November 24, 2019 Gary Shotton

The skills needed for business ownership are similar to the skills needed to coach a sports or music team. The team must gel together in order to win.  By Gary Shotton #000326

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

my name is Gary Shoton and today we’re talking about coaching inside of your business the word coaching and of course that refers to a athletic team it could be maybe a music group or something like that but in most regards people understand World Cup football we call soccer in the United States or American football where we throw this round ball a long ways and and still call it football or baseball or basketball so coaching is a part of many kids start very very small like them really small and they have a coach and so I have to look at my company and refer many times to about my company to my team as being the coach and I’m here so that the team can win and the team can win when the company can make a profit that’s how you keep score but I’m also conscious that I share that profit with fair wages and benefits that are very compatible and very respectable till those that are involved with earning that money so I see coaching is a good way to example to even encourage my team to go on and do better on a regular basis continually improving continually doing better and so you may not believe it you may not look like it but I actually played college football that’s American football now the next question usually ask is what position did you play well the truth of the matter I wasn’t very good and so I made it possible for the a team the main team to practice in practice on me as a part of the B team I didn’t play very many years and but I did follow the athletic route to the point that I really do understand being coached I wasn’t a professional coach coaching somebody else but every every dad has been a coach for a little bit so at the if you’re looking at this you can look at any team has probably three basic players portions the player you have the offensive team that’s that’s in trying to make the score or if it’s basketball you’re on the offensive end of the court where you’re trying to score and then on the defensive team you’re trying to keep the other team from scoring and again in basketball you just are the other end of the court and so I like to think of our company is a actual team and I refer to it and I said you know the production those people that are making parts you see these parts behind me here you can see metal parts on the shelf and and we’re putting out quite a number quite a few thousands of dollars every day to our customers of with a company that has 50-plus employees we have to put out quite a bit of revenue every day to pay all the bills and pay all their workers and so if you want to make a comparison I would say that the production is the offense man get that across the line we’ve got to do better we got to get these parts out the door we’ve got a we’ve got to get the parts made right of course but let’s ship it ship it as soon as we can let’s score let’s get it out the door let’s let’s make sure we take care of that customer as far as on-time delivery let’s make sure that we make sure that we are getting things out and including increasing the revenue the sales every day well there’s a defensive side to our company and that’s called quality they’re not resisting but they’re checking and balance and say listen you can’t get that out unless we have confirmed that the parts are good we have some penalties real dollars and cents really financial penalties that we let parts get to our customer without them being produced according to their prints and porting to the documentation so we’re held to a very high standard so it isn’t that defense is is holding us back they’re a very important part of making sure that the parts get out the door for sure and then I probably represent maybe the the officials you know the the in any sport there’s usually the referees and I represent the fact that I’m handle the business end of our company and so I look at the income expenses I look at different things to try to identify things that maybe are wasteful in expenses I decide when to buy equipment I pay all of our bills because somebody else is committed to those bills and so when it comes to me it’s ready to be paid if we ordered it but I might say next time don’t order that or next time let’s shop around let’s get a better price than we did that last time we have a two or three quote policy so that if we’re buying anything of any size we normally have time to get two or three quotes and then we work with regular repeat vendors but I’m the one that must make sure that we’re making a profit I don’t make the profit because I don’t make the parts I don’t I don’t I don’t measure the parts like the quality department does to ensure that we’re out the door with good parts but you can’t you know push these parts too low maybe a my side would be the inside sales I might actually handle the sales so we have to set the price for these parts and we use certain methodologies to set the price and so I said you know we had a we really needed some work and I’m the one that could say let’s go ahead and lower that price to a given point because right now I need more work in our shop and lowering the price would allow us to get this nice job and later on we’ll have to make it up later so I’m like the inside sales and like the financial CFO chief financial officer and including outside sales so this all works pretty well if we all work together so as we’re looking at this you might look at your situation say hey am i continually improving am i continually making things better and do you have a coach are you the coach if you have a couple employees or any number of employees you can expect them to come to certain kind of training on their part even that they should be diligent at doing they’re doing and you’re going to have to at times replace people because your team we had to do that in the last few days we had to trim our workforce by two people and we huddled if you want to use that term and discussed it from a senior management point of view and we had to say you know these two people are the on the bottom of the list of the ones we need in our company and so as far as winning the game we have to be willing to cut off a few people from time to time and then come back and replace them with higher-quality people we’re not vicious at that we have unemployment insurance but we’re here coaching the team and if we do that the rest of the team understands how serious we are about making sure we get good parts made on time everyone’s diligent at what they’re doing we don’t we don’t have an attitude of walking around yelling at people or cussing at people or or standing over their shoulder we hire people that we think will work diligently and have proven themselves to work diligently without minute by minute supervision but that’s our style as a team just like any other team well that for the entire team to win we have to have a coach and for the entire team to win we have to have multiple players playing in given positions and that’s true in your business and if you look at it that way I think you can have a little fun with it thanks for being a part of inspiring better business

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  1. Tim Walterbach 3 years ago

    Coach is a much better view of what we do then boss. I think people respond to the concept of coach better.

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