Faith in God – No Bribes

Faith in God – No Bribes
June 10, 2018 Alfred Mutua

Alfred Mutua shares of his confidence and faith in God to help him in  his business ownership.  He also speaks against the often used business practice of using bribery to gain an advantage in business competition. Nairobi Kenya Africa #000194

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Alfred Mutua has faith in God

By Alfred Mutua

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as founder of inspiring Better Business IBBtalks. Today we’re going to hear from Alfred Mutua. He’s a godly man that put God first in his business and he just refused to take bribes. That’s a common thing in many foreign and developing nations that the only way to get business is to bribe somebody, he said he’s not doing it. And we’re going to hear how he succeeded and how God stepped up to the place when he took that stand. Let’s hear from Alfred. Thank you.


My name is Alfred Mutua. I am a Director of Universal Touch Limited involved in the business of repairing and servicing of the vehicles. I am born again, I love Jesus as my Lord and Savior. What I can say is I began the business and I told God to partner with me in doing this business. One thing that I’ve loved partnering with God that’s the best thing that can happen, you just need to be faithful with a small you are getting. I remember the first time, I did my business I had a hundred and twenty shillings. Out of the hundred and Twenty shillings for some time I was giving 12 shillings for tithes, and faithfully I continued to tithe as I continue to grow. I continue to be faithful in what I was doing.  I told God even when I shall grow in business, I’ll continue to be faithful. So, one thing that has helped me in my business is the integrity and being faithful to God.

Like in whatever business that I do I always make sure whatever I get whatever I earn from my clients before I use it; I had the initiative I meant with my church to introduce an m-pesa line. That one is very convenient for people who are doing business. So that whatever I get before I use it I always send my tithes to the Church. I load it on my phone if I get a hundred thousand, ten thousand, I load it in my phone I send it to the church. We can talk about it later when it is already in the church. Another thing that has helped me to be faithful in giving my tithes faithfully before I touch any money which I earn from my business; whatever money whether it comes through EFT I don’t use it, it comes through RTTGS I don’t use it until I sent a tithe to the church.

The other way is I have been standing with the servants of God in the ministry, in the marketplace assisting repairing and servicing vehicles free for my pastors, for brethren, for missioners. Like we have one land cruiser which deliverance Church is sent to Marsabit which is doing missionary work in Marsabit northern part of Kenya. That vehicle I always serve it with free of charge without asking any shillings every time it comes to Nairobi. It comes to the garage I service it I send it back to Marsabit in good shape and God has opened so many doors every time that vehicle comes to the garage I always get a different business it comes to my Garage.

The other thing that I have noted, is when many people have been running just pursuing money. I’ve noted if you run for money, money runs away from you. You need to be faithful not just go for every money. Sometimes I have had challenges for people who want to give me business as long as I bribe them, I’ve said no to those businesses. There are tenders this year I said I wouldn’t renew with them because now I don’t want to contaminate my business with corruption. I want to be faithful before God with whatever monies I am getting because I don’t understand if I get money through bribery how do I go again to tithes the same kind of money. It will corrupt my money and I will have problems with my business. So, God has been faithful and I’ve said I’ll remain faithful to God through giving tithing, standing with the servants of God, paying Insurance. I have a pastor a friend of mine I stood with him. I made sure that I bought a car for him with my friends. I made sure that I usually service that car. I made sure that every month, every year I put insurance for that car and that car is in good shape.

I remember some of the challenges that I met especially the company that I worked at World Motors the Chinese company I was working for, the time I went there I found that the Chinese were convinced that you can’t get business without bribing. And I remember at one point I stood I told him that I’m born again I don’t believe in him bribing, I don’t believe in giving bribes to police and everything. He was used to that. I remember one case when I was driving my boss and I used the wrong lane and the policeman was there stopping me, the Chinese went straight to his bag and he wanted to bring some five thousand to pay the police. Because she was used to that and I remember when the police came I told him no, I’m a pastor. Where? Eastleigh Deliverance church. And immediately he returned my driving license. So, the Chinese asked me you said what? I told him, I’m a pastor. What’s a pastor? Who these police fears? Then, he told me the pastor is a church somebody who stands for the church. So, in future if the Police stop me I shall be telling them I’m a Chinese pastor; then he’ll ask me which street and okay. That was fun. So, I tried to convince them that it’s possible to stay in Kenya to do business in Kenya without bribing.

I used to pray before I go to meet any person in need of business. I used to pray and say, “God open a door for me” and I used to go to the right people, get business from the right people without being asked to give bribes. I remember later God continued to help even when I began my own business. There are tenders if they are involved in corruption I don’t go for them and any time I don’t go for a tender because the corruption is being involved, God opens other doors and that has worked for me. I’ve grown I don’t just go people come looking for me, come looking for our workshop to work for them. We don’t go running for them because when you pursue money, any money any business it corrupts your business. You corrupt your monies. You’ll become confused. You can’t entertain, you miss the mark, you don’t have a testimony again.

Okay at one time I remember as I shared I had a partner. Who we began Universal Auto touch together. It is a brother we had equal shares, we had given our wives some 10% of the shares and when it never worked and we had to part ways. I remember one time, one day we went to the brother’s house with my wife. We sat down and we said now it’s time for us to part. And now that we are good friends. We need to be assisting other people whose partnership does not work and our brethren so we don’t need to fight. So, what we do? I told the brother’s wife to pray for us, to bless us and my wife to bless this brother, so that when people ask us we tell them that people can live each other in peace and continue together and work together. We are very good friends. We shall do ministry together. We support each other and we agree that God has destined us, everybody to work alone.

And by the grace of God, God can use somebody for a certain period and when that period is over it’s over however how much you continue to push to be together, it’s over. That’s one thing I’ve learned because many are times we believe that we have to do something with somebody. But God can bring somebody in your way just for a short time and when it’s over it’s over and don’t create enmity because it’s over. It works for me and it has worked for me, it can work for everybody.

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    I would like to meet him, sounds like a guy who has a future.

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