Financial Reserves

Financial Reserves
February 17, 2019 Gary Shotton

In reaching your goal of financial success, you will soon realize there are ups and downs along the way and having a financial reserve will make the difference by Gary Shotton #000266

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Financial Reserves

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I went here is a part of Inspiring Better Business to help you in your business activities. And you may know by now that we do call in and make regular visits with groups of people in developing nations and we asked you to consider being a part of that. Today we’re going to talk about the subject of having a reserve. What do I mean having reserve having a financial reserve, that in case something does not go as planned, that you can withdraw from that reserve and not be in extreme level of stress and extreme level of uncomforted and possibly even go out of business? You see, every business has some seasons and cycles. And if you listen to me long, you’ll know one of the main principles that I teach is growing step by step. And in that lesson I talked about going for like a baseball game. So you’re at the batter’s plate. I’m giving an example at the batter’s plate the pitches thrown to you and you hit the ball. Well, that’s like you got started in business for the very first time. And your objective is to run to first base and stand on first base without being tagged that Mace is considered safe. Well, when you’re running your business, you want to grow and get on that first step. And be very, very careful that you do everything necessary at that level of business to be successful. You want to improve your quality you want to improve, improve your counting system, you want to improve the way you handle your business. You’re there for a period of time at that step at that level. And you’re going to say well, I want to go faster. I want to grow no until you learn the lessons at that step. You really shouldn’t push on to the next level, you really should hone in and concentrate on that level of business for you. And by doing that, you’re now preparing yourself to go to the next level. Another example of someone that’s in school, you’ll say one of your youngsters and they’re in the first grade. Well, there are certain levels of proficiency in spelling, and mathematics or arithmetic that that youngster needs to learn in order to go to second grade. The same thing is true from going from second grade to third grade. If someone is advanced and skips a couple grades, and they don’t know those building blocks those the truth related in those grades that are missed, then they’re going to find them extremely lost at a higher level. That’s what you want to avoid. Now, having the reserve is one of the ways to know that you’re ready to go to the next step. And this may sound foreign to everyone but I always have had some form of reserve that I can draw on when something unexpected happened. So example you’re in the business and you’re holding at a certain level and you’re learning all the lessons you possibly can learn at that level. When should you go to the next step? When you have reserved when you have some money set aside, that you don’t touch, nobody touches, you have a cushion. Any words you want to use something that’s untouchable by others, because when you go to the next step, you want to make sure like running from second base to third base that you get there, get on top of it and become safe again, growing your business. And every business has ups and downs. Every business has unexpected that’s a part of business. And the businesses that succeed are the businesses that make through make it through those difficult times. And it’s actually kind of good that you have a difficult time because maybe your competitor isn’t as prepared as you are and they are not able to stand stand the test. And I don’t wish it for them, but they go out of business. They didn’t have the reserve, but you have a reserve and you can make it to the next step. I know you think you can borrow it from your neighbors borrow from our uncle borrow from your uncle. That’s a poor way to do business. You should be able to be standing firm able to stand on that business by your own.     Now I will tell you that you might be want to be very secretive about you having this reserve because soon as other people find that you have extra money in reserve, they’re gonna come to you more than likely and ask for the medical needs to be mad. They don’t have tuition for their school kids. They don’t have uniforms for their kids. They don’t have food. Well, it’s not being cruel to say this is my business money reserve, and I will not touch it because I haven’t reserved for my business. And the best way to do that is Tell no one that you have that reserve. You don’t lie to him. You say I have no money available to you in my personal account to help you if you have some of the personal account. Helper. Don’t touch your reserve unless you actually need it for you to get through a slow time. When you have a reserve. Then you’re ready to go to the next step. That’s my opinion. Thank you


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