Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Amazing that as a young boy from the streets could start a business in Christmas Decorations. #000012

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Christmas Decoration

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

My name is David Kamanzi and today I want to talk to you about starting your business small, and I want to give you my experience. And so we realized also that there were these there were other events like Christmas. So I was telling you on Christmas, then we realized that people needed to decorate their hotels and banks for Christmas. And so this time, I had my four boys and so we had the manpower and I told the boys we need this is a deal. We can go and decorate hotels, banks, all these places and they will be giving, paying us some good money for Christmas trees so we went and we would ask people. Remember, this is starting small. We have nothing. You have to find out where you’re going to get all this, and so we had to go and ask people. Friends, neighbors say could we cut your fence and use the Eucalyptus trees? Because that’s the type of tree we needed for a Christmas tree so they then we went and did some labor, cutting the fence made sure it looks nice and carried the Eucalyptus trees to where we needed it. So each morning we would wake up and take each piece, go to a hotel or restaurant and decorated it. Made sure it looked very nice for our customer and so they paid each tree decorated and the whole space, and from there then we moved to other places and decorated the banks and the hotels and all these places, and it was exciting. Remember, as you start small you see the progress of your business and it excites you and you want to do more and more because then you have capital, you have money, and you can start up anything where you see a deal. From there, I was married and I had the family and you know, remember you grow and you have all these bills to meet, then you think, you begin to realize that you need to meet the needs so I then had a thought: I looked around my community. I realized in my community there were no, they were buying bricks two hours ago from a car two hours away from the community. And we said oh, if we had a place where we could make bricks, we could provide to the market. Make bricks and provide to this market. And then I realized I didn’t know how to make bricks, but I knew a friend who knew how to make bricks and so I went and talked to this guy, said I want to make bricks. I want to have this market and so would you teach me how to make bricks? And so this guy came, for one or two weeks I was able to know how to make bricks and so we began to start to make bricks. Boy, the first pile of our bricks, I saw at one point – it was so exciting I was so excited. So from there, we had demands. We had people asking us if we could make bricks, and we were so successful. Remember today, I’m talking to you about starting small. In starting small, then there is growing steadily, I started right from the trash, and then I gained experience in business and customer satisfaction and you know, the joy you get when you do your business and you’re paid, and then from there to the collecting Christmas trees. There was also an increase. It was not the same. The bottle business was not the same with Christmas trees because then thus the pay on the Christmas tree was very exciting and encouraging. And also from the Christmas tree to my making bricks, then there I was getting big amount of money. So today I was encouraging you about starting small. You have to start where you are. You’re not going to wait for someone to come and… I had no one to come and and give me a capital. These days, many times we complain oh we need to have capital but even if I had capital I did not know how I was going to use this capital. You know, so it helped me… Starting small helped me to know how much I need and how I can use it to make more money and it was so exciting. That was my topic today. Start where you are, start small, grow step by step. It will excite you.


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