September 2, 2019 Tim Walterbach

FAVOR represents the things anyone can do to get ready for business ownership.  F = Faithful; A=Accountability; V=Vision; O=Organization; R=Return On Investment ; By Tim Walterbach #000304

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By Tim Walterbach

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

this Tim Walterbach with Inspiring Better Businesses finishing up the the series we’ve been working on the favor series we are now on our FAvor return on investment faithful accountable shared vision organization and now ROI what is ROI stands for return on investment the the technical term is a percentage that is earned on a company’s total cap capital it’s calculated by dividing the total capital into earnings before costs so it’s a layman’s terms it’s a just a formula for profitability after your investment taxes and dividends okay what does that have to do with attracting investors and tracting donors first of all you guys speak to the king and the King’s language you want to get its attention and your donors or your investors or business partners are gonna be business people and they’re always looking at the bottom line that’s pretty crass well it’s it’s just the reality of it no more crass that when Jesus said it put it this way in Matthew 25 I won’t go read the passage but the gist is this he gave one man a few talents one man a few more talents and the third man many talents and he went away the steward went away when he came back he asked for an accounting the first man said I buried it I know you’re an austere man and you’re not fair basis working out the back to the labourers you read for you so the second man invested a little bit took it and returned a small amount he said well done and in the back ten de Mol was even rewarded more grateful so there is a expectation of taking what we have and returning an investment if somebody is going to invest in your business you have to know what what how to speak to them in their language can you effectively realistically without inflated numbers calculate with all the cost that they’re going to accrue what the return on investment is going to be it’s a very should be entered into with a great deal of caution your name is on the line but it’s also something in the reputation or company but it is also something that often is out of our control when I am in standing in a home that I built with an investor and I put together a business plan of what the cost would be what my building costs of e labor cost permitting what his banking car I had to think from him from his point of view what were his banking costs and interests gonna be in and I put together a budget realistic budget is what based on the knowledge that I had the best of my ability with with integrity on the line of showing what what possibilities could be for a return on on his investment when as a foundation we had like I said we had many people approached us about funding their ministry or their nonprofit we couldn’t help but look at how our money was being used and what was the outcome what was if we one of our buckets remember one of our the areas that we gave to our widows and orphans if for example for $1,000 we could support ten orphans for a year which we could in some third-world countries or that $10,000 might buy a kid in an orphanage in us a trip to Disney World guess where our money was going to go and you got to understand this is going to be in the mind of a an investor a partner a donor if and you have to be able to communicate honestly and show a track record that’s why it’s so hard to sometimes raise funds early on that’s why it’s so important to apply faithfulness and accountability and vision an organization because ROI is a byproduct of hitting tens in those areas and it’s possible if you’re strong in those other areas that people will be seeking you out because they they know from your track record that you do what you say you’re going to do and that you will at all expense to yourself seek a profit for others your reputation will precede you you line yourself up with with their vision you prove what you know what you can and communicate effectively what you can provide if you can learn those skills you will have investors lined up at your door thank you very much for his time this ends our favored series faithfulness accountability vision organization and our oh I wish you all success in attracting those people around you they’ll help you go to the next level thank you


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