Don’t Compare

Don’t Compare
January 28, 2018 Gary Shotton

There will always be another company that is bigger, better, or stronger, but “Don’t Compare” it can be a trap holding you back. By Gary Shotton #000172

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Don’t Compare

By Gary Shotton

I try to find a quiet spot when I can do these videos and and improve the audio and I’m here to Inspire Better Business that’s what we’re all about. That’s what we try to do is provide videos and an audio teachings that will be helpful to those who are starting and growing and excelling in their business. And today I’m going to talk about the subject of don’t compare. And you know, all of us by nature, we will want to compare we want to compare ourselves even when we’re growing up the small children we say, Are we growing? Are we at a comparison to other kids that are my age? Am I taller or shorter? When we take a test? That’s a way of comparing when we get a at Greek Greece score and somebody else got a 90 degree score and you know I’m not one of these that that advocates that we should go do away with scoring and and that everyone should get the same grade no matter how hard they work and how how much effort they put in. I believe we’re designed to excel and excel to the best of our ability. But there becomes a problem when we overly compare ourselves with other people. And we can almost go into depression. You can take any situation. You know, take a sports situation if you’re interested in in one particular sport or maybe being in music and piano or or singing or something and that, you know, you can hear somebody or see somebody on TV and you think Ma’am, I want to be just like them and you start comparing yourself with them. Now you can shoot for a target to get better, but most likely you will never be as good as those professionals. You’re not probably equipped to be that good. A few people might. But if you’re not careful, you could be very discouraged going forward when you can’t measure up to that. Well, that sharply applies in business. You know, if you’ve got a business and you’re competing in this world and and you’re looking around at other people, maybe in other businesses or something similar to your business, and then you start comparing yourself with him. And you start over comparing, you’re going to find yourself pretty disappointed from time to time. You’re going to find yourself driven with pride or ego because you’re doing better or you’re going to find yourself driven with discouraged and depression because man I can’t keep up with it. Now. You should know your competition. That’s sure there’s not problem there. But if you overly compare and try to copy what somebody, someone else’s success, you’re going to find yourself in a bit of a problem. Now, there’s some solutions to this. You know, I always think that we should be doing our very best we should. We should learn from these other people. That would be one of the things I would go learn from these people. Why are they so successful? Don’t be proud. Learn and find their keys to success as much as you possibly can read and study things that would make make more sense and learn new ways of doing things to be more successful. But so you can gain more knowledge and ability in those areas and improve yourself. Nothing wrong with that. Then you can also maybe curve this, this natural but kind of this negative comparison issue and I’m presenting it that way on in this talk by actually rejoicing with that person that succeeds you know, I wouldn’t want to come across somebody that is in my same business and then meet him on the street and then be you know, really negative to them. I just walked him say man, I’m here you guys are doing away good. I congratulate you. I I think that’s great. What do you mean, I want to be like that. Well, no, there’s enough business for everybody. There’s enough you can take a niche or something different there. So can you actually read Joyce with these people when they actually succeed? Another one is be a person that’s going to help others. You know, we’re we’re kind of comparing ourselves I’m going to use grades here like school grades and you might be in the fifth grade. Well, it’s not fair for you to compare yourself with somebody that’s in the 12th grade of school, but you can help somebody that’s in that third grade of school. So once you start helping those people below you, those people that are coming up, you’re going to find out that that a lot of this mass this thinking this this discouragement is going to go away because you’re saying that you have progressed quite a ways you can help somebody else you can help them in in many other many ways. I’m not talking about signing a note or or CO signing a commitment with them or loaning them money but just encourage them give them advice. You know, I have a make a habit when I see a younger person, you know, pick out something that I say many times of waitress I said employ you have the best smile. And you see this great big smile come on their face. They need some encouragement. Oh, you know, oh man, I see how how good you are at something and so be careful about what you say and keep your conversation positive and help these people. This will help you actually excel you into your your future into your life. This is showing maturity that’s what business really is. You’re actually growing up day by day, week by week month by month into a new levels new grade levels of business and I love it. I like that I don’t want to be it stay the same. Don’t play the blame game. Don’t blame somebody else. Oh man does that ever make me kind of ill on my stomach when I hear somebody that? Well, when I was like when I was a little like third grader at school now they’re 50 years old now. And they’re still blaming somebody blaming maybe maybe something did happen. Maybe that it was horribly bad. Maybe somebody took advantage of you. Maybe somebody did something ugly to you. But you know, at some point, you got to let that pass. And you got to say, oh, that’s done. That’s past that’s holding me back. I’m going to look over that and learn from it. But I’m going to excel past that. Don’t blame them. You know, that’s one of the keys to when I hear somebody that says I’m sorry. You know, that I’ve heard people say I’m sorry. It’s such a sick way that it wasn’t even sorry. They’re sorry. They got caught. We had that happened recently in a situation. They weren’t Sorry. They did something. They’re sorry they got caught. So the when they said I’m sorry, they weren’t sir sorry. Like they did it. Why man I’m sorry, got caught. So you know when you’re when you’re able to, to, to make a change and really become the kind of person that that’s that’s that’s going to make a change and and be be learned from your mistakes. That’s what that’s what you need to do. And in doing that you’re actually going and that scale level that I’m talking about school grades or whatever, that you’re growing from the next level. You want to be a person that people want to be around you if you enter a room or you go into an area and you start noticing that people are scattering. And you know I you know what I mean by that? You know when I see certain people come into the room, I don’t make it obvious. I don’t embarrass them, but I’m kind of ready to leave because I know how negative they talk are how how discouraging they can bring to people and other people come into the room and they light up the room. They don’t have to be the life of the party, but they have success. They have a positive conversation. They’re They’re there. They’re there. That’s and there’s an there’s a bit of learning from them and stop comparing. You can learn from others. That’s by all means be a question asker ask questions, you’ll find that you asked me a question. I’m more than happy to have happy to help most people and I and you’re going to need to do it. wisely. But you could become a question asking person and not be comparing yourself in a negative way. Well, I hope this is helpful. It’s not as a subject that we talk about a whole lot but certainly get some people down and on the wrong path and I want you to be inspired, Inspired to do Better Business. Thank you


  1. Alla Pavetic 5 years ago

    Yes! A moderate dose of comparing yourself with others can help you get better, sort of shows you where to press for. Thank you Gary for great advise!

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 5 years ago

      Agreed. we comparing ourselves with someone we respect and admire will push us to heights we never thought possible. But, if we beat ourselves up to try to be someone we are never made to be, it can hurt us. You are a great friend and have great insight into people and life. Blessings, Gary

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