Do Your Research

Do Your Research
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Many business fail because they have not done enough research and this never stops. – Uganda, Africa By David Kamanzi.  #000014

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Do Your Research

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

Hello, My Name is David Kamanzi and today I am talking about doing your research before starting your business. There are many dangers when you jump in, in doing any business without doing your research. And in my experience, I needed to know and learn about all these topics and the steps. And topic 1, would be to start your business, you must learn to ask questions. Ask questions 20 times. It is important because you don’t want to jump into anything that you don’t know.

Step number 2 – Know what works for you. Know what fits your business Nobody is going to want to work for you. You know, you don’t want to do any business and then you realize that this is not going to work for me. So, know what works for you. For example, in my brick business I had to know what is going to work for me. Because first, I needed to know the goods, the soil, know how to make sure what my customers needed to have a clay. And there are many types of clay. But this takes a specific clay to make good bricks. So that is what was going to work for me. I had to really look for what was going to work for me Know these things, so this is so important.

Step Number 3 – Be willing to work for free, if possible. It is possible. I know it is possible. Believing. Because you know because then you learn to work. You learn all these things, you know. I realized that I needed to come and volunteer and work for my friends who was teaching me to make bricks. You know, they wanted to have quality breaks and wanted things done very fast. And they talked more like, “David, today you’re going to make 200 bricks.” And sometimes you must do it fast, to make sure that you hit your top target that day. And in the process, there were other things I needed to learn, like the weather. And so why do I need to really work so fast. It is that I must work this fast so that we don’t fall into the weather problem. Because if we come up with a brick pile and it rains, it’s going to destroy our bricks. I didn’t know all these details and so I had to really be willing to say I’m willing”. I don’t know the salary for me, and I will work. And so, for two weeks and a half I worked every day. But, in all these things I learned, and I listened. I was doing what I knew for my research. I needed to know this. I needed to know how much we sell who bricks. And who are our customers? Do we have the market? Do we know all these details? I needed to know all these details. So please, making your research is a big deal in everything you’re going to do. Because then you are going to learn a lot of things. You’re not going to fall in in danger.

Step Number 4, Life is Long Learning. It is not an ending, you know. Each step you go to you need to learn. You need to do the research. So please, we encourage you to do research. You know, get to know what you need, because then it’s going to encourage you in your business. It’s going to help to know, if when you know how much you’ll be making. It gives you an encouragement. I can do this business.” It’s a good pay. It pays me best. Pays me well. And so, it encourages you. So please, don’t jump into any business without doing research. Don’t start any business before doing research. It is going to help you. You must really know what you need in everything. Please viewers, make your research, ask questions, know what works for you, know what fits your business. Each business is different so know what fits your business.  Today’s topic was, do research before you start a business And we talked about asked questions, know what works for you, be willing to work for free, and life long learning. You have, to learn each time, each step, you are planning. You must really do a research. God bless you for listening.


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