November 1, 2020 Gary Shotton

The resistance to change can be compared to a caged animal. This mindset will not produce the freedom God wants for us. By Gary Shotton #000392

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By Gary Shotton

       Hello, I’m Gary Shotton. I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business and today we’re going to talk about the word caged or being trapped and I refer to this in the sense that we sometimes get trapped in our minds, we get trapped in our thought patterns, we get trapped in a cage in the way we think and the only way out is to systematically make a concerted effort to change the way we think, to change the way we approach things and I’ll start out with a quick story here about the time I was with my friend Chris and it was an early morning business meeting and we’re at his office which was faced a actually at his house and in his backyard he had some chickens and he had a chicken pin and they had a high fence around it and at one moment though Chris jumped up out of his chair and started running out to this chicken pin and I looked out and sure enough there was a fox had jumped over inside the chicken pin and was ready to just have havoc with these chickens now the fox wasn’t hungry it just had a sport of killing chickens and Chris ran out chewed the fox away and came back in and said boy this is a problem we’ve got to get rid of that fox well or do something different with the chickens. So the reality was that fox was destined to be killed or to be caged.

Just think about going to a zoo and there’s many wild animals that have been caged and they cage maybe a small cage but it may be something a little bit bigger than that so they could walk around and exercise but if that’s an animal that’s fairly new to in captivity it’s pacing back and forth back and forth wanting to get out doesn’t even know what it’s thought pattern it’s just its natures to be free and to be going out and accomplishing more than just in a small confinement. That’s what happens sometimes in our lives, sometimes we come to a plateau in our life and we think I’ve got enough money for my household, for basic food needs and I’m making paycheck. In America are making it paycheck to paycheck just barely get along so to break out of that person has to do something different has to put up a second job or a second form of income. I was working with my friend who is from Haiti he lives in Tulsa and we’re calling back to his homeland to some friends of his and we connect with a young lady sues it was her name and we were talking to her about changing the way she thinks  at first she was pretty casual but after a while I said you are trying to do something different because we have plenty of other people we could talk to and we investigated and we asked some questions and found out that she was probably interested in something to do with cooking ,she liked to cook she had some interest in that area and that’s one of the laws we talk about is if you’re going to start your first business you ought to do something that you’re kind of familiar with you enjoy doing you’re going to spend a lot of time doing this and so in the process of time and this was like a 45 minute call and then a week later we’d call again and we’re not making progress very fast and so at one point I said we’ve got to get serious now size if you had a desire to create some cooking you got to have some recipes you got to know what kind of a food you’re going to make and we leveled into it was her idea of some kind of simple dessert and let’s say it would just be a cake that you could slice into a small serving sizes and you could bag it and you could sell those slices at least.

Now we’re starting to change the way we think. I think people ought to get started with what they have what’s in their possession and she had enough money for one the ingredients for one cake and I said okay let’s work on the recipe tell me what you’re going to have in that well I’m making it up now but like one egg and some flour and some salt and maybe some sugar and send me some other ingredients and she kind of knew what to do. She we’re making a little progress and the she’s thinking she could make one cake but we’re talking her into making one cake how would it what would it take to make one cake so after another bit of time we talked to her again and sure enough she got the oven she had access to an oven and she said okay I made my cake she was pretty excited about it and she had already thought a little bit and I said well where are you going to sell it well her first thoughts were there’s no place to sell it because there’s any place she wants to sell it there’s already somebody there well forget that there’s always going to be competition so you’ve got to be able to go out there and find a place and she came up with an idea that well there’s some construction workers and maybe these construction workers would have a little extra money and that she could sell a piece of cake okay great we’re off and running and she actually did it and she calculated the amount of ingredients now I’m overlooking a lot because she didn’t put a lot of money into what it cost to have an oven and all that but in the process of time she was able to say I made a profit she just went on and made two cakes, the next day  four cakes, the next day eight cakes ,the next day 16 cakes and 32 and she’s off and running I don’t think she did because she was still stuck in the way she was thinking ,she was stuck in her own mind that she can’t do this. In business you’ve got to a achieve or a come to an idea that says I can overcome this issues and I can figure out a way, that’s what an entrepreneur does that’s how the entrepreneur proceeds in life because there’s going to be plenty of little hurdles plenty of little obstacles, plenty of little things that’s going to look like impossible to do and if you can overcome those and get a habit of overcoming those then you’re off and running that’s what you’re going to come up with.

I hope in this lesson that you could understand that well let’s change the way we think and let’s recognize that many times we’re trapped many times we’re saying that’s all I can do and all I have to do is step out and do some more do something different start with what we have make an effort strive to accomplish something that we haven’t done in a previous weeks and now there’s a little bit of research into this but there’s a lot of experimenting that’s something we talk about being willing to experiment. I hope you’re enjoying being a part of Inspiring Better Business let’s make a difference let’s change the way we think. Thank you For Listening.


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