Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation
June 27, 2018 Gary Shotton

The ability to delegate is a learned skill and vital for all businesses that want to grow. By Gary Shotton #000204

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Effective Delegation

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton I’m here in my machine shop we’re in the Quality department in the quality room and you see some instruments behind that are very expensive that are used for measuring our parts to very high level accuracy today I’m going to talk about effective delegation and how you can do that and the importance of it and how that’s you’re going to become dependent upon that to be able to learn that skill set well recently this I was in Africa and as we came back we talked to some of her friends by Skype and whatsapp and and they asked us some tough questions and this was one of their tough questions an individual there wanted to hire as a large operation it was an egg operation that had 20,000 chickens he had his family working for him and a lot of workers but he wanted to know how to effectively delegate some of the responsibilities well first of all as I said we’re constantly learning and I can be one of those that was the worst delegator Under the Sun still learning but here’s the mindset when you got a task in front of you it’s true all around every continent I’m talking every person I’m talking about in leadership they’re saying to themselves well I can do that better I cannot find somebody that that’s going to do it as good as I can do it or and/or I can’t find anybody that’ll do nearly as fast as I can do it I’m really good at that I’m really fast at that I can’t find anybody that’ll do that and I don’t have the budget or the money to pay for somebody to do this so I’m forced to do certain things and not delegate them and those probably are all true well if you don’t learn how to master this you’re gonna grow slow and you’re gonna cap your business and you’re not going to grow to the level that you would want to in business I think and you’re going to end life with everything wrong revolving around you as a person if you’re not there to open up the door and make sure everybody here on time and you haven’t delegated down anything just anybody just sweep the floor you haven’t trained and expect somebody to do other things you’re going to end up your life and your year and your month tired and not very prosperous and so you’ve got to think about how to do this if you’re going to grow and have a larger company than just you yourself and and and hi that’s how they said that so well it starts with in my opinion your mindset are you content to what I call the worker bee you know the worker bee now keep in mind I have done all of these things I have worked for other people and I was the lowest guy on the totem pole and so I’m not saying that somebody’s better just because they’re the boss I’m saying that normally they’ve earned that right because they’ve done those things previously in their business or life in their work life and now they’ve theoretically gravitated to a leadership position some people gravitate beyond their level of capabilities so no matter what they do they come to a level that they’re pretty good at and you advance them one more step and they’re terrible so you got to watch out for that but you personally have to think to yourself am I going to make a change and you know everything we talk about is mind changing can you change your thinking can you change your approach are you willing to make those changes I’m like trying to lose a little bit of weight so I got to change what I eat I don’t like that I like food but I have to change because I like the result of that not that the process getting that getting to that level so is to ask yourself you know are you are you serious about this are you willing to change are you willing to make something different happen you’re you willing to make a mistake or two in the process getting there delegating to somebody I’m going to tell you a story that was heart-wrenching for me because it cost me a lot of money after I delegated it was it hurt well I learned from that and he I am I’m still going so you ask yourself where are you add in that are you willing to think different look at the big picture over look previous failures are you willing to try again you got to ask that well when you’re looking for someone to promote necess with my discussion with my gentleman friend from from Africa I said you know the first thing we try to do is look from within the ranks of the people that are already working for us if I’m gonna advance somebody and advancing somebody would only mean that I’m advancing somebody to take on some more responsibilities some responsibilities that I’m now not responsible for or responsibilities that some of our key managers are not responsible for because we’re growing we need the high level people concentrating on the high level tasks not on the mundane tasks and so there’s a tendency to go and say well we’ll go outside our our corporate structure our employment group and we’ll find somebody well yeah you might think about that you could obviously and it happens yes but almost every one of our key people came to us with the attitude they were willing to do whatever it took in our company and they actually started at a level quite a bit lower than where they’re at right now I mean we’re talking about pay reviews now where we looked at somebody that was paid a certain amount seven or ten years ago when they came to workforce and they’re paid double that now because we’ve had five percent raises that kind of thing and so but where are you gonna find these people look first within your current ranks if at all possible you know a new person coming in has new ideas they have a new format they have pre we call it baggage sometimes now again you will need to go outside and find some people so I’m not saying exclusively just look first within your own ranks you might be surprised that you’ve got a sleeper in there somebody that’s really not that sure of themselves they’re diligent or they’re working hard they are finished tasks that they’re currently doing and they may not even have the confidence but if you work with them they may become and probably would become your very best delegated person that you could delegate more and more to them spoon feed the delegation to them to spoon feed the delegation to them in other words don’t dump a whole bunch of stuff on them at once this is just common sense you got to let them get their feet under themselves they’ve got to know what they’re doing they have to have have the ability to grasp and and do the tasks that you ask and they do promote faithfulness not ability if you find some way that’s extremely able great then try to determine whether they’re going to be faithful to you because you can lose a lot of time starting and stopping with the Ryan person starting and stopping another thing about delegations is I try not to come up with just a whole stinking set of rules that are confined somebody that I’m I’m helping to pass something on to them the biggest key if you want to know is creating systems and processes you see in delegation if you just say do it your way you probably not going to be pleased with the end result but if you say let’s together create a system or a process that you can follow and it would create a repeatable end product and we know what we’re going to get at the end of this process that’s what the process is you can predict the end result with some cooked degree of accuracy some degree of tolerance and some degree of a window of acceptability and so then you work together and say hey if to get to this point here’s the steps we need to do this is what I’ve learned well I’ll tell you a horror story and then we’ll close I was a young man in my early management career and I had a moving and storage company and I found a guy at my church that I thought this is perfect he’s got lots of experience he is really he’s really better than I am and his wife needed a job too so was my wife and I and his wife and him and we’re 4 of us were going away and I had a view to to expand my business in a different direction so I delegated an extreme amount almost the entire operation of my current business to this man to operate and manage and I didn’t know I wasn’t smart enough to see that he had done some personal private investing that went horrible and he had decided the best thing for him to do would be to leave the state flee so his person nothing to do with our business but his personal investments would not catch him he left the problem was he didn’t have enough money so as since I delegated him to be able to write checks and to be able to manage my business he had check writing ability and he promptly wrote himself three or four checks that added up to about fifteen thousand dollars went down at the bank cashed him now he’s got fifteen thousand dollars of my money and he hires my own workers since we’re in the moving business and I come back on Monday and he’s already in another state about five hundred eight hundred miles away and I’m stuck I have to regroup and figure out what to do because he I’m redoing everything I had thought he was doing and it was a horrible mess I hope you gained something from this I hope that these are beneficial please be a part of Inspiring Better Business,  IbbTalks.com

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  1. Gary Murphy 4 years ago


    Ouch that story of the Moving Business was a tough lesson… I have had a couple of these myself.

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