Competence Character Chemistry

Competence Character Chemistry
August 21, 2018 Dr. James Magara

Dr. James Magara is an accomplished dentist and business owner in Kampala, Uganda and these three C’s are part of the standards that Dr. Magara centers himself and his clinics to follow. Africa #000219

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Competence Character Chemistry

By Dr. James Magara

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

My name is Dr. James Magara, I am a dentist here in Kampala, Uganda. I’ve been in private practice for 24 years I have worked as an employee with the Leading university in this part of the world Makerere University and then I’ve also worked as an employer As a matter of fact now we employ over 50 people in this particular business that I’m involved in now one of the things that I have learnt over the years is that there are three reasons why you employ people One is Competence they have they should have certain competences. There’s character And then there is what some call chemistry your ability to get on with them When I started working I because we have had Difficulty with the issues of character in our country. I put a lot of premium on character But I soon found that character is not enough I’ve had many good people working for me, but they lacked competences So our some have said it’s it’s easy to train for competence but difficult train for character so now I look at all the three I Character is key we are got to look for good people and We provide in-house training on skills because dentistry is a very practical subject. So Every month we have training programs that help people improve their skills at work Some of the people come to work as assistants and so on do not have much skill But so we train them and we have to be patient with them to give them the training and let them grow in that we do also train for character in terms of not only teaching but Creating a climate where you you make it clear there are certain things allowed and certain things not allowed Organizational culture is built by What you will reward and what you punish What I mean for punish, I use the word punish and over time people get to know what is acceptable and what isn’t that is not very easy because sometimes things happen and By nature, there are certain things. I’d like to have a look, but I’ve learned that when you keep overlooking things It becomes acceptable. Let’s give an example late coming. That’s a lot. It’s a big one. I dealt with over the years. I had this boss mentality Where I in the early years odd on a one typical morning day I’d report for work and I Expect that everything will be set aside surgeries would be set basically just walk into work and I remember those years we struggled a lot addition it coming until one day I decided I said look instead of talking about this Let me let me lead by example. So I started arriving without telling anybody I started arriving one hour early they’ll just find me in the office and You know that That solved the late coming problem We didn’t have to talk about it. I mean we still have issues with it but the major thing it was at that time and I learnt a very valuable lesson that When you lead by example, it’s so much easier for other people to follow. What you I mean what you’re saying what you’re talking about? Attitude is very important if I’ve also learnt that if you have a member of staff with bad attitude It’s like a poison and if it’s not dealt with it’s it infects everybody. There are situations. Not very many I’m not we’ve not lost that many employees but their situation to learn you’ve had to let people go and you can tell the difference in the Organisation when that happens. So when when they are as they say bad oranges or bad apples It’s a it’s it’s, I have learnt it’s important to deal with it If you can’t really get them out because we fall along the infect and spoil the climate all around.


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