Arise And Grind

Arise And Grind
October 14, 2018 Gary Shotton

Pressing on to accomplish the task set before you can be a real grind.  Resisting the urge and not quitting is a great character quality by Gary Shotton #000238

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Arise And Grind

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business, I’m so happy to be talking with you I hope these are valuable to you today. I want to talk about the subject of rise and grind. If you’re honest with me and I’m honest with you, there’s some days it is a grind and you get up in the morning, if you’re like me it’s like oh I really don’t want to go out to work! I wish I had something else I can do today. I wish I didn’t have to face the challenge. And almost every business owner even with employees there’s a little bit of grind that do it in and out every day, same results same thing happening. There’s a little bit all of us, I hope you understand that’s normal you can get through that with me here. We recognize rise and grind happen in every calling from God, whether you’re called to be a gift of administration. You know I’m sure the pastors you look at the podium and think man every day is almost a holiday, because know there’s a lot of grinds in being up front of a congregation, you might look at somebody that’s successful! And maybe they’ve come through that. Yes, they’re enjoying life but there’s a bit of a grind. Recognize everyone faces and if you’re like me you are going to get through it with me.

And I hope this helps to recognize God is looking for patience and endurance, that only comes when there’s a consistent steadfast a predictable discipline on each one of our parts. You know that’s not bad that we have a discipline, we must get to work, to accomplish a certain thing each time at work. That tends to be a grind but gods in it, don’t you ever think that? Just because it gets a little slow, I got to change the ownership or change businesses, change locations. It could be but not just because it looks like a little bit of a grind, recognize that you have it. Pass the current test, sometimes when you’re not ready for the next challenge and maybe that’s why it’s a grind. Maybe you’ve got to do something that you haven’t learned, engaged, discipline yourself enough to really dig in and learn the lesson. At that stage it’s important you recognize that when you’ve completed the task you’ve t to make sure you’ve done it with excellence.

you know God doesn’t want any part done cake you, he doesn’t want anything, that is just mediocre! God is a God of excellence. So, make sure that excellence is a part of everyone, everything you do no matter you’re cleaning the toilets, parking the cars or volunteering someplace don’t be slothful. That’s not going to be pleasing to mankind or God.  Then recognize you are in a position that you have a lot of effect on other people, so when you come with an attitude of oh this is a grind! Oh, I wish I wasn’t here! I wish I had something else I could do!, I wish I was out golfing! We joke about that. Well, that’s kind of a joke because we can see a pretty day and it would be nice to be outside but recognize in leadership, you’re in charge of other people and they have an effect, you have an effect when you come to work or your attitude.

Then what we really want to hear move towards is a consistent rise and shine, not rise in grind but rise and shine. We want to be able to lift other people up and be able to face challenges with vim, vigor and vitality. And I just encourage you to make that a part of your attitude, I’m going to tackle this job with an effort that cannot be equaled by others. Well let’s get some examples I own a moving and storage company for 17 years, that means I move furniture from people’s house from one house to another or one office to another, and I went long distance in short distance across town and nation around the world. So, I can remember back those days oh my goodness!  When we walked into a house and thinking oh my goodness there is a lot of work here, I can’t fathom? We can get that all loaded in one day like its 7:00 in the morning and we have 10 hours of packing and loading. It’s hard work you know I just learned back, then just dig in watch what you say and start moving don’t badmouth it, don’t say oh woe is me, don’t arise and grind, but rise and shine to the occasion.

Many times, I can’t remember how many times I wished, this is actually too hard, but we did it and we were able at a reasonable time shut the door that shipment was loaded, we’re off to the next thing and we’re tired but we’re feeling good. That’s a rise and shine, I remember my dad there’s times it wasn’t always great for him, there’s only two times that I can remember seeing a tear coming down the side of his face and one of them was when I was in college, I had gone off to college and I’m kind of having a fun time in college, I’m kind of not really conscious of all the problems dad might have had, he didn’t bother me with that.

So, I come home for Christmas break, we’re home for a couple weeks during college. He and I drive out  from the house to some of the land,   I saw that tear come down the side of his cheek, he didn’t say much but I could tell he was really worried because, he thought he might lose the entire farm because he thought he might go bankrupt,  I can remember he was kind of giving me some guidance, real brief he said Gary I really thought you might come back and work for the farm, but you better go on I don’t know if I can turn this around.  Wow I caught by surprise because I was thinking my college, my fun days and he was being facing a challenge. He was one could rise and shine, he never had a real grind attitude,

Last but not least, is my machine shop right now I have lots of things going there is but there’s ups and downs,  there’s days that I wish I didn’t have to go to work. So realize all of us are going to face that. Let’s get an attitude of a rise and shine, because we have been given a new day to live. Look around the things you’re facing, they’re probably not half of somebody. In a life-and-death situation with a health problem or half as bad as other people, just get an attitude of a rise and shine.

Thank you

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  1. Chris Walsh 4 years ago

    Great Monday morning motivation!

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Thank you very much for taking your time to listen to this teaching and even take the extra time to post your comment.
      Blessings for your trip to Africa.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Thanks for your continued support by looking at these postings and making comments on the website.
      You are a great blessing!

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