Called To Body Of Christ

Called To Body Of Christ
July 26, 2020 Gary Shotton

We are challenged in the Word of God to not float through life with little purpose but to find our place in the Body of Christ. By Gary Shotton #000379

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Called To Body Of Christ

By Gary Shotton

My name is Gary Shotton and I am here as a part of inspiring better business. In between the years of 2000 and 2006 I travelled quite a bit overseas I’ve been now in more than 35 countries of the world and more than once probably 15 or more maybe 20 times I’ve been to Mexico and in one of those times I was invited to speak  at a pretty large church, 500 people in attendance that Sunday morning and I was a little nervous but I’ve done that before so I felt comfortable through an interpreter and I knew that my topic was how to be led by the spirit of god and how to know what your calling is in the body of Christ and I had some notes and I had it all put together but right before that message god dropped in I believe four key points that have been so helpful for me to encourage people not to know how to be an entrepreneur like I believe I’m called to be not to know how to be a pastor but to find out what you’re called into see that’s very important.

There are many people that believe in the Christian world first of all have not grown up enough like a small child grows up to a level that they can be trusted with something more important than just children’s toys, it says in I think it’s Hebrews 5 that at one Paul point the author of Hebrews wrote to the in his letter and he says listen to the people that he at the letter called we call Hebrews is that by this point in time you should be more skilled in your spirituality you’re still needing milk and you should be eating the meat of the word and in essence that goes on it says that you should be practicing your skill sets so that you’ll be able to discern the difference between good and evil that means there’s a process that means you’ve got to know that  God has a plan for you that you’ve got to grow up to a certain level to be even trusted to be even considered what is my calling it’s kind of like you got to be out of third grade to high school then what’s my profession now your calling is different than profession but at some point you should as a Christian know what God has called you to do well real briefly there’s four things I believe that you could identify

Number one can you find it in the word of God can you find it multiple places in the word of God will you find it in the word and in fact do you actually when you’re reading the bible maybe reading through the bible or reading through the passage some things are going to jump out at you, I laugh when I tell people that when I learned that there was such a thing called a concordance I know younger people won’t know what that is but we didn’t have the search mode we didn’t have the Bible in digital we didn’t have the ability to find every time, a word was used in the Bible other than look at this really thick heavy book and you can look up where any word was look you go up like marriage and so you’d go in and by alphabetical and find marriage and you’d find every time the word marriage was there or marry like being in a marriage well what was the first word I looked at money I wanted to know how God dealt with money, I saw in the Bible how God was dealing with money with people not in today’s currency but many examples were business examples

Number two you’re going to find that you’re have some God-given gifting’s you know people say well he’s naturally gifted to play soccer or he’s naturally gifted to play music or he’s naturally gifted as a singer well I don’t use that word natural I believe God gifted people to do certain things and some people are not gifted to sing and some people are but each one has to practice has to develop that skill that’s the way it works so if someone can’t  is not able to be called into the body whatever it is you should find what that is again my goal is not to make everybody an entrepreneur but I from early on was learning things I’ve taught other stories I was looked at my history my background God’s been preparing me for this and when I would deal with things even my first attempt in having some cattle up in Wyoming I learned some things I was learning business I’m gifted in it when I did things I made a profit  know a situation where someone’s consistently or this happens a lot I’m not thinking of just one person every time they do something they lose money maybe you’re not called to own a business you should be having even the smallest things making a profit so you should have some gifting’s.

Number three you should  know that there is some kind of success it comes along with the gifting’s there you’re gifted but if you do start something you should start seeing some success in other words if you were called to be a pastor you should see some pastoral success because you find people and you help them in the pastoral role even though you weren’t the senior pastor or if you’re a singer and you sing a song maybe you’re 14 or 15 and somebody said  that was really good well you know you have some success in that you maybe didn’t sell any albums or records at that point but people are acknowledging that you’re successful in it, it’s not that you know that’s would be you find success but other people know that you have some success in it not only and that you’re, you know that you’re gifted but other people see the success I always kind of cringe when I hear a business person that was never called a pastor never called a pastor but he decided since he had a few dollars in his pocket that he’d start a church, that causes confusion to everyone around I think I could I think I know enough to pastor but I’m not foolish enough to walk outside my calling I believe God’s called me into the business world.

Number four you know God’s a God of miracles now not every miracle is supernatural not everything that happens will make the newspaper but I’ve had supernatural things happen many times it’s just a unique introduction at the right time to the right person sometimes it’s a unique opportunity that no one else saw and I know one example was I had a chance and needed some new trailers for my business my moving and storage business and in less than a day I can’t go into the details I found a place in Omaha Nebraska that had multiple trailers in fact I bought 11 trailers these are huge trailers for forty five thousand dollars finding out and knowing that these were used that one new trailer cost forty five thousand dollars that was a miracle and the miracle was how close it was to I just barely found out about it at five o’clock one evening and at six o’clock that night I was packing my goods a little suitcase so I could drive a truck all night long to go up and sign a check because I didn’t want to lose that, that’s an opportunity so there’s some supernatural in owning a business not every day most of it’s a grind most of it’s just learning and operating business but look for the supernatural

Those are four things I suggest you look no matter what you’re called to do thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.



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