Faith Requires Action

Faith Requires Action
August 1, 2021 Gary Shotton

Actions needed to see our faith turn to sight include 1. Confession with our mouth 2. Believing in our heart that God will keep Word. by Gary Shotton #000468

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Faith Requires Action

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as a part of inspiring better business IBV talks, and today I want to talk about faith requires action.  Well, I was happy, looking back, that I was born and raised on a successful farm and ranch and my dad was an entrepreneur and I just delighted to look back at the very lessons I learned in business in life, and some of the little lessons included practical things at a young age, we learned that if a vehicle wasn’t running, and we suspected it was the battery or the battery was rundown inside that vehicle. Then we needed to do something to jump that battery jump that vehicle and get it started. And what we had in many of our vehicles was a set of jumper cables, and these cables had clamps on two wires that were together. One had a clamp that was black on both ends and the other had a clamp that’s red on both ends and we learned, which post on the battery to connect those two, read the RIP positive on each end and block the negative on each end and when we did that and made sure the connection was good and had a running vehicle running at a good greatest speed, and we can get in that vehicle that was not running and turn on the switch and sure enough area and it would start. Wow, that’s something we’ve used all our life and I don’t know if everybody knows about that because very seldom do I start a vehicle that way anymore. We just call someone to help us, but it’s good knowledge and our faith. I believe has some parallels to those two chords as two wires. One is the positive wire one is the negative, doesn’t matter, that there’s two things that are missing, to get our lives jumpstarted. I think that a lot of people want to serve God, I believe if you asked if there love God yes I love God if they ask if they’re even going to church or they’re there, they’re reading their Bible a little bit and they’re, they’re studying a little bit and they’re trying to be a good person, but it’s like they’re not jumpstarted they’re not running, they’re not going. There’s no, no action happened, and you see faith without requires action is what we’re talking about, and we’re going to talk about that in the financial and business realm, but it’s interesting this concept of faith. Once you learn how faith works, and you will learn that it has the same two elements, whether you’re applying it to finances, which we’ll talk about, or to your salvation which is very important to begin with, or to your health or your marriage or your raising children or anything in the Word of God. That’s why we’re always encouraged to consider and read and study and become serious about understanding the Word of God so that that’s one of the elements, that’s required. You see, the, the confession with your mouth, and believing in your heart, are those two elements that I believe, and I’m quite convinced are the equivalent of those two cables connecting the two posts of the batteries in order to jumpstart your life on jumpstart your faith, and there is no like trickery in this this is repeatable, but at the same time, there is no magic words you learn and no hocus pocus are our, you know, magic about this, this is proven fact. Well let’s just apply it in one of these areas that you’re probably familiar with. If you’re watching this, many of you are Christians, if you’re not, I asked you to consider in Romans 10 Nine and 10 It says if thou shalt confess with your mouth.  It’s number one. And that Jesus Christ is your Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be safe. Those are the two things, confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. In this case, most people might have some people might have a hard time believing that Jesus Christ rose again from the dead, so you’re not connected. You, there’s that and believe in your heart, you can take an opportunity to study the Word of God, you can study history you can read those people that observe observed, Jesus after his death and resurrection, you can, there’s other historical books that even confirm this, this effect but the main thing is the Bible, but without believing in your heart, you’re disconnected, but the others just as equally as important. Without confessing with your mouth, you’re disconnected. So, we’re here to help you connect on those two things, and again, one of the beautiful things about this is when you start learning that faith is repeatable, predictable has has a pattern, then you can study a part of the Word of God, not for your personal gain, but because you’re building a relationship with God, the whole element of the Word of God and the whole reason Jesus was set on this earth was to mentor us and guide us and teach us so that we could be friends of God could be in relationship with God. That’s what God wants. And so, as you start applying these things, then you’re going to see results and the results are not going to be instantaneous from first grade to college, it’s going to be step by step as you, it’s not experiment really but as you build your faith, and you say, study this and become convinced, without a shadow of doubt that this is what the Word of God says, and I’m correspondingly confessing that, then you’re going to see results. Well, let me take just for a second on healing and health. I can remember the day that I had studied week several weeks I’d heard that God would be my healer, and I was in a particular spot where I was. Now setting actually welding and I was had a welders hood, and anybody that knows about a welders, could you pull that hood down and it’s dark inside of there, and I had pondered could Jesus actually be my healer, and I had history before years before, of the flu coming on me and right then I’m thinking about this, and I’m all I’m about to get sick all of a sudden, in just a matter of 1520 minutes, I’m going to have the flu. No, I have believed in my heart. And then I confess with my mouth privately, no Jesus, you’re my healer. And I felt that I felt that flu symptoms instantly leave me, and I haven’t been sick for many many years actually 41 years. Let’s apply it to our finances, that’s where we’re trying to get. Okay, now it’s not get rich quick. It’s not, it’s provisioned God wants to provide for your needs. And it’s step by step on the first day of your business, you’re not going to have tons of money, you’re not going to be rich, you have to learn the processes and prove God in each area, and we’re trying to teach you those lessons, make available to you those lessons so I can learn about I need quality that’s one of those laws of business, I need a happy customer and these systems and processes we have a long list of lessons that says, if you’ll experiment with these, you’re experimenting with the Word of God is true, and then you become convinced this is something you need, and then you try it, and confess with your mouth as you’re believing, I’m 100% Confident, God will confirm it, and now you’re on your pathway to believing and getting in relationship with God. It’s not It’s not magic, it’s process and systems. And so, God wants you. Like I said, But God shall supply all your need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. That’s Philippians 419 F one of the first verses I learned. And then I looked through all of the Old and New Testament and try to find when people were beggars and poor and had no money, so I didn’t find it. I found that Jesus was always making provision, he made provision when there was 5000, to maybe 15,000 people in the audience and we just had a five loaves of bread and a few fish, he made provision, he made provision when the water was turned into wine on the first miracle. He made provision in almost every case, and it this process is true, it was true even in the Old Testament that, you know, it’d be a financial loss if, if, David didn’t kill Goliath, you’re going to be slaves, and David had faith because he had used his slingshot, he knew he could do it, and he says, I will succeed. I will conquer this, and he did it. That’s the same principle Moses when he was crossing the Red Sea, all of the his people following him all the nation of Israel was grumbling and complaining, and he cried out to God in faith, and he raised as instructed his rod and the sea party. He took action. This is something that’s over and over and over again in the multiple multitude of miracles in the New Testament, and all through the Old Testament, believe in your heart, and have confessed with your mouth, what you have believed in your heart. And there you’re growing closer to God, and step by step in this relationship. And what happens is God, then trust you with more and you’re given more and bigger tests, and he’s trusted with more. I’ve been entrusted with quite a bit now, but it’s not because I’m something special. It’s because I’ve had 40 plus years of going step by step by step to get here. Well I hope this helps you. Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.



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