Aggressive Patience

Aggressive Patience
May 17, 2020 Gary Shotton

Being aggressive to get bigger can be a fatal mistake but growing bigger will happen in due process with patience in learning to do good business. By Gary Shotton #000368

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Aggressive Patience

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello I’m Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business and today we’re going to talk about the title aggressive patience Wow those two words really don’t naturally go together aggressive and patience there’s a particular candy that I always laugh about when it’s called it a sweet tart that doesn’t go together but let me tell you what I’m talking about and I’m going to start with a little story of about 15 years ago when my oldest grandson was just not even two years old and we were visiting them in their home and they had purchased some item and that item required a little assembly and that assembly was involved with a little handheld screwdriver a little battery-powered screwdriver and my little grandson was not even two and he was so into it he he was he was just pushing people away and he grabbed that little battery-powered screwdriver and he tried to put it in there I mean he pushed everybody aside he was aggressively a patient though trying to learn how this thing worked and so life is a little bit like that we’ve got to have that attitude of being aggressive along with being patient what do I mean well I like to use the analogies when we’re growing in life and glow growing in business in particular that the lessons we would need to learn are right in front of us and so we’ve got to be aggressive to learn the lesson and in patient and patient to grow bigger aggressive patients is aggressive to learn learn learn but patient about trying to grow bigger the growing bigger becomes natural if you’re aggressive in learning you will grow so the focus has to be on learning at the stage you’re at let me tell a couple examples I’m very familiar with and some apply to me and some just friends that I know of I have several really good banker friends and they’ve been friends for many years and I’ve heard them talk about people coming in and they’re aggressively wanting a big loan they’re aggressively wanting the bank to take the risk they’re aggressively wanting a fairly large sum of money and the bank looks at it and they say I’ve got to see how you’ve handled the funds that you’ve had in your hands already before I’m interested in seeing you grow to the next level with my money the bank’s money because see the bank has to get the money back or that’s a bad loan and and that’s that somebody has to make up the difference and so in this process they listen to the proposal and they’re evaluating how did you handle the things you’ve already had under your control financially in the United States we have what’s called a personal credit history so they’re going to always look at that then they’re going to look at how long they’ve been in business how have we got any kind of a track record before you’re getting more money have you been handling money the things you have in your hands right now in a aggressive learning mode always learning always applying always making corrections that’s where the aggression is aggressively learning where you’re at and then patiently growing so aggressive patience and so they’re going to look and say well you’ve been in business how many years they’re not talking about weeks or months and they’re not interested in someone typically at least in the United States on a startup because they want to see that you’ve made it on your own for a certain length of time the very first time I went in for a loan was seven years after I had been in business and didn’t go and ask for a loan and I really regret that I went then but in the process they asked for my last three years financial records along with my tax return that told them what level I was at and they’re inclined to think about giving me some kind of increase normally in the case of this to buy a truck or or some equipment or some hard assets so that I could then grow to the next level and that’s how banking works you know it’s real interesting that when we look at real life situations like finances and like banking like loans it’s a lot a forerunner of how God works you see God has said I have trusted in you I want to trust in you I want you to be faithful with what you have already in your hands the the the first test typically on God is have I been a giver to my local church have I been at either that’s not a requirement in the sense of a law it’s a requirement in the sense of how am i handling the monies I have is someone aggressively learning how to use money how to how to handle money at the level they’re at without alone without God blessing them in a big way and after there’s an extended period it’s not just a few weeks and months they want to see God wants to see us come through some difficult times what do we do when things didn’t go perfect how does it work when things are not as smooth as we’d like what did i do differently to get through that I’m telling you God’s watching that now what happens is when you prove yourself of being aggressive in learning at the step that you’re on then the growth comes I don’t want to say automatically but almost as a natural result because things will come your way your opportunities come your way now you have to be in a position to take advantage of that of course you have to be oh you know in a position to know when they’d step out I had a friend that we described it this way it’s kind of a little dance you’re not sure if you should do it or should not do it should you do it should you know it should you do that should you not should you buy that piece of equipment or not buy that Quiz piece of equipment should you take on this new product line or should you not there’s a little and that’s kind of a neat word I danced back and forth in your mind to say okay God show me and give me those special confirmations but there it comes there I’ve been patient at where I’m at on taking care of business and then here comes an opportunity and then I take that there’s always going to be some risk that usually some kind of risk there’s no guarantees in life and in business and then God shows you the good shows that it’s going to work and you become confident at that level again but you’re aggressively learning at that level you’ve got new things to learn more people to hire more things to handle more and more read regulations different things and if you’re aggressively learning then you’re preparing yourself for the next pay aggressively learning then you’re going to grow patiently patiently go to the next level aggressive patience that’s an interesting two words to put together and as life goes on I can not brag I’m just saying that’s been my pattern I didn’t try to grow at each level of course I looked out for opportunities and at times I did I tried I got too big I grew too fast but if I concentrated on the things that I’m doing right now I’m in a mode right now that I’m really concentrating on making sure our shop is operating at its highest level of efficiency and you know when I’m operating the shop at a high level efficiency and God seen I’m handling my money well I’m contributing to the kingdom of God in a generous way I’m not greedy I’m not hoarding guess what opportunities come my way and then I have to take them the Spirit of God will bring those so I hope you can understand this it’s not something that’s written in a book normally this is I’ve told many people that entrepreneurship and owning your business is more caught than taught hang around somebody you’ll watch them they’re very aggressive in some way but they’re also patient to learn what they’re doing at the level that they’re at thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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