Dr James Magara-How Started

Dr James Magara-How Started
August 22, 2018 Dr. James Magara

Dr. James Magara tells his amazing story about how he got his doctorate of dentistry and could have followed a pass as an employee but realized that God was calling to be a business owner. Uganda Africa #000218

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Dr James Magara-How Started

By Dr. James Magara

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

my name is dr. James Megara I practice as a dentist in Kampala Uganda I’ve been practicing in private practice for the last 24 years now my call the way I got into dentistry was interesting I did not actually apply to be a dentist I was aiming to be a doctor and it so happened that the year that I entered University because we were government sponsored for university causes the government made a decision to start the costs and they looked for somebody people who had shown some interest in the application because then this was not being offered in Uganda and I remember when I was in my high school my dad got me a job at this Research Institute and I’d never heard of dentistry never seen a dentist in my life but somebody and I believe it was made for me somebody in that virus research institute in Enterbrain had sent dental magazines magazines from the US where dentists wrote to their patients and there’s a whole box of them so during the bricks are going to the library was nothing to read but these magazines and that’s how I got know about dentistry so in my application for university I just made the second choice not knowing I didn’t expect to go there at all I qualified for medicine but I was put into the industry and I had to decide whether I really wanted to do this or to go into mainstream medicine and I prayed I prayed my parents thought this dentistry thing is a small area yoga you better do the general medical thing and I had this conviction that this is where I was supposed to be so I made the decision against my parents wishes I stuck with the course eventually finished in the first class of dentists and over the years I have also learnt that God is very interested in everything we do it’s interested not just in our spirituality as we know it is interested in very practical things like walk and so while I was I did not intend to to to practice the dentist I thought I’d work as a university lecturer I did do that as well as time when tonight under ads through prayer through experience it became clear that God was pushing me in this direction I had grown up with a very strong job mentality and even living my investor job was difficult I it’s really strange by the time I left the university I was earning more from the practiced and from the university but I I vividly remember the day after I I resigned when I left I felt I felt insecure and just I remember it was my dad would train me about having a job you know you must have a job and for the first time I didn’t have a job okay I had a business I didn’t have it was a very weird feeling about feeling insecure that I did not have this job you know but I realized this was a programming that had come into my mind from a very young age we’ve made a number of moves the the starting of the clinic was a difficult one I did have money and I had given up but got an opportunity but I couldn’t get resources now the Lord opened the door through a friend who I shared the burden with and they decided to find us the beginning of the practice so I didn’t have to go through a bank loan it was interest-free interest-free that’s how I started and when he came to the next move after paying off that loan I just didn’t take another loan I was not used to launch was terrified of loans then it became clear that place I had was too small I had patients the reception was small sometimes for waiting outside so and another friend came and told me look you have to expand you just have to expand I I average of Allah to do business but I was scared of expansion because it meant more more committing investment and I bought at the same time somebody would set up a building for dentistry failed to start it was living and saying would you like to buy this and I the figures they gave were just staggering well through this friend we have much negotiate them down once again it was I was more like a reluctant businessman in the sense because I was not I was not at the art out there trying to make things but that God is pushing me now the move here was the very power has a very powerful story behind it when we eventually made the decision that was my it was these houses were being sold my the person who owned the house who was selling through the government agents initially government houses when they had I was interested they blocked everyone else this is one of my clients they just said if you are interested I’m not dealing with anyone else I told my don’t have money they say no you’ll get the money and so for six months other people were knocking on the door she refused she kept calling me dr. Megara so it was like one morning it was God was saying can’t you see you know are you blind so we took the chance that meant again we got into a financial situation I had to get some money to make the down payment and at the same time the terms were that I had could not really fully get do any renovations until I get a decent amount of money it was a very tight time very very tight financially and I couldn’t move as well because we had to we had to renovate the place so something very happy interesting happened in two thousand one thousand one we came to a point where we failed to pay and because there are so many people were interested I found a letter they influenced the people who we’re like the I forget the term they used the past the government Maria the person who was receiving the receiver and so we got notice to because we had defaulted we had to pay everything within three months and instead of getting a long one we’re given a very tight time I remember taking off time to pray to fast to get I said Lord what happens I believe you guided me here but I unstuck what do I do now one morning I took off a week of just praying and fasting and then one morning but Sunday morning I was going to church but I just felt I shouldn’t go so I told my wife go to church of the children I stayed home I’ll just pray in saying Lord I spent a week praying I don’t have any idea if I don’t get this money within the month which was just like four weeks away I’ve lost everything I began to get ideas so just like thoughts were coming so I began to write them down and what I ended up by the time my wife came back from church I had a business plan basic business plan and I had done the calculation the mother said look if I presented this to someone to show the value of the property this this is a good financial proposition I talked to some British friends who also came to mind I looked at it it was quite a bit of money they said look we don’t have money we are I knew they had money in the bank where they said like the Sun we don’t have money in the bank but give us time to pray so in a week’s time they got back and said look we have prayed about this matter we believe God wants us to help you but we don’t have money so what we’re going to do we’re going to sell stocks and I’d offered them that if you have money in the bank I know what the UK banks offer I would offer you a higher slightly higher interest interest rates here very high but more reasonable again so without any security or within two weeks they sent the whole amount of money I walked into that office and made the full payment the guy was in shock it was an absolute shock now the story gets better this was June in November my friends contact me and they say you know what we are so glad we had God because we sold quite a bit of a stocks to help you September 11th everything that stayed behind we lost more than half the value so what we preserved in value was what we sent to you so I said Wow so this this miracle story behind this place it’s a very prime property in there in the Kampala City and it’s just amazing when I look back at how God helped us through a time of stress and hearing him to be able to provide a solution which I could have gone the banks the time was too short even without a mortgage and at that time it was the banks were taking too long but the problem got salt just like that so I’ve seen the hand of God and I know for sure God is interested in the in the things that we do is interested if we serve Him and if we if we seek the kingdom it’s interested and he he does add other things as well
Dr. James Magara
Doctor of Dentistry
From the city of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Dr. James Magara has an amazing story being educated as a Dentist in England and returning to his hometown. With humble beginnings, he now has more than 50 employees and five clinic locations in the area.


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