Always Changing

Always Changing
February 11, 2017 Gary Shotton

To get the most out of life, learn to be comfortable living on the edge of uncomfortable. #000092

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Always Changing

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

come on my name is Gary Shotton and today we’re going to talk about always changing you know what there is no question things change in life and if you’re not ready for those changes you don’t engulf those changes and if you don’t embrace those and you don’t actually look for and actually even encourage them I think you’re going to get left in the dust in owning your business you see in my personal life I had major changes if I didn’t make those changes at the right time I would have been stopped or stagnated or held back from accomplishing the most that i would have out of our life now I believe that you want the most out of your life and I think those that want to own a business I think that’s commendable it’s not for everyone and I’m talking to you really right now because if you’re going to be successful in your business you’ve got to be willing to make changes now there’s changes that are made sometimes that are actually a too early I mean you can see something coming and you just because you see something coming doesn’t mean that you got to instantly jump on board when I see a new let’s say a new update on my computer or new or something exciting or new comes out you know I can see that might be beneficial but in that case I wait a little bit so it doesn’t mean that I’m your attic and I’m doing things without thinking it through I actually wait intentionally till they work out the bugs I mean I want to see that my software is is is operating efficiently or freely so I don’t want to jump to early into changes but I don’t want to be too late other people wait too long I’ve known cases where I was thinking about certain decisions that I might want to do or see an opportunity and rats i waited too long after a while that opportunity passed and i did not make the change sittin up or quick enough to be to be be ready for for the advantage of that in business now also you know you can just look at the situations around you and decide hey these these are things i’m not going to change i’m not going to change my commitment to my family my commitment to god I’m not going to change my morality I’m not going to change I don’t care where the country goes I don’t wear care what society says i don’t care what what laws say in regards of loosening morality I’m going to stay solid on certain things and not change them so we’re not being ridiculous when we talk about that now in my case I found myself after moving to a new town in back in the early 80s that I was a career I it’s gone to college and I was following a path of working for the large corporation and I could see while I was working for this corporation that the kind of people I working with were great people they’re highly educated but there were not the kind of mindset that I wanted to go through life I didn’t want to sell my soul my life my time on this earth to some big corporation that’s just me and so I had to consciously make a change I had it was it was difficult because I had a nice paying job I had a company vehicle and I chose to fall in my case a pursuit a Bible School that may not be your pursuit but I moved about a thousand miles to a new town and I opened with the hopes that I have a good job I had a family of five three small children the oldest was only six years old and we come into this new setting and man I am glad that I made the change with that change was not easy it was the right time for me it was what I needed to be doing and so change is not always going to be easy I i started a trucking company and moving in storage company it’s a whole story in itself where I had used my father’s horse trainer that’s a traitor that’s suitable for hauling for horses inside the trailer and I had hooked it on top of my big gas guzzling car and I went down the highway with all of my stuff and that’s where I said you know I can’t get a job so I’m going to find a way to create a job at that point it wasn’t starting to be a business I was not going to be a business it was just money it was just feed the kids pay the tuition pay their rent pay the utilities and it turned in to be a job turned in to be a business for me that I owned for 17 years my wife and I worked in that 17 years well it came time for a change I could see through the process of time that that this had taken its course it’s finished its route and I was I was only 49 years old and I sold that business with great pain because that was my identity that’s who I was that’s how people knew me I was this business owner and this business order now is no more the business owner because he sold the business who am i what’s my identity Who am I tied to that was tough and over time though six years later I bought what you see here a machine shop wow you talk about a big change i’m at my mid-50s i’m laying down a risky two and three-quarter million dollar loan that was the loan I’m sorry the package deal is two and three-quarter I only borrowed two and a half million I mean that’s crazy at age 55 to take on a business by both peoples book that and and borrow money to buy a business that grew into what now is this company this business now ten years later that’s a very thriving and profitable and successful business that was changed I had to be willing to make the change I could have set back and coasted through the last 25 years of my life think about it 25 years of my life I’m going to coast through that’s ridiculous for me so from 55 called it that would be get me to a tee you know 55 plus plus 25 is 80 so I’m not a coach for 25 years I don’t know what my next thing is I guess it’s on this internet selling product on the internet I’m going to keep changing that’s part of my life I want to encourage you as I do my grown children that they become comfortable with change comfortable becoming uncomfortable actually operating in some realm of uncomfort so that you’re stretching and pressing and pushing yourself beyond your normal limits if you just sit back and coast through I honestly believe that you will end life disappointed I believe you’ll look back in life and say cash I wish I would have taken more risk I wish I would have done something different I wish there would have been better to fail trying than to never have tried at all that’s not original by mean you know that you’ve heard that many times I believe in this it would be better to fail then then to never have tried and so I’m not going to try to jump off the deep end again but I’m going to get close because I’m going to change I ask you to consider that in your life and in your business in your career whatever you’re doing think and it continually changing is the teaching for today if you watch these videos on the teachings or her these on on podcasts please share them with your friends that’s the primary where the way that we’re advertising thank you


  1. Adam 6 years ago

    I agree completely that you have to be willing to make changes to survive in the business world and in life in general. We personally started out with one vision, but once we got on the ground and started working we quickly learned that we needed to change the vision to make it successful.

  2. Author
    Gary Shotton 6 years ago

    Great to hear your comments. We can both count the many times we have had to change our plans. The issue before us, making the right changes at the right time.
    Gary Shotton

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