Four Legs For Success

Four Legs For Success
March 28, 2018 Gary Shotton

Like the stability of a four legged chair, there are four legs important for a stable business. By Gary Shotton #000182

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Four Legs For Success

By Gary Shotton

I am standing in the country of Honduras and upon today we’re going to talk about the four legs of a successful business you know, if you have a chair and you can have a three-legged stool that would not be quite as stable as a four-legged chair.  I’m going to talk about the four legs of a business and how they primarily the foundation the corners there’s more usually four corners on a building the foundation the anchor these are the four things that I think will be beneficial to any business anywhere, by the way when we are here we teach things that we taught here, because if it’s true it’s true anywhere in the world, it’s true a hundred years ago and it’s truth it’ll be true twenty years from now.

Number one, you know you’ve got to have the right people, you’ve got to identify the people that are going to make your business successful and are going to make your business a team, there’s a lot of ingredients in making and having the right people all the way from hiring the right people to training the right people. But all to believe have to create a team without a team you’re a loner, without a team you’re on your own, without a team you’re not accomplishing you can’t do it all you can’t accomplish it all yourself. The people that you are investing in are very important to you and of course having the right ones is important but really up you as a leader to get organized, make sure that you have the things in order for them to want to work for you. At mark country in the United States unemployment’s right at four percent so our workers are highly skilled, they can go to work anywhere they want, they can get a job Oh two days after they leave me, so I have to be sure I’m providing the things that make them want to stay with me. I have to be on top of my game I have to be fair with them, I have to be asking the question are you improving in your personal life we have new people, and we try to make sure we’re making the opportunity for them to learn in our case to be a good machinist and so I many times ask a person hey did you learn anything today, and they say well yeah I guess I did, I said well great you know the monkeys on your back that’s up to you you’re the one that has to decide to learn something today, because we’ve got a great environment here, we’ve got the right setting we’ve got the things that help you learn, we think we’re going to help you learn but you’ve got to go out there and take it and ask for more challenge, don’t setback you can develop and when you leave here whether it’s 50 and 15 years from now or our 15 months from now you’re going to have skills and sets that nobody can take away from you, and I think if our workers know and understand that that’s in our heart there are better people in producing for us they have to be able to know who the customer is and we have a process that says we have internal customers that means the person up line or down line within our company is our internal customer.

Number two, we have to believe in our product well, our product is in my case a part that I sell to my customers, where you might be seldom an apple-pie you might be selling a haircut, you might be selling a product or service you’ve got to be the one that’s excited about your product, if you’re not excited about your product get another product get another service, you’re not married to this thing make sure that you’re excited about what you’re doing and that means you’re digging in, you’re looking ahead you’re looking Google searching you’re not having your customers tell you and do your research for you, you’re telling your customers what’s coming up what’s next how do we do this you’re digging in it and you know your product, you know that the intricacies of you. Don’t have to know all the scientific part of it ,but you know where to go get it you know where to teach people to go get it, your customer is going to appreciate more than just an order-taker you see we’ve got some places and just tanked the order there like the pizza place they just took another order they don’t they’re not thinking ahead and the ones that are learning and teaching and going forward are the ones that are really understanding and knowing their product so know your product.

Number three: these are like legs on a chair number three man do I like these processes, I also call it systems I have no reservation to talk about God and creation, I talk about God all the time on work we’re not preaching to you this is not a sermon, but you know God created the heavens the earth in six days. I don’t believe there’s any other option I believe that wood rots and iron rusts and they’ll deteriorate over time back to nothing no that nothing that I know of gets better nothing that I know of increases improves and improves its status over time so. I believe in creation but the end interesting thing about creation was that God created everything that was made in six days is it six literal days six actual days or sixteen thousand really matter he created it the neat thing is after creation he has never created another thing and in that regard, he is not he’s rested on the seventh day that’s what it says in Genesis and so. Now we have a processes and systems throughout our entire existence, we have in our body we have of course the reproductive system, but we also have the nervous system the respiratory system, the circulatory system we have the pump operating as part of the system and in this in the economy in our world we have the solar system, the lunar system the tidal wave is tied to that and all these systems work together back and forth back and forth but we have a difficult thing in our environment we have to balance that with something that will correct this system. Well in your business you’re full of processes and systems and you’ve got to create processes and systems that are things that are working together, our hiring system is connected to our training system our training system is connected to our production system our production system is connected to our quality system our quality and production system is connected or our inventory system and our inventory system and our profit our production system is connected to where our shipping depict assistants all these systems are on our payroll system all these things are have to work together and when one goes wrong everybody’s got to stop and try to fix it well that’s why we work on processes and systems you have a better process. I’ve always said the key to profit is systems or processes the key to profit is efficiency comes with processes and systems, well again I’m not preaching to you when I talk about God here, I happen to believe that God is part of the answer, I believe that you can go through your business and be 100% successful the richest guy in the world and you still can’t save your marriage unless you have something to help you with, you can’t save your kids you can have a child that’s on drugs you have a child that overdoses on drugs, you’re going to have a health problem cancer that’s something that you can’t fix, and by the way we’re all going to get old and die, this all face that also and so in the reality of this whole thing I believe the strongest north of fourth leg is God, and God in your business that answers the question why some ungodly they have a three-legged stool and that three-legged stool they’ve made those three legs stronger than maybe we that believe that there’s a God, and they’ve made their people better teamwork they’re made they’re their product they’ve been more knowledgeable they’re looking at and they made their processes better and they win that’s true in a sports game that’s true at the team that that practices harder works longer has more dedication that’s true well, thank you for being a part of this I’m enjoying my time here in Honduras I hope you understand that the lessons we teach here are globally and universally true and it will apply to you  can succeed.   Thank you!!



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