Core Values

Core Values
June 21, 2020 Gary Shotton

The core values of a company are established by what the owner or managers do, not by what they say or post on the wall.  By Gary Shotton #000374

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Core Values

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

many of you know that my first business was a moving and storage business and that I started with just a very very small beginning and I was in my third year of that and I had about seven or eight or ten workers at that time and I was not happy with where I was at I’m telling you I was had more bills than I could pay they were stacking up on me and I didn’t have any cash and one of my workers came in after about 6 o’clock and I was there shuffling bills trying to decide who to pay and who not to pay and he came in with a cheque from a job that was a routine the the jobs didn’t all finish it at 5 o’clock that’s whenever the job came in they had a key they come in and normally they put the check in the safe drop it in a little slot but he saw me in my office he brought it in and he brought the check to me it was like eight or nine hundred dollars and I looked at it and I knew who this was and I said well they’ve already paid this they’ve double paid well I had the the worker for me he had been drilled in make sure you come home with the money kept on come home with the money and that’s what he was thinking he didn’t see or we had didn’t note that we had already been paid well this is quite an older lady and you know it’s pretty quick to realize she probably didn’t realize that she double paid she may never know that she double paid in fact for just a little bit I’m thinking man what would 800 dollars do right now for me to pay some of these bills I could use this and then I could probably cover it later Oh core values are not that doesn’t line up with my core values that’s what this lesson is about core values I will tell you I thought about it but not too long you see well there’s a lot of teaching and I’m all for this and I believe in it but you can ride on the war wall your ten core values you can rehearse them to everyone your 10 core values or your a core values but the reality is you establish your core values by what you do not by what you write on the wall so those writing on the walls may help you stay on track but all of your workers have memorized that they can tell that but they discount that right away because it’s what you do it’s not what you have written on the wall my son was right at sixteen him and him and his buddies were riding in the car right after school and they were going like no fast at all they’re at a stoplight and they just barely inched forward in another car zoomed right in front of him didn’t didn’t sideswipe them just hit him hard enough one the very it was another guy’s car another pickup and of course they call me right away to come down because my son’s been in a car accident well he had a little scratch on his head a little little cut because he went forward a little bit but he was quite all right and right away oh my goodness we had so many calls from frankly attorneys so we had several calls talked to him personally and say hey you sure your back doesn’t hurt a little bit man we could get you like a thousand or my baby five thousand dollars if we if we if we just you know went along with our deal here because you had an accident it was it fits perfect and I said to my youngest son I said you know you go down that route and your back is probably going to hurt for the rest of your life that does not fit our core values we’re not going to fudge it’ll I or take in some money because we need another five thousand dollars that’s not going to work we’re not perfect I’m not saying that but there’s another example of core values and how we establish the core values with our children by what we do when they’re there in front of us we have to be careful core values in your business the core values in your business are who you are you cannot be core values personally and then at work you have just now a magical II created a new set of core values I was a stickler I would I never told I never allowed my anyone answering the phone I don’t really have a secretary but we had somebody answer the phone and one of the common ones would say well tell them they’re not in the office I wouldn’t do that that’s a lie now I have told them say hey or you’ve got him on hold a second give me 30 seconds I have to lead when I’m out of the office in 30 seconds you can tell them I’ve out of the office I can’t talk to them now so don’t lie for your boss don’t accept a lie stand your core values it’s what you say it’s not what you say it’s what you do that establishes your core values frankly I’m in kind of a man’s world in the fact that we only have one lady that’s on the floor that’s a machinist and everybody else was men and we have my wife which is part-time in the office and we have another lady that’s been here 20 years and she answers the phone and does payroll so out on the floor a shop like ours could get ugly with pictures of women that are not fully dressed and and ugly things and things being said and we don’t allow that I was in the in the bathroom and and there’s more than one stall and there’s more than one person there and I heard some words that I I didn’t like and I was around the corner I said buddy you’re kind of new here but those words are not what we’re going to say here in our company and I was walked by another another time in the shop and we allow music and I won’t say what this was but it was real ugly in the words to a song was evident and I walked up the person politely but firmly and said hey what I just heard there is that what I just heard yeah you’re gonna run this whole thing will turn off all the music to everyone if you want to listen to that I will do it so you’ve got to set those core values inside your company by what you do and it doesn’t take very many times like that it’s kind of like when somebody is used to coming in I don’t see this very much in our world right now we live in kind of a Bible bubble here just a little bit and you know somebody’s just got to tell you a dirty joke all you got to do is let them tell the joke and just turn around and walk away don’t laugh at all you don’t have to laugh you don’t have you’re not your AG in them on just just change the subject just bring up something totally different don’t say a word they won’t tell you joking in there they’ll watch when you’re in the room and they’ll know that that’s your core values especially if you the owner and so use your your position to establish your core values by the what you do not what you post on the wall it’s okay to post on the wall don’t get me wrong but that’s not what gets the job done well thank you for being a part of inspiring better business we hope these are helpful to you


  1. Jim 2 years ago

    This is solid teaching. It’s great to hear the importance of put your values into practice all the time and in every situation.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 2 years ago

      Jim, Very great to hear from you. I would like to connect by phone, if you would have time to chat. Blessings,

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