.

Our society is kind of going in that direction. We’re not as interested in simple emails and more short tweets. We want content, something we can use. I hope to do this with IBBTalks.com.

Reel this in and use it for what I would title, “Lessons for Building an Ethical and Profitable Business.” There are ways to make profit that are unethical. That is not cool. In the end, the truth will come out. If it’s not ethical somebody is going to find out. Somebody at the end. Somebody like your family. Somebody like your closest worker. So I want to hone in on ethical business principles.

But why would we be in business unless we’re going to draw and shoot for a profit. Profit is the scoreboard. Profit tells you whether you won or not in the financial world. Now in the process, you’re helping people, yes. In the process, you’re building lives, you’re training leadership. But if you’re in business, you should be judging your profit. All those other things are the non-profit side of building a business.


So I hope to have lessons for building an ethical and profitable business. Now, it’s not based on me. I’m launching this. I’m going to provide probably fifty of these videos for you to watch and listen and learn through. We are going to categorize them in different groups and topics. A few will be geared towards spiritual teachings, but by and large these teachings are not Bible preaching. I desire that these lessons be Biblically-based because ethics is Biblically-based.

??oing to work towards and ask you to consider to be a speaker on these if you have the skill sets. Especially if you are an owner of a business and have many years of business experience. We don’t want theory, we don’t want you to rehash somebody else’s book, we want you to talk about you.

In another video you can hear about me, but just to summarize here, I’m sitting in my machine shop. You’ll see a worker in the background. I have a $50,000 a month payroll. Every single week. I buy $700,000 worth of new equipment every single year. I have sixty-five workers. I’m not bragging. There are people that have ten times what I have. I’m not on a race to get big, I’m just trying to take care of my customers. We’re actually just growing as a part of that commitment. Just taking care of our customers.

We’re looking for people somewhat in that same vein, and that will speak to us. We expect to have a very international flavor. So when we’re talking about lessons to build ethical and profitable business, it’s not in America only. It’s also in Mexico, in China, in Mongolia, in Germany, or in Austria. Our vision is to have these talks sub-scripted in these languages.

I travel four or five times a year to other countries. I go to Mexico and China every years. I’m going to invite business people–business-based, Christian-based, ethical business people–to teach a lesson as well. So, my personal videos will actually become dwarfed by others. This is the plan that I have. It’s a heart that I have.

It’s my desire that we be able to help each other and kind of see how small the world is, too. The same principles that will build a ethical and profitable business today in the United States of America will work ten years from now in any country in the world. They worked twenty years ago in any country in the world. These are basic principles that we’re after.

I hope you get a grasp of what we’re talking about with IBB Talks. I hope you submit an interest to listen to these. I hope you sign up to get these on a regular basis. I hope some of you, those that have the experience, will actually commit to send us videos to include. It’s a work in progress. We’re just getting started. I hope you’ll join us.

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