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Gary Shotton


Gary Shotton was raised on a successful farm and ranch in Colorado, graduated of from the Colorado School of Mines and worked 9 years in the corporate world as a mining engineer and minerals processing engineer.

In 1982, Gary moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for 2 years of Bible School and started a moving and storage company in Tulsa Oklahoma. In partnership with his wife, Cindy, this business was successfully sold in 2001 after 17 years of ownership and they then expanded there real estate investments.

Gary is the founder and president of Global Business Success Foundation and is focused on creating an operating system called “Business Mission Trips”, which assists churches and ministries to mobilize their business and professional people to share their business knowledge in a foreign land for the cause of Christ.

In April 2006, Gary purchased a machine shop with 41 employees and now operates at the level of $800,000 per months in sales with 60 employees.

This has expanded to the development of the website to “Inspire Better Business” thorough a collaboration of speakers sharing business lessons in 8-minute segment.


Tim Walterbach


Not only is Tim a successful business owner, author, and speaker, he has specialized in creating the turn-around for several non-profit organizations in Georgia, New York, and Oklahoma. His success is featured in the book, “Finish the Vision”.

Octavian Msongamwanja


Octavian Msongamwanja currently spearheads the works of Inspiring Better Business Talks on the African continent. He is married to Hallie Msongamwanja and both are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Octavian was born in Morogoro, Tanzania and is passionate about helping people find their purpose in life through business.

He has been exposed to cross-cultural leadership, international business, and mentorship programs in both Africa and America. Octavian is committed to equipping others to business ownership to help families improve their living standards through economic development activities and to advance the Kingdom of God.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya in 2011, He worked with a variety of international non-profit organizations to help communities overcome poverty in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Additionally, Octavian has helped schools to become financially self sufficient by starting school based enterprises and helped form community based microfinance groups.

He pursued and completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2018 from Oral Roberts University. He continues to inspire those who are called to own businesses to biblical business practices. He is also excited about helping small to mid-sized businesses start, grow and excel. He believes in working in partnership with local institutions or group of individuals in creating sustainable economic development.


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