Currency Of God

Currency Of God
April 4, 2021 Gary Shotton

Dollars can be exchanged for any currency on this earth except for God’s currency.  The currency of God is “Faith”, faith in Him and His Word.  By Gary Shotton #000436

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Currency Of God

By Gary Shotton

Hello my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as a part of inspiring better business, and today we’re going to talk about currency of God. God has a currency. Now, when I have been able to travel, I’m so blessed to be able to travel so many countries 35 plus countries in several continents over the years and when I travel, I would take $20 bills not $100 bills, so that I could easily exchange them at the currency exchange window I come up to the window, sometimes a few dollars at the airport so I get up money for taxi or whatever and then later on I find the best place to get the best exchange rate for my currency. Well, I believe that I can explain to you that God has a currency. And if you want to tap into God’s revenue stream, you ought to understand what that currency is and how to use it and how to apply it because you’re bringing something to God, and then exchanging that something like exchange at the window for monies that you need for your business, for your house, for your personal affairs, and we’re here talking about money, we’re not afraid to talk about money and we’re talking about it from a financial standpoint of just monies for your house. Just a small income on the side or your family owned business so that you can have revenues for your kids, school and your tuition and for stews for the kids and your food and everything, and then some of you are going to take this beyond that and you’re going to hire employees and you’ve got to put systems and processes in place so that you can run a very successful business that will employ others, frankly, that’s our ultimate goal is to find those that have that gifting because there’s too much unemployment around the world, especially in developing nations and we want the Christians to be the ones that are leaders in how business is done and how governments are run and that is that means influence and influence comes with ownership of businesses and having funds. So, what do I mean by God’s currency.

Well, I discovered in the Word of God, that faith is the currency that God responds to many people. Think, God was going to respond to need, and they look at,  God I need this and I need this and I, I want this and somehow just because you have need, that God can respond to you with currency with monies, or and when I talk about monies I don’t mean that God’s prints dollars or pesos or shillings and you go to the mailbox and he has money. He gives you wisdom, He gives you ideas he gives you connections, he gives you abilities in your intellect and the wisdom, the Spirit of God leads and you’re able then to convert that wisdom from God into money. That’s how it works. And so we’re here to give you an understanding of how business works through God’s way,

God will give you wisdom, give you understanding, Give you divine appointments, give you a special favor, but you have to operate according to his currency, and his currency that he bought talking about his fate. Here’s how it works. they’ve been talking to me, months and months now. A lot of times over that start with what you have to have some kind of income, but many people watching and hearing that are very hesitant. I don’t think I can do that I don’t want to do that I can’t do that, I’m afraid I’ll fail. Well, if you have faith that God will create revenue for the work of your hands through the wisdom of God, He will give you an idea, but until you take some action on that you will not see any response from God because action displays to God and to yourself that you actually have faith, beyond just words. Say I can go to church, I can sing songs I can even play the piano I can sing specials I can pray, day and night. And yet, if I don’t pray that in faith, and I don’t take some corresponding action to what God wants me to do then God’s hands are tied. It’s like I’m going up to the currency window, and I think, No, I don’t need to exchange anything today because I don’t need any money, or I don’t need any of the currency that I’m in the country I’m at, if you don’t need any money. Why are you watching this video, but if you need God’s money, then you’ve got to approach God like imagine that window that exchange window, And you’re bringing something to the window and the teller behind the window is not necessarily a person in this case it is example, and they say, What have you got here, that’s not what I got to $20 bills and how much a currency of your nation would that be, well when you come to God with a small amount of faith, He looks at that as he’s operating in faith.

Now I can in proportion to what that I brought to God in faith, he can respond back and make things start happening. Now that’s why it starts pretty small, because you start becoming confident of that. You start bringing more faith to God and then God brings you more ideas, more opportunities, more ability, more skill sets, you might read a book you might bump into the person in it someplace in travel, but in some different way God starts working with you to respond to the faith you bring to him. That’s how it works. And then, if you will bring more faith to him in a bigger way. What does he say well, the faith that you had before he responded to that and you acted according to that, and you show discipline and you use what God gave you, then God like a good parent, a good father, so want to give them more opportunity, or give them according to our faith. You know, the interesting thing we’re talking about money. That’s true in marriage. That’s true and raising children, This is just how faith works, and we’re trying to make it work, explained to it in the area of finance and money. When you start seeing what God wants you to do, and you take a step in that direction, and he respond and you ask him favor wisdom input, guidance, the Spirit of God leading you. And then, God gives you that opportunity you take it, now you’re ready for a bigger amount of monies, you’re ready for a bigger amount of project, and God starts working that way. Now I’m going to spend a little time on some verses that were rather confusing to me when I was a young Christian, actually before I was a Christian, I was trying to follow God, My wife and I together, and we had two verses kind of mixed up. We were told in our particular religious group we were not Christians and this, was not actually it was a Christian church but I believe that they had missed the boat because they use this verse that says that faith without works is dead. So they put the emphasis on me doing the works, and doing the works, and if I work my way to God.

So I’m talking about taking that, then I could gain favor with God and thus enter God’s wisdom and so it’s kind of a close call here, but it’s faith that God responds to not my works, it’s faith. And so for a long time I was trying to do all the right things to please God and then I come on to the conclusion and this is efficient to eight nine by grace,  saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it’s a gift of God Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. You see, one denomination was telling me, work your way to happen. Follow this set of rules and this scripture says it’s by faith, that you do it or gods came with this same principle. When I took that steps of faith, God can respond in this case for salvation. Other times for a better marriage, other times for raising their children, and in this discussion on how money works in your personal finances in your business. God wants you to take a step of faith. Now, this verse says so, So then faith without works is dead, really could be said, so faith without corresponding action does not produce any light. Faith without works is dead. I think it’s fair to say, Faith without corresponding action does not produce life. So you have to take the steps of faith, to produce life. I like to read another version here it has to be the passion Bible, and that particular verses says, So then faith, that does not involve actions is phony. So you’re not going to get much with God, not much help from God by just doing all the right things, all you have to do the right thing, just doing the right thing, but if you want God’s help, you got to come to that the God’s currency in that space. Hope this was helpful. Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.



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