Entrepreneur Profile

Entrepreneur Profile
May 31, 2020 Gary Shotton

“People of influence” is not necessarily a reference to leaders with a high profile in the news but can be business people that help influence people by conducting their businesses according God’s Word. By Gary Shotton #000371

“People of influence” is not necessarily a reference to leaders with a high profile but people that influence people by Godly businesses practices.

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Entrepreneur Profile

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of inspiring better business IBBTalks.  Today I’m going to title this entrepreneurial profile and I’m going to talk about the profile of entrepreneurs and kind of caution you to look deeper about who your kind of idealizing and how you’re wanting to be influenced by certain people.  I’m going to oversimplify this but I’m going to simplify it by this saying that there’s two primary groups of people there are some people that want the spotlight they want upfront they want to be known to have accomplished these things then they want to be always at the right time for the photo-op and always with the right people they’re maneuvering themselves into a position that they are becoming important or appear to be important or at least running with important people and there’s the other profile that’s quite a bit different it’s much more humble non assuming hard-working down-to-earth standard guys that are and women that are the backbone honestly of our United States of America and so when you’re watching of yourself and you’re watching someone in the public eye be careful that you don’t think like I wish I could do what they’re doing I wish I was like them if they’re not the true entrepreneurial that I think make up this world and make this our society.

So I’m going to give some examples these are public figures and I’m going to talk about first of all my senior pastor founding pastor Willie George I’ve been at the same church 25 years and I’ve been learning business lessons from him by the natural course of life of being in church 25 years every time there’s a sermon I hear it and I’ve heard some of his stories several times but when I first arrived some 25 years ago I picked up that he was not one that was trying to capture the spotlight in fact he admitted of just a few weeks after I started going there and I respect that he says I made a mistake I thought I should be on TV this is 25 years ago and so he booked some TV spots and he tried to do the things that would be running with all the other TV celebrities spiritual celebrities I won’t name them and he said that was a mistake and he said I’m going to put that on hold I’m going to finish all the commitments and I’m done with that and I’m putting the money into the youth department was come became the 180 department.   It’s very popular, very well established and is helping the church be better.

Another good example is in our state, there’s a group called Hobby Lobby and it’s a group that also has Mardell’s Christian bookstore and the founder of that was Dave Greene and I’ve read his book I like to read biographies and when I read biographies about Christian business people, I’m saying this is my kind of people, this is the profile that I want to follow in fact if you read his book he wasn’t good speaking he never does like to speak still doesn’t speak he’s an older gentleman now his son does some speaking but he’s not like against it but he didn’t gravitate that but systematically and over a period of time he put together a huge Empire of Mardell’s Christian bookstore and Hobby Lobby.

Let’s name another one drew it Kathy with chick-fil-a well he once again he’s not the picture-perfect guy that’s driving these fancy cars he’s a down-to-earth he’s hard-working now he’s deceased now I know but if you read of his life he’s the one that just piece by piece without a lot of spotlight without a lot of fanfare without a lot of look, at me there’s really no look at me and he’s got an amazing believe now it’s so far surpassed any other food restaurants and especially these days because their drive-though is unbelievable their food so good and it’s a fast food chick chicken chick-fil-a in the United States.

Let’s take another one let’s take Sam Walton at one point he was in the top three or four wealthiest men in the world of course he’s deceased now maybe even 15-20 years his families many of them are someone most wealthy but he was right over here again started in my home state here in Oklahoma then it was in Arkansas and I started just systematically putting systems and processes to be the best really tailor and he became the best put together to the trucking company and put together the software way ahead of when computers he would put this together he was just a steady solid rock of piece by piece building his business that’s what you want to look at you want to be that steady rock that not looking for spotlight actually the spotlight will actually cause you difficulties I believe I just want you to see that those are my kind of people I could go on I don’t know them quite as well but even Bill Gates, Bill Gates was not a flashy person he just got the job done he didn’t speak very often didn’t need to be on TV didn’t does it well didn’t have a speak a speaking circuit now there’s a profession of being a speaking speaker a professional speaker so I’m not saying that’s wrong but an entrepreneur if you follow most of the professional speakers when they stop speaking their revenue stops so they’re there it’s its own business.

But we’re talking about creating revenue and systems and processes that generate tons of money that’s what we want to set as our example, well all of these people have different characteristics I can name another 15 to 20 people I like to read biographies but please catch this idea that there’s a difference between of the profile of an entrepreneur and how you could get around them you won’t get around a lot of these people but you can read their books their biographies if you can get around somebody that’s in your neighborhood that’s a true entrepreneur that will spend a little time with you do it because you’re going to see that they’re egotistical and they’re not afraid to bend over and pick up a dime on the ground they’re not afraid to help somebody that’s down and out they’re going to even wipe the bathroom off when they go in the bathroom, I go I’d do that when the bathroom is dirty and an establishment and it’s all I said you know they gave me this bathroom free I’m just going to wipe my hands I’m not going to do the whole thing but I’m going to wipe off the counter because that needs to be done those are little things that says I’m humbled before my maker – to –just do what needs to be done Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business



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