November 27, 2016 Gary Shotton

Being confident in yourself, your project, and your future can be a very strong asset.  But lacking confidence can hold you back or cause you to fail. #000009

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello! I’m sitting here on my back porch and you can see there’s a golf course in the background just let you know a little bit of my life and we’ve lived here 15 years and today I’m going to talk about the subject of confidence and i’m going to talk about some things that happened in my life that built me and help me build confidence I’m going to talk about sometimes that I was not so confident and I want to tell you how important it is for you to gain confidence in your personal ability to succeed in life and exceed in business it’s going to come out of your mouth we’re going to hear you talking we’re going to hear your friends are going to hear you talking and if you’re a person that lacks confidence you’re going to be saying things like oh I have no idea how this could work out i hope it works out there’s no way this is gonna work out but maybe we’ll be lucky enough boy don’t say those things it’s not smart but you’re going to say hey I believe with God’s help that this will be a short-term setback and will come through this in a better way now a little bit about my background and my life here is that I probably gained some confidence even back years ago because when i was in college i actually did a crazy thing we went to college in the suburb of Denver Colorado and I hitchhiked with my buddy from Denver Colorado to Los Angeles California over a spring break break that’s about six days with less than forty dollars in our pocket I how I would i do that I’m looking back I was a guts the idea and i can tell you the whole story or I’ll tell you part of the story will tell you everything I gained some confidence in travel with that later on in the point of life with and in the end in a period my wife and my daughter my granddaughter at the time she and I and my wife she my wife and i drove a car van all the way from Tulsa Oklahoma the entire length of Mexico through max to go into Guatemala to the Guatemala City capital of Guatemala City and we drove back that took some confidence people wonder why and how I get flights all around the world and go to all kinds of countries in the world I have confidence in doing this because i have done it some it’s easy to buy a ticket just go online search cheap tickets put in the airport find when you want to go and hit purchase that’s the easy part but if you’re not confident of leaving the United States it’s not going to be helpful because that’s the technical process of buying a ticket now in business you’re going to have wonderful opportunities to either show your confidence or show your lack of confidence so it’s imperative that you learn and have confidence first of all the bank’s anybody lending money to you is going to pick up on your level of confidence real quick just by your emotions your actions the way you the way you handle yourself an example of confidence one time we were on a trip to China and we were asked to interview as a mock interview young 15 14 15 16 year-old students because they were eventually learning English and what want to get a job with a English-speaking country accompany I’m sorry with a company and so we did these interviews and we looked at things and kind tried to guide them first we’d say look me right in the eye don’t hesitate to look me in the eye and then when you have a handshake reach out your hand shake my hand shake it with confidence this is the American-style I’m reading you buy every motion and buy everything you do when I’m interview you interviewing and we did a mock interview and ask some questions speak as loud as you can speak clear show confidence don’t look down at your paper don’t fiddle with a with a pen be confident those are so many critical things in the business world I had occasion where we had economic downturns for for many things in the in the moving and story business where i had a trucking company i end up have confidence to collect from some customers that were not going to pay me unless I put some pressure on them i had situations where i had to stop the moving process and ask the driver the worker that work for me to shut the door and I had the confidence to to collect full payment prior to completing the job so that I knew I would get paid are in the manufacturing business i had to show confidence when the economy dropped it dropped tremendously in the year 2009 and I had to lay off sum 41 employees we went from 65 employees 240 are 224 and i had to show confidence with my key employees so that they would then carry that same confidence i drop brought them into the room and and we all talked about it and I just ask everyone if they’re willing to do anything and everything necessary to get through this economic slump i explained it to them that will come back everybody agreed and it was fine and then I proceeded to tell them that I thought this is one of the better things that could happen to us this economic downturn because it’s going to force us to be more more careful with our spending more efficient with our with what we’re doing it allowed us to kind of clean house with some workers that were lower tier workers that were not perfect fit for us and when we hired back then when it turned around we were able to hire better quality employees we didn’t rehire most of those people we laid off 41 people and hired back very very few there’s all kinds of things that are happening on a regular basis that says that am i confident to present a new product to a customer my my current customers can read my confidence they’re drawn to me being the salesperson and the owner of the company and I can convey confidence to them not overstep my bounds not say so i can do something I can’t do but i’m confident now don’t think that I’m talking about proud or arrogant or disrespectful in that arena that’s that’s not what I’m talking about I’m just have a self-confidence so for you to be successful i suggest this is one of the most critical things you can do work on your personal habits and characteristics and it’s one of those things that if I was judging it would be on the very top of the list some place that says a person that has confidence in themselves to follow through under difficult situations and not and not recognize and fall back on that confidence that’s the person that’s going to succeed i hope you do that hope you can share these videos if you would we appreciate it and we thank you for being a part of this


  1. Tim Rovenstine 6 years ago

    Monday a.m. YEP, we all need CONFIDENCE in our abilities, in what we can do with excellence, knowing the game plan and believing we can do it.

  2. David Paris 6 years ago

    I agree. Confidence is a big deal. Confidence highly influences success. I’ve never seen stats. on how much but it’s huge. The trick is to be confident and not come across as arrogant.

  3. Adam 6 years ago

    I think confident body language is critical to business and life just as Gary mentioned. If you can’t carry yourself like you believe in yourself no one else will believe either.

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