Courage To Start

Courage To Start
June 18, 2018 Judith Kokuletage

Don’t be held back from starting a business because of lack of capital. Be inspired with Judith the Jeweler as you hear how she started and have the courage to start. By Judith Kokuletage Kampala Uganda Africa #000202

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Courage To Start

By Judith Kokuletage

Hello, I’m Gary Shotton, I’m the founder of inspiring better business with the website My friend Octavian and I spent some time in East Africa in May of 2018 and in the process we were at one of the larger malls, the largest mall in Kampala Uganda, while we were there, we bumped into and I think was divinely appointed to meet Judith the jeweler and her partner Christina. Those two together have a jewelry business.

Most of the time throughout our travel in all of East Africa there was a question of how do you gain capital? Many people waiting for money to get started and you’ll hear that she literally started with no money in a very difficult situation but you will hear Christina’s and Judith story were Judith is the spokesperson and We’re excited of what she shared here. Hope it inspires you. Here’s Judith our jeweler from Kampala, Uganda.


Thank you, Hello. Again, my name is Judith from Uganda, Kampala. Now this topic is about the courage and it’s not about having capital, or having enough money. They’re people who say no, I’m still saving to start a business. I’m still saving for this amount. Money is never enough and sometimes it’s not the solution because you’re looking at the money, but then you’re forgetting that there are other challenges that come with it. You’re looking at saving but you have kids to feed you have bills to pay and still you’re going to touch upon that money that you’re trying to save for the business.

What I’m here to tell you is start with the little that you have. Go with the little that you have. You’re going to grow the little that you have started with, because from the little that you have started with you will get a profit. What the advice I can give you is, don’t eat the profit yet but put back sacrifice. You need to sacrifice if you want something, if you’re looking for something good, if you’re looking for a better future for your children and for yourself you need to sacrifice. So first start with the little that you have and put the profit that you’ve got, from the little that you’ve put in, put in more, buy more products with that profit and don’t eat it. Wait to enjoy that until you make enough money from the little that you started with. You’re going to enjoy it. Trust me if you’re going to take this advice it will work out. Start with the little that you have and you will tell me with the feedback that you’re going to send back on how it came out.

Right now I started from nothing with a hundred Thousand Ugandan shillings in my account. Remember, I have kids to feed and my husband didn’t have a job at that time, but I learned from my background that you don’t have to wait for your man to provide for you so, you share the little that you have and be there for him in the worst times. I would say if I didn’t have children, I’ll be very far but I love my children so much and that’s why I work so hard. But right now with the bills, school for the kids and with everything that has been going on I have six million on my accounts. Trust me that is my serving to enjoy right now. What I do right now is to put back what I sell. The money I get I put back as long as my kids are fed, the bills are paid and kept myself with  good looks, but still having some savings on the side.

So right now this is where I’m at, but what I’m looking at the future is to own a big shop here in Kampala in the most expensive Malls in the country and trust me, I’m going to have it. It’s coming. But still my dream my vision is to talk to you people, to encourage you to move because I come from nothing and I don’t own a mall a shop, but I can provide for myself and my family. I can stand and be there for them, I don’t have to beg. Like I’ve told you money is never enough just be satisfied with the little that you have because the big thing is going to come from the little that you’re looking at. God can give you a Lot of money if you can appreciate the little he has given you. If you can’t take care of the little he has given you, how can you take care of a room full of money, if you can’t appreciate a hundred dollars in your pocket or five dollars in your pocket? Appreciate the little that you have and you will succeed, be encouraged and you’re going to be successful, push forward.

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  1. Very good advice. Yes, do not despise small beginnings. Our God is a way maker.

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