Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure
agosto 22, 2016 Karl Michael Pilsl

«Fear» has no place in helping a business become successful.  Fear of Failure can cause a person to make very poor choices at critical times. By Karl Michael Pilsl #000208

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Fear Of Failure

By Karl Michael Pilsl

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my friend! Karl Michael Pilsl here again! I am so excited to be able to do this second video with you on this platform of IBBTalks.com. Today, I’m actually in Gary Shotton’s office here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And I get to speak to you again on something that’s very very important to me and very, very close to my heart. I hope you saw the first video. If you didn’t, please go back and watch the first video where I spoke on being «Principle Centered» And «Building on Principles, not tips, tricks, strategies, and methods» Those things are good, and we want to use new strategies, new methods, new tricks, new tips, but our foundation has to be principles. So today, I’m so excited to talk to you about something that I have learned throughout my life. It is kind of a principle. It is the way I see and react to failure and disappointment. I see this all over. People are scared of disappointment. People are scared of failing and we do not need to be. When I study successful people I look for clues. I look for things they do. Actually, one point is very important when you study a successful person whether in business, leadership, or in sports; don’t copy what they do. Copy or find out how they are thinking! See, most people make the mistake that they see somebody successful and they try to copy what this person is doing. And, some people fail miserably because you cannot copy somebody exactly. It’s not what you want to do, to reach your calling, to reach your vision, your goals, your mission in life. Don’t copy people, but find out how people are thinking. When I see a leader, when I see a really, really successful athlete, I want to get into their mind. I want to find out how does this person think to be world-class, to be a champion. The same is true in business. I may not copy somebody totally, but I want to find out how does this person think? And here’s what I found out, one of the great things that successful people, leaders, business people, have really truly successful people have, is the way they see failure, number one. The way they see failure, the way they interpret it, and number two, how they react to failure. Let’s talk about the first point, real quick. How do you see failure? How do you see disappointment? Does it crush you? When you fail when you make a mistake. When you’re disappointed by somebody else or maybe even when you just disappoint yourself, you’ve done that for sure do you feel like your world is falling apart? Do you feel crushed? Do you feel like you are a failure or do you see the failure as something that has happened? Zig Zigler, one of my first mentors, said «failure is an event, failure is never who we are, never a person.» So, don’t take it personally. See successful people in business, in sports, in leadership they have a different perspective on failure. They know that failure and disappointments are necessary to reach success. One of my other mentors, I mentioned last time, is John Maxwell. But, he wrote a book called, «Failing Forward». So every time you fail you have the opportunity to go forward, to advance, and when you fall down, be so smart, and pick something up on the way up. When you’re lying on the floor, when you’re lying on the ground, when you have fallen, pick something up as you go back up that’s the smartest thing you can do. See, I learned that failure is my friend. See, I teach also to many young people and one of the things i always tell them is this. There’s one big difference between you, who are a little younger, and me is this, «I have failed more». I’ve also tried more, but I failed more, and I tell them that very clearly and straight, because I’m not afraid to talk about my failure, to talk about my fumbles, or talk about how I you know fell down. I’ve always gotten up!! Failure is not final until you see it as final. A leader a visionary, a business success, always sees failure as a stepping-stone not a stumbling block. So the first thing you need to consider is how do I see failure? What perspective to a have about failure, disappointment? When somebody does me wrong, even then, if somebody does me wrong, I get to forgive. I may not trust that person again because trust is something differently. But, I forgive immediately and even my worst enemies have helped me. Even people who tried to harm me have helped me because they make me better. They make me stronger, they make me more resilient, they make me more determined. See, failure does that to you, when you don’t let it get to you, but you let it bring you to the next level. So that’s number one. How do you see failure? Number two, how do you react to failure? That’s the second thing that successful people do in all arenas of life. They have different reaction to failure . Actually, to me it’s more being proactive. Being reactive is more negative, people react to life. People react in a negative way. See, sometimes life gives us lemons. Sometimes life gives us cherries but even if I get a lemon, I choose to make lemonade out of it. You know, I lived in the States for 10 years, in this wonderful nation. And, I know they make good lemonaide actually as a teenager sold it on the street so you can take your lemon and make lemonade out of it. The question is not what happens to you. The question is what do you do with what happens to you I’ve learned this in life. Everything. Now listen to me, everything in life has two sides, everything, everything has two sides of good side and a bad side sometimes it’s eighty percent good and twenty percent negative so it’s a thing is it’s almost only good only positive but there’s a little negative in it. But, there’s still people who experience something that is really good and they have the gift to focus on the twenty percent negative. I don’t know how they do it but they do it. Sometimes, it’s only twenty percent positive and eighty percent negative, and I choose, I’ve learned to focus on the twenty percent because I know what I focus on grows, what I focus on gets bigger. I put my focus on the twenty percent that is good, and right, and positive will grow. Sometimes in life, and I’ve experienced disaster, I have experienced tragedy, I have experienced failure in a big way, financially and in business, and in personal things tragedy and you think there’s nothing good, it’s all bad! But truly, if you look it may be ninety-nine percent bad, but there may be one percent good in it. Even if I find the one percent good in a situation I will focus on the one percent! Right before I have to talk, I talked, at lunch with Gary and he told me that an employee whose name I won’t mention I don’t even know his name but he told me I made a big mistake and he said to Gary, «Will you fire me now?» «Why would I fire you now?» «I just invested a big chunk of money into your future» «I just paid your tuition» See, that’s the way we look at it. One of the IBM CEOs do the same thing with a guy who made a ten-million-dollar mistake and he came in to resign. And the boss said, «what, no way in are resigning now, we just invested into your future.» See mistakes, failure, all these things, are really stepping stones to top. So, these are the two things I want you to consider and rethinking in your life. Until it becomes second nature. See, to me, I don’t have to I don’t have to think about thinking this way this is second nature to me. I came to program my mind that there’s something good in everything. And, failure serves me, failure is my friend. It makes me better, stronger, and it’s a stepping stones on the way to the top!! I’ll see you next time!!!

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