Accelerating Business Growth

Accelerating Business Growth
June 9, 2019 Gary Shotton

It is important to learning relevant and critical information at each step rather growing in size, quickly which means building a solid foundation at each step not just quick growth by Gary Shotton #000288

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Accelerating Business Growth

By Gary Shotton

Hello my name is Gary Shotton and we’re here as a part of the video series and teaching series Inspiring Better Business, IBBTalks.  Today I’m going to talk about accelerating your growth in your business, and once again we mentioned that we’re talking with different people some foreign by Skype or WhatsApp and we make a regular basis on that.

But I must mention that I talked to people almost as much I have a lunch with a lot of people that have asked me about business entrepreneurial type questions. So last week was honored to go to lunch with a friend of mine and at the end of the discussion this friend asked for some assistance, and to meet again in kind of the idea of entrepreneurship and he made a very encouraging comment to me. He said he knew about our tapes our teachings and our lessons and he and I have to have maybe upload almost 200 teachings now maybe not quite that but this individual said they had listened to virtually every one of my teachings. I was honored I was impressed and it brings to me the idea of how do you grow your business well you see it’s not by listening to me. don’t get me wrong but you have to have a hunger and a desire and an interest to build your foundation the stronger the foundation the taller the building. And it’s kind of one I’m bewildered a little bit, when someone asked me for assistance and I’ve given maybe a hundred and fifty different lessons that they could listen to at their convenience while driving down the road on a podcast and they haven’t listened to hardly any of those that kind of a is a bit of a disconnect for me.

I’m willing to do it but I hope you see what I’m talking about here and so in this discussion I was sharing with another group in a foreign country about the person that had listened to all these teachings and I encourage them if you’re really serious about growing first of all don’t grow too fast well that may sound like I’m talking about making years and years and years of growth no. I’m not talking about that; I’m talking about at every step make sure you grow enough that you accomplish the tasks and the abilities and the knowledge that you need to at that level before you go to the next level. You really can’t jump from 1st grade to 4th grade very well in school you need from first grade to second grade to third grade at 4th grade you need that because you’ll be lost. Every once in a while, someone unfortunately is passed on as a youngster that isn’t maybe doing well in school but the teacher feels sorry for them and they pass them on to the next grade that’s a disservice to that youngster to that child. You gotta learn the lessons.

Another example of this is my friend Octavian and I are happened to be growing vegetables. In a vegetable business and we’re focusing in on tomatoes and we have another advisor who’s a Master Gardener a great person is helping us and he’s our coach he’s been a master gardener for 50 years and so he’s stressed as we’re working with our hundred or five hundred tomato plants that you need to pinch off part of the sprouts on the bottom part of each tomato plant, well that’s not helping it grow you wouldn’t think no you’re pinching back you’re pruning back now why would you do that, because you’re wanting the root system to grow deep and strong. You see by pinching back you’re not losing some of the growth potential for the roots and so in a good tomato plant or any vegetable or any plant the rich system is critical. well that’s what you’re doing in your business, you’re creating a rich system without good roots you’re not going to produce good fruit.

And so, in this case at every step at every level you should be diving in so we’re not talking about going slow growing slow. we’re talking about growing strong you have to take good small steps grow strong take another small step grow strong and do that quickly. If you put up away some of the side distractions in life and really focus on this you can go pretty fast. So, it’s not a time element it’s a strength element it’s not a time element it’s an element of are you strong enough to go to the next level go fast but go strong that’s what we’re talking about.

Well we’re here to help you grow and excel in your businesses and we want you to grow strong and fast both, but do it in that order and so as you do that you’re going to become a light unto the community you’re going to be an encouragement to your family you’re going to be an encouragement to others and a part of that is your willingness to share and help other words along the way as we’re helping you.

So, we thank you for being a part of inspiring build a better business but don’t be just a listener be a doer jump in there with both feet and really get with a program and learn what you can buy and buy lessons and buy experimentation.

Thank you for being part of Inspiring Better Business thank you.



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