Four Primary Sources For Money (2 of 4)

Four Primary Sources For Money (2 of 4)
February 3, 2020 Pastor Willie George

The Second source of Money is “Wisdom” and this comes with the a process over time with diligence. By Willie George. #000343

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Four Primary Sources For Money (2 of 4)

By Willie George

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.


Pastor Willie George, Founding pastor of Church On The Move, Tulsa Oklahoma is the speaker on this 4 part series on Money and “How Money Works” this is Part 3 of the 4 part series.

The second primary resource is wisdom. The Bible says that wisdom is better than silver in gold. The Bible says that with wisdom there is silver and gold and riches and honor. And the good thing about getting wisdom before you get silver and gold and riches and honor is when you then get it. You won’t abuse it. We know all kinds of people we see it in the world all the time. People who win lotteries people who get paid extremely high salaries in the sports league, and so forth, abuse their money because they get riches and honor, but they don’t have any wisdom to go with it. Now there’s a few who do, but most don’t. And so when you. But you don’t get the wisdom that was supposed to come with it. You’re going to waste, the things that were put into your hand. And that’s why we’re all amazed at a professional athlete who had an amazing, incredible salary and 10 years after his retirement he’s busted broken, and in some cases living on the street past, nothing because he had no wisdom whatsoever. So, without wisdom, money in any good wisdom will keep you from Miss applying your priorities, it will always help you to let money be in its proper place money when you serve it and put it number one it’ll destroy your life, because you get. The Bible says the prosperity of fools will destroy them. So there are a lot of people teaching well I don’t know if I want to make any money or not because it’ll ruin me. Well, that’s because you’re a fool, the prosperity of fools destroys them, but money can be a great blessing. If you have some wisdom to go with it, because now you can utilize your money to do good money itself is neutral. It’s neither negative nor positive. I can show you scriptures in the New Testament where the Bible says that money is filthy Luker, and it’s because it’s being handled wrongly. Then on the other hand I can show you New Testament scripture that says money is a sweet smelling savor and an offering to God. And it’s because money was used properly. So money is how we use it. And if we have the wrong attitudes toward it. It’s gonna mess your life up but that means then that it can be used in the right way. I’m a firm believer that everything that’s out can be turned and utilized in the right way. And that’s why I want to talk about this when you spend any time at all working. There’s always something that happens along the way, unless you’re just a total buffoon. But you come up with this statement, there has to be a better way to do this. And that right. You’re mowing the grass and you think that has to be a better way to do this, there’s got to be a better way to do this and after a while. What do you do you develop systems now you’re not just working hard, you’re working smart. And it’s very possible that even though you may be doing something that’s totally manual. You will take those lessons with you into the new things you do. My first real job for any period of time was hauling hay, and my uncle had a hatred user in the room and I’ll be eternally grateful to him for the lessons he taught me in the hay fleet. But it was amazing, and down through the years. I told my staff my team, when I needed to know about running the finances of church on the move, most of it I learned in the hay field. It’s amazing what you can take from labor in one place, and bring it as a lifelong lesson to the other. And the one thing I learned, don’t quit. I wanted to quit. And all the years that we have a we walked away from one job. Just one. And we had some really terrible conditions we had guys who wanted their barns filled with hay, but they had an eight foot barn door. And we got to get hay all the way to the back. We had to do some things that we normally didn’t do we learned how to put a bale of the back of the truck. Drop the bale on it, and we could roll bales 20 or 30 feet. So, we didn’t have to walk them back that way, we had another rule, you only handle a bail once you don’t pick it up, set it down and pick it up and replace it you handle it by a one time, you learn how to fix it, see how many people waste all kinds of labor, because they handle the project two three times, and they don’t finish, when they started, and they keep handling and keep handling and keep handling it. And they lose because of that. I started learning when we pastored the church when we started this church, listen we’re facing the same problem and this area over and over and over again this problem, then this show up once in a lifetime. It happens all the time. Let’s sit down right now and let’s think of a way to fix this problem. Let’s write out the solution. And then, when the problem shows up the next time we’re going to do what we decided when we weren’t under stress. And so we react, wisdom teaches you what to do when you’re in a pressure situation and wisdom shows you how to handle problems, wisdom, makes your time more valuable. This is a reason that a surgeon makes more money than a guy who digs ditches, the guy who digs ditches messes up, and we lose a little bit of water maybe some natural gas leaks into the atmosphere surgeon cuts the wrong pipe and somebody dies on the operating table. So his time is much more valuable because his skill is much more critical. And so if you want to climb the ladder, so to speak, so that your time because you’re not gonna get any more time. You have a limited amount of time to work in a week and hard work alone is not going to get you where you want to be. It’s hard work with wisdom. That’s what changes your life, hard work with wisdom. That’s what changes your pay scale. And so I would say, if you’re not doing something to sharpen your skills, if you’re not reading. If you’re not thinking through things if you don’t go to seminars. If you don’t go back maybe and finish a degree it might be that in order to get the kind of job you want, you’ve got to have a certain level of college to get it. Get back in and get that degree in some cases it’s not necessary, but the thing I want you to see is you have to sharpen yourself it’s not just lucky breaks. It’s not just that somebody liked you or you got favored by the boss and the other guy didn’t listen to me. I have worked for on unfair bosses, a number of times, guys who didn’t treat me the way they should have guys who were determined to take advantage of me, and I made it through every one of those situations and I eventually thrived. And I prospered. When the guy over b wasn’t fair. And I want you to see the reasoning behind that is because God gave me wisdom, sometimes to prove them wrong and open their eyes or in other cases to go around them or to go to a new avenue wisdom is so very critical. And that’s what the Bible is, it is a Book of Wisdom. It is loaded with things loaded with things. Put your actions where your faith is. You put your actions where your faith is when your actions are put toward the right thing. That’s where you thrive. And a lot of people put their actions in the wrong arena. You put your actions where your faith this. Are you with me. Put your actions where your faith is. So, develop wisdom, if you really believe this, you’re going to get more wisdom, you’re going to see things in the scriptures. God will open your eyes, listen to me wisdom is the principal thing Solomon said therefore get wisdom with all your getting get wisdom. Wisdom will show you how money flows and how it works.


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