Change by Jack Turner

Change by Jack Turner
June 12, 2016 Jack Turner

Being willing and able to make changes is something that many people have not developed.  These people need to listen to this video with pen and paper in hand so they can write down these lessons on “Change”, it will change your life. #000320

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Change by Jack Turner

By Jack Turner

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

I am I’m Jack Turner and I’m a retired entrepreneur and we’re in Mexico on a two-day conference on sharing ideas on leadership principles and being successful in the marketplace that there’s one thing that has caused me to to to really pay close attention to and that is because of changing conditions in the economy and the marketplace and in our inner pursuit of being successful in retail we would try things that would come on the scene and they would be somewhat fetish koala you know issues and we would jump in with all of ours and and and pursue this particular new area of merchandising and then after a little while guess what it bombed out and now then with a desperate need to move forward we had to be willing to suffer some laws to make a change and move forward and the more we that we made the experiences of change the more we found the issues that really work and as we begin to explore this change after that change first thing you know we’re adding one benefit from a change to another change with benefits to another change the benefits until all of a sudden our success has has really really increased and because of that I sometimes feel like that a failure to move forward the whole is good enough I am sorry folks that is not the answer and with the willingness to make a change I think that you will eventually have become quite successful to the extent then that you are educating others to pursue the same area perhaps at you’ve experienced be willing to move forward no matter what others are saying in doing and then with a creative idea then you’re going to automatically see that the benefits of another change is automatically when you put it into place so my word to you is I want you to know if you’re going to be successful as an entrepreneur you must be willing to make a change change is essential in this changing business world and economy and with necessary changes guess what then all of a sudden you rule out the things that are causing defeat and so for sobe go forward folks I want to encourage you that a change many times is a secret to your success in being willing to move with changing times I’d like to discuss for you be in the area of change we are in our little communities Ben Franklin store I would attend all the markets all over the United States which was namely to a year as showing us new areas of business and new ideas that we could pursue and a change that was absolutely revolutionary was the fact that I went to this particular display and this company presented me if you will by all of our equipment let’s see they need the fudge baking machine the display cases the scales and all the tools necessary we will give you enough product that when you sell it it will pay for all of your expenses in buying the equipment when that came in I tell you it was unbelievable what happened we had some very sharp staff people and they begin I told him to take peaches of fudge and put it on a dolly and walk around to the nearby businesses look we have funds now and I told him to be sure and only put a little bit of fuzz like the end of your finger and that would get their saliva glands going and then if you gave them a big piece then that would satisfy their need and before they got back to the store we had people lined up buying funds and I don’t know whether I should tell you this or not but the fuds percentage of profit is unbelievably good and big well if that work then why don’t we make them some change and I begin to change the atmosphere of front of the business and the first thing you know we’re selling popcorn we’re selling a soft drinks for selling and we have I freezers we I mean it’s unbelievable and the people just walked in to this area of change and I want to tell you folks that that being open and and and seeking out new ideas and when you pull them into into into place it’s automatically going to create a response and as we continue to go now I am I would like to say this that whoever heard of a dime store being a singer sewing machine the source I got an idea if I could just put in I put in several thousand dollars worth of sewing machines cabinets and all fancy stuff now this is back in the 80s and 90s when sewing was more popular than it is today now mind you I didn’t know how to thread a machine and I didn’t want it all because I always hire people who could do something better than I do and guess what we became heavy smashing success in selling those saw machines at a very hefty price at a very good profit and I am so excited because oh there’s one other sad thing to be always in improving your showing in your community guess what your equipment becomes obsolete and here we spent thousands and thousands of dollars equipping our business with fancy shelves and fancy displays and so forth and then something would come out that would be different and better and and it was so hard to throw away perfectly good equipment even though it had already depreciated out that to put in the new displays and guess what would taking a bold step and being willing to pitch all that good but out-of-date equipment and replacing it with a new developments in display equipment guess what all of a sudden we now have a new store it’s starting all over again was a completely different present tation and now all of a sudden as time goes on and my age is going on and so forth and i decided i think i may want to make a change and eventually we the change that was probably one of the most dramatic changes that i had made and in my business career was I needed to sell the business well I was successful in selling the business and that let me then pursue new that let me pursue new areas of activity which I had not previously had the time and the emotion to do and because of that the first thing you know then that we we own a number of rental properties in town I become the bleeding landlord in our community I get to first calls in that come into town because when i acquire a piece of property i have to change the whole come the presentation of it that means and over all of the curb curb appeal and and the changes in the property and so but you might say it doesn’t need the changes is still good that is not the idea you must make a presentation and with that that requires change at every turn of the of the of the cycle now then the next thing is that allowed me to pursue other areas where i could then go forth and share more of a business success principles with people and that’s what we’re doing here in mexico during this two day conference on on a marketplace teachings for people in design to become entrepreneurs and and that brings great joy and satisfaction to my heart to be able to tell people i don’t here who you are or what you’re doing you must be willing to change in order to be of the maximum success folks I am successful I want you to be successful if you will listen to these principles I’m sharing with you I guarantee you you will be successful and I send you forth with a with a with a desire to see you also be a winner


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