Business Success

Business Success
October 4, 2020 Gary Shotton

Success in business is not rated by how much money have made or the size of your territory.  God views success based on the quality of life and how you have served others.  By Gary Shotton #000389

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Business Success

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello i’m gary shotton and i’m here as a part of inspiring better business and today we’re going to talk about success in business or business success i’m going to tell about my dad you heard a few things about my dad and he’s been passed on to glory from the year of 1990 so that’s been 30 years ago but i sure draw on that and i didn’t realize the situation because i was just a farm boy working for my dad along with my brothers and we had farm uh operation where we drove tractor and planted wheat and it was dry land it was in the southeastern corner of colorado now that doesn’t mean a lot and i didn’t realize it until i saw a documentary on the dust bowl and there was a lot of heartache in the dust bowl in fact there was a lot of suicides because farmers were at their very limit they had expected rainfall and they expected a uh the ability to have natural rainfall for growing their crops and that was not going to happen and the dust came in the door there had been a turn from plowing it and the wind came and the dust came just uh horrendous dust storms and i only remember one time when a wall of dirt about 70 feet tall came moving away across the the land towards our house and there was this complete brown wall coming towards us and then sure enough for the next three or four days it was just total brown we didn’t get outside the house there was no ability to even drive on a car you would wreck even on the slowest way you could go because it was full of dirt well i tell you that because my dad was a successful business person and he uh did that through the starting his business career in that setting and so when i hear about somebody that’s successful i i want to hear about someone that didn’t have a a golden spoon handed to them and they took something to the next level but in his case he started with absolutely nothing absolutely nothing no one to help no one to support him and moved into the dust bowl era and dust bowled area and found someone that would that would believe him enough to rent him the land so he could farm it and he found a way to get a tractor and some plows and he he started uh pulling the plows and tractor driving the tractors with the the begin the the smallest of beginnings and i picked up and now look back and understand he was a successful business person he when we have business success he’s my example there’s others i know and i’m proud i know but that’s where i’m gonna look at it so uh one thing that dad didn’t do and you shouldn’t do was ever seek money he was conscious of money he controlled money remember if you plant a harvest and it has an annual harvest maybe we went several years without a harvest i know that for sure and your payday is not every friday it’s not every other friday it’s once a year maybe and he had uh cattle we had cattle that made the difference from some of those years when we didn’t have a wheat crop but he did not seek money he sought to be the best farmer he possibly could be he was diligent he planted when he knew the plant he got ready he he expanded he took took risk the things that would have to happen there i’m just amazed that i’m able to to have been raised in this setting in that way and dad never did seek fame either you know a lot of people wanting to own a business think oh man i’m going to be famous because i’m the person i’m important dad was not that kind of person we were quiet he was a very quiet person just did his job just day after day week after week month after month plowed it along started with nothing and when he died in the year 1990 the estate was worth quite a nice sum of property and land and cattle i hate to say the numbers because it would blow your socks but he was a successful business person now i’m going to tell you that there’s uh there’s a the real success i think is is running your business or your operation with christian values integrity serving people and pleasing god boy that’s going to create a police pleasing atmosphere for your life it’s not about money it’s about a balance in life and a balance of the family and marriage and i know we have such a a disruptive world now in that area but that is still our target god wants that god wants us to be successful not because we own the business but because we went through life in that way now there’s two parts and i’m going to point these out there’s the natural part of owning a business and then there’s a supernatural and there’s a local minister that really uh highlights that by regularly saying when you combine the natural and the supernatural then you’re going to really see good things well that’s true with being a business success so the natural is learning good business learning how to your accounting learning how to to to have quality learning to start with what you have and grow step by step learning to have systems and processes in order to make profit you know we do measure uh the success of financially in a business by profit but that isn’t it in a a complete capsule so the natural is very important and you know there’s some people that that have no awareness of god no profession of god and they are just really good at business and they’re gonna use the laws of business successfully even better than a lot of christians or some christians that baffles some people that are believing god and trusting god and they’ve got their business going why didn’t god help me well god’s there to help you but possibly you didn’t have that person didn’t have the business skills needed to operate at that size or didn’t have the knowledge needed to to run a business and so there’s the natural side of owning and operating a business you can’t get around that in the farming world we said the rain will fall on the just and the unjust and so we we have to recognize there is the natural side but when you add the supernatural with it boy you have so many good things going for you now these supernatural things don’t show up just every week and every day i mean it’s not every day a supernatural event happens but it’s more like that there’s major crossroads at least in my life that i wasn’t sure how to go at a major crossroad and i needed god’s direction in that and sometimes it was obvious and sometimes i i actually kind of fumbled through to find his plan and when i followed that plan i found out maybe even six months a year two years later that man back there was a crucial time and with god’s help i went in the right direction i sold at the right time i bought something at the right time there’s going to be times when you need that supernatural difference you’re going to need to combine the natural with the supernatural in order order to end life or end a segment of your life with a pleasing result a result that says we’re where we have uh we’re pleasing to god in the way we do things that we’re able to conduct business with christ like values christian values and that’s our barometer well i hope this is helpful i want you to have a business success and i want to have business success myself i’m just telling you right now when i can pay my bills on time that’s that’s conveying to others that i’m following a christ model and i’m not going to stretch them out and i’m i’m i’m i’m witnessing to god for something simple as that when i when i when i pay fair wages to my workers and listen to them and understand them i’m modeling a christ-centered business and i believe that’s what it’s all about thanks for being a part of inspiring better business
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