Alfred Mutua- Part 2of2: Owner

Alfred Mutua- Part 2of2: Owner
June 14, 2018 Alfred Mutua

Alfred applied the lessons he learned from being a good employee into a very successful ownership during the second part of his business career, included is a lesson learned from a failed partnership. Alfred Mutua Nairobi Kenya Africa #000198

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Alfred Mutua- Part 2of2: Employee

By Alfred Mutua

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton and I’m founder of IBB talks inspiring better business and today We’re going to hear the second half of the life story of Alfred Mutua a wonderful businessman in the country of Kenya, Nairobi Kenya area and he owns a Mechanic shop, and he has many workers there. It’s great to hear his story We’re gonna hear the second half of his life story where he actually started in the business ownership segment He started first time as a partner and as I would advise it didn’t work out too Well, and now he’s on his own God is his partner. You’re gonna enjoy what you hear. Here’s Alfred Mutua, ah After one year, I Remember I asked him. How much do you want a month? How much business do out for a month he told me if you give me five million per month I’ll be okay, and we did eight million by the grace of God. So you worked and worked and worked until the workshop was full and He had nowhere to keep vehicles and his statements was good and things were not working and after five years. I thought things were working very well and God still wanted to take me to the next level. And a friend of mine approached me and he told me you are still foolish You think you are handing a lot of money? The much you can earn is the much, you can earn. You need to come out, leave that job You come out God has bless me with business. I’m doing well. I’ve made money and I’m looking for brothers whom we can grow to the next level together and I think you are one of them and I Gave a notice I did not have money to start a business. We were to begin a business in the Kikuyu a place called Kikuyu in Kenya, Kiambu County. And when we went there, this brother had built a house. He did not know how to do cars, but he wanted me to assist him to do cars. So we partnered together We registered a company Universal Auto Touch Limited and we were there we did not have capital. We did not have machines by the grace of God Somebody loaned us machines from US which were to work get money and pay. So for the first six months God gave us grace We had business the place was full. We had nowhere to keep vehicles. We had a car wash. It was performing well One year later things were not working the the brother felt like now. It’s like I was doing, controlling everything and we had to part ways So he told me now get out Leave my house alone go buy your own you leave me alone. Sorry, brother. We are brethren. So we love God. Let’s part in. Peace He told me get the company, I’ll sign the company out for you get the company and go alone look for another place to do business I don’t have a place to do business. So I went around looking for a place, but I was believing God for a big premise, a bigger premises But I’d not have money to build that premises and I had a notice of three months. So that was a year ago When I was went around looking for everywhere The cooperates who had given me business including the insurance companies. I had known of the place the good Kikuyu place where we were and it’s like now, it’s me and God So I remember I went up somewhere I stood and I told God now that I don’t have a partner. I want to make you my partner, I want to partner with you in this business so that you can work with me. So that you can fight for me whatever I require, you will provide you are my partner now. Now that I’m left alone as the sole proprietor of the company. You are my partner. So as I was going around there is this a place called Muhuri Road, where the place was deserted there was nothing and It was bushy. I Went looking for a place and I saw a place where they were mining these stones No, electricity, no water. And I went I talked to the owner. I asked for a lease of around 10 to 15 years to do business. There was no road. And by the Grace of God. I called my bishop and he came and dedicated the place and Later foundation-stone. I went a next to the place in a somebody’s home. I got in a small room wooden room and In that room we made it our office. My administrator was there and I called people I told people now that’s where we are. That’s a universal Auto is. In that place, We began to build by faith We did not have money and by the grace of God in that place where we were we went to station Where there was no Road God performed a miracle. The government sided to connect Karen and Waiyaki way to make a road the road you can now see here. It became immediately we began Where people coming from Karen going to West lands always go through, People coming from Gong going to West lands and Nairobi They use this road people coming from Westlands going to Ongata Rongai, going to Athi river they use this road. By the grace of God the place began started to be busy now The place where we were working on in one year. God gave us a business Which did not have in the last two years. By the grace of God we were able to spend five million To make the house you can see now without getting a loan from anybody without borrowing anybody and We’ve been able to make these house to electrify to make electric fence to put an alarm to I Had to make it a good place to bring the vehicles by the grace of God We have seen cooperates coming to do business with us, including places like Kikuyu mission hospital, the county government, the police, the Happy, the district commissioners, and the insurance companies by the grace of God We are doing heavy commercial vehicles. We are doing light commercial vehicles. We are doing services for people and from around by the grace of God we are doing from small vehicle and very expensive vehicles are coming to our garage and By the grace of God still I’ve seen people who are working together at Toyota come to work with us here very qualified technicians our turnaround and the kind of money we are making monthly is Unbelievable, so we thank God and we want to tell everybody that is possible. You don’t need money to begin a business. You need the grace of God, The grace of God will lead you to where your passion is. And once you go where your passion is You don’t talk about money you don’t go talk about capital you will be successful so Thank everyone one of you for coming to see where we are. I can take you around you see what we are doing and God will bless you as he blesses us.


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