Faith For Business

Faith For Business
February 14, 2021 Gary Shotton

Learning faith for owning and operating a business is critical and it comes with many tests that are designed to build your faith by learning to rejoice in the tests. By Gary Shotton #000430

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Faith For Business

By Gary Shotton

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hello my name is gary shotton and i’m here as a part of inspiring better business and today i’m going to talk about learning faith well that’s important thing if you’re a christian i want to learn faith in god and how god will work in my life and i was so serious some 35 years ago that my wife and i uh packed up what we had with three small children and we moved a thousand miles to go to a bible school that taught faith and i’ll be honest with you i went through that school and i answered the questions i learned a lot it was all foundational and i could answer the questions right but i really started learning face faith when i started and owned my first business it was right at the end of my graduation i didn’t i had already started working in this field it was a moving and storage company and and i decided this is where i could learn how god wants how i could apply how god wants me to live a life of faith and and i was then had a number of years of applying the faith lessons i learned on a day-to-day basis it was great i would never do it again don’t want to do it again but it was everything i needed to learn how faith works i’m still learning don’t get me wrong i’m still learning i want to use a couple scriptures first corinthians 10 13 uh talks about uh that that we have uh gonna have tough uh difficulties and this is how how we can start to learn god’s plan in the area of faith and you know our overall vision is for each one of you to learn that the thought patterns of god that god how he thinks how he created this universe how he created us as humans and how he created me as an individual and what he has for my life and when i start aligning my thought pattern to his thought pattern then i’m going to be on the right path and it always leads to faith and that’s what we’re talking about here you know romans 10 romans 12 1-2 says be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind well that’s spiritual of course but it’s also about how we handle monies and finances we’ve got to renew our mind from maybe the way we were raised and the way other people are doing it to do it god’s way well let’s read this verse first corinthians 10 13 we all experience times of testing whoa it is that in the bible yeah it is some people think they start a business there’s not going to be any problems which is normal for every human being but god will be faithful to you he will screen and filter the severity nature and the timing of every test or trial you face that you can bear it god is faithful who will not allow you to be tested but will with the test make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it that’s what king james version says so there’s a lot in there it says that a perfect father would never expose us to something that he hasn’t already given us away a way of choosing a path to get over that to get past that i tell people all around the world this is you know it isn’t a god problem people are blaming god why don’t you help me why don’t you help me well i believe that god has supplied something already in their possessions or in their control that if they would take it and start and take the first step of faith that god would add his power to that and step by step by step there will become over the hurdle over the problem god’s a perfect father he he’s like i’m a i’m a grandpa now i have grandchildren i know my children are raising their children my grandchildren and and they want the best for their children they they do things for the best for their children we have a perfect father he would never allow any of his children to be in a situation where there’s not a way out but you’re not looking for it most of the time and you’re not in many times the problem is is that you want to start bigger than what that idea is there’s a friend of mine that stated this way says all of god’s commandments are are extremely simple but they’re equally difficult because of the other people around us and it’s not natural to take that step i’m on this just for a little bit in the old testament i think the the ruler was uh naaman and and the prophet came to him and said you’ve got to go dip in the river jordan i believe that was a river uh seven times he said i’m i’m an important person no way no way i’m going to get in that dirty old mud and his advisor said if you want to get healed you better get in there he had i think leprosy i didn’t review this before i i talked to you about it and he did a very very simple thing dipped seven times in that river that’s that was idiotic uh battle of jericho so here’s the nation of israel all they do is march around i think it was six days in a row they marched around one time a million people plus i know several million people plus and the feet and probably in unison is probably shaking a little bit and then they walk around i think seven times that was pretty simple the walls fell everything we have the the step that we take is ultimately much simpler than what we have that than than the results of god let me read uh uh another verse or two from the book of james chapter 1 verse 2 my fellow believers now this is a letter written basically to us because we’re written to a fellow believer when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy that you can that that you can look at it with joy hold in it not for it in it for you know that when your faith that’s the key subject here is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things and then as you your endurance grows even stronger it will release perfection into every part of your being until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking it’s describing how you get faith you see people you don’t you don’t buy faith you actually don’t go to school and and and pass a class and get faith it’s the test count it all joy when you fall into various trials because those those trials are producing first of all patience and second endurance and after you have patience and endurance over a while you’re consistently building your faith in god he will not let you down he will not let you down and so if you follow that path over and over again step by step progressively uh in deeper challenges and deeper difficulties the difficulties are there if you don’t want difficulties you know just go ahead and get you a little cabin in the mountains and get you some uh maybe a bow and arrow and you eat off the land and then you pick berries and you don’t interact with anybody and you’ll probably still have difficulties okay so forget the idea that following god is without having difficulties you will have difficulties and you got to look at it differently than most people that’s what’s unnatural you’ve actually got to rejoice in the middle of the difficulties because it’s when you faith approach it that way in faith then that’s what’s producing uh first of all uh patience and then endurance and ultimately faith and it happens over and over and over again one quick example i’ll wrap up here there’s a time when paul and silas were in prison and they probably were destined to uh be either executed the next morning beheaded i don’t know what that was going to happen they had already been beaten and it was midnight and you know they’re in the middle of the prison ready to die the next morning the other prisoners heard them singing and praising god is that not a classic example of rejoicing in the situation they weren’t happy because we’re there but in the middle of it they rejoice hallelujah god you’re more than enough i don’t know what all they said and you know what happened the angel the spirit of god came and loosed them and they they walked out and they then they came back i believe in this story they came back and kept the the jailer from killing himself and and his family was saved and a great move of god came because they rejoiced in the middle of the test you’ve got to learn that that’s one of the real foundational things i’ve had horrible things happen and most of the time i’d like to say all most of the time i was able to rejoice because god thank you i don’t really like this but i’m learning how you work i’m learning faith thank you very much well thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business

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