Business Calling

Business Calling
September 16, 2018 Gary Shotton

The calling to be a business owner can be rewarding but will definitely come with challenges by Gary Shotton #000232

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Business Calling

By Gary Shotton

Hello my name is Gary Shotton. I’m here in my home. This is my back porch looking out over a golf course. I’m very blessed to have that and today we’re going to talk about Inspiring Better Business. In particular we’re going to talk about the subject of a question that was asked me when I was talking with our groups in East Africa. They asked this question “Are some people called to business?” And the way that was asked it was clear that they were asking well that maybe some people are not called to business. You know it’s a very good question so I’d like to address that.

Well, first of all I believe that God has called us all into an ultimate part of the body of Christ, and yes some people are specifically called into the realm of doing and operating a business just like some people are called to be a pastor and some people are called to be evangelists and some people are called to be Bible teachers. And so, yes there is a calling to business that’s for the overall body of Christ. But you know all of us have a household. All of us need income. I have to believe that at the first time that I do not or cannot find a job or the first time that I have a job it’s not anywhere close enough capable of meeting my needs. I have a responsibility to feed my family and I’m going to go out and start something. I’m not going to wait and just beyond the one I wish I could find a job list.

I know in East Africa it’s pretty important to get a job. Well, what people are saying is I want someone to take care of me. I want to be sure that they’re going to take care of me and they’re going to give me a weekly or daily income that way I can be happy and I can have my needs met. Well you all know that that’s not normally the case. You know that many of the jobs that are there in East Africa are very underpaid and it’s not sufficient to make the money you need to have a happy household. So, realize that there is a call to business but everyone is called to feed their family. So, I guess if I was in that situation and I was in that situation when I first moved to my town where I live now without a job and I didn’t even call it a business I call it necessity. And I got started making some income out of necessity to feed my family and pay the tuition and pay the rent. Ask yourself are you willing to do that? Ask yourself are you seating around waiting for someone else to take care of you? Don’t do that. Start taking care of yourself.

Well, there’s a little bit of an analogy. I like in analogies you know we’re all required to pay for our household budgets in food and lodging and things and you know that’s to me it’s kind of like of analogy of a singer. A singer it could be one that sings in the choir or sings in the auditorium. We’re just part of the group. You know the word says that we’re supposed to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Well, we’re singing. That’s great. Yet inside that group of singers that everyone’s singing there are some people that have absolute fabulous voices. And as they practice, as they practice or sing in the group it becomes evident to them and others that they have the solo ability. Well, maybe their calling is to be a musician.

So, I believe there’s a process that we learn in discovering what our part of the body of Christ is. Can happen when we actually venture out and actually start a business or do something maybe even out of necessity to make things happen for yourself. Ask yourself are you willing to just start? Even if it’s not your ultimate end objective are you waiting too long for the perfect thing to come? My friend Octavian gave this advice to some people he said you know I was in college and there’s students in college; and a lot of them don’t even like to wash their own clothes. So, a person could have just one little pan and a little bit of soap and knock on doors in the college and asked to wash people’s clothes just one batch of clothes at a time. Would I be willing to do that? That’s out of a necessity. You’re going to learn some things. You’re going to develop your skills. Maybe that passes. Maybe you get a good job. Maybe you’re not going on to another business. Maybe your business has nothing to do with washing clothes. You know, you’re still going to learn something. And you’re going to gain income. You’re going to have some personal wealth.

I have a friend in my hometown his name’s Jean, and I know his story a little bit. He was a preacher’s son. They were always in poverty even in the US and he didn’t like that. He went to college and you know what he did, he cut hair. He set up a little place with some scissors. I don’t know what he had. But the students were in college they needed their hair cut. And he became pretty good barber. Now he’s not a barber today he’s actually a very wealthy banker. But you know he did what he had, he started with his hands and through that process he discovered that he wasn’t going to be a pastor. He wasn’t going to be something else. He didn’t want to work for other people. He wanted to own his own bank. He’s a bank owner. That’s who he is. It’s really important. Are you willing to start that small? Are you willing to even do some things out of necessity? Do you realize that you must do that sometime in order to just make your basic needs of your household? That’s important.

We have a tendency when we’re looking for a job to kind of shift our responsibility on to someone else. Like if I’m working for someone, I could be at risk as saying well now that my company or that boss or that now have become responsible for me. And you know sometimes we even look to the government. And say, okay why isn’t the government doing something? I want the government to be responsible for me. Well, you know I’m responsible for myself. I’m the one and only person has the most interest in me becoming and being successful. So, you know I think the responsibility rest on me. I believe that God wants to bless us. I believe that certain people will go beyond just household needs, the basics. I think it may take some time for some people. And yes there are some people that are going to be anointed and called of God to build a pretty major business and that business would be a blessing to the body of Christ. I encourage that person to be sure that they have balance in their life. That they make sure that they’re there. They’re creating an overall plan not just to gain money, not just to gain wealth but do be a part of the body of Christ and learn not only how to make money but how to give money.

Well, there’s a lot to be said. Are you willing and thinking about that? You’re willing to step into the role of a giver oh never thought of that? Yeah if God’s is going to bless you in the financial realm it’s not to heap it upon yourself. You’re going to enjoy a wonderful life. But you are responsible to determine how best to distribute that money in the body of Christ. There’s going to be some challenges and you’re going to have to work through those challenges. But that’s the ultimate goal. The body of Christ, your local church they need a drum sets  for the music, they need pastors salaries. I’ve been at either for more than 40 years and I wouldn’t stop. It’s working for me. And I encourage you to look into that. So, just ask yourself what’s your motive? Are you willing to be a business owner? Those that are called to excel in that area in order to be a giver? That’s what it’s all about.

Well, thanks for being a part of this. I hope you enjoy this part of the teachings. I hope it’s not something you get discouraged with, I want to be inspiring better business. Thank you very much.


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