Four Primary Sources For Money (3 of 4)

Four Primary Sources For Money (3 of 4)
February 3, 2020 Pastor Willie George

The Third source of Money is “Products” and this comes with the understanding of systems and processes in producing a product or service. By Willie George  #000344

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Four Primary Sources For Money (3 of 4)

By Willie George

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.


Pastor Willie George, Founding pastor of Church On The Move, Tulsa Oklahoma is the speaker on this 4 part series on Money and “How Money Works” this is Part 3 of the 4 part series.

so labor is a primary resource wisdom is a primary resource and the next thing is product product is a primary resource now let me read to you from proverbs 11 and verse 1 dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord but a just weight is his delight proverbs 16 11 honest weights and scales are the lord’s all the weights in the bag are his work now here’s what that means it means that God loves exchange conversion I’ll trade you this for that I’ll show you this for this much when it’s a fair price and it’s a good deal it blesses everybody everybody involved gets blessed when you walk away from a deal that is fair you’re very satisfied the odds are you’re going to go back to the person that you got this deal from because you see that they are trustworthy the guy who tries to gouge you or he sells you a car where he was able to cloak a problem with the motor you’re not going to trust that guy ever again he may have made a little bit more money in this exchange but he is killing himself for the future the people who don’t do a job right and it has to be redone those people may have taken some shortcuts and they may make a little bit more money in the first round but they’re going to get hosed down the road because they know nothing about secondary business you want people coming back to you over and over and over you know what the Bible says it says a good name is better to be had than riches and you can have people who talk bad about you you can have people who gossip about you good night I don’t I know down through the years I’ve had that over and over and over again but my choices toward personal integrity have dwarfed those criticisms and I have a good name and I have chosen to keep a good name and to fight for good in that doesn’t mean so that you won’t have people saying bad things about you from time to time because they did that about Jesus but in the end you had to admit he was on the right track he did the right things you get to choose whether or not you’re going to have a good name and that’s why you want to make sure that all of your transactions are honorable product works when you’re asleep years ago I started seeing the only way that I’m going to get done when I’ve got to do is I’ve got to come up with some products because there is no way I can physically go out and face-to-face do everything I need to do to get things done and to get the money I need pay my bills God called me to publish a curriculum that was fifty thousand dollars my salary the previous year was ten five times my annual salary I’ve got to come up with I didn’t know anything about money so my first thought was somebody who has a lot of money has got to get behind my project that is logical thinking and so I looked in a number of places for people who might want to invest and I could tell god gave me no favour with any of them there were none of them who had any interest and all and investing in my project I was hurt I felt cheated I felt it was unfair that God gave me an assignment that I couldn’t possibly do I I felt like that I had been given a car but somebody else had my gas pedal and someone else had my steering wheel that’s a very frustrating place to be and all frustration comes from the devil and he loves to put you into boxes and when you think somebody else is controlling your destiny you resent that person and you have your attention on the wrong thing you’re like the bull and the bull ring he’s chasing that stupid red cape the red cape is not your problem it’s the guy with a little ponytail hook him and your problems are over and if we’re not careful we get our eyes on people and we think this guy’s and and guess what it’s very possible that people are not doing you right it’s very possible that they’re not cooperating with your financial future that’s very likely but there’s still not your enemy the greatest threat to your success financially is in your own thinking and when you begin to think in a liberated way with my god there is always a way for me to get around this I haven’t found it yet but I know I’m gonna find it I had been invited to teach at Rhema Bible Training Center I taught a class on children’s ministry I taught it four times a year and I had to come up with a plan and a syllabus to teach these people 12 classes 30 minutes long and so as I got into that I began to realize wait a minute they’re people all over America who are not coming to this Bible School who need exactly what I’m putting out in this Bible School and so I have something of value here I’ve never thought of it as being valuable but it is and I know how people think they are given responsibility for a Sunday School class and they don’t know what to do and they’re on their knees praying to God God showed me how to teach kids they will pay a reasonable amount of money for instruction on how this works I should be compensated fairly equitably for what it is I’m gonna share my work led to my wisdom where I said after I started teaching kids there’s got to be a better way to do this and I learned how to adjust and teach kids better then I took that wisdom and I put it into six tapes and I was confident than when I put that teaching down in six tapes I knew what I was talking about now listen to me there are a lot of great guys who teach on money and I thank God for the guys who teach you to think big that God can do miracles I think that’s great and I love what Dave Ramsey does teaching people how to manage money but you see when I was given a responsibility for $50,000 there’s no way I can manage my 10,000 to get to 50 there’s some problems you can’t manage your way out of no way of knowing of saving gonna get me the 50 grand I’ve got half new income streams so I started saying there has to be a new way for this stuff to flow and I saw it’s through product I am never gonna get offerings for kids stuff because people don’t give money toward kid projects they give pocket change now listen to me when you’re watching TV and one of those commercials comes on about st. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or Shriners or any of the other feed the children things notice this they never ask you for more than $20 it’s usually $19 a month why is it that they all are pretty much set in that same range because they know that when you up that amount that they are not going to get your response but they make it so low that people could say we could do that and so they are building their operations on $20 or less a month because they know this is how it flows this is what people are willing to give you may not like that it may not seem like it’s enough money but you’re stuck with it I saw that I saw people aren’t gonna give me money to do what I’m called to do so I’m gonna sell video cassettes of my TV show that didn’t make any sense to me I am broadcasting the gospel bill show all over America for free but I’m also gonna sell a video club where you get two VHS cassettes once a month for 1495 and I thought people won’t do that but they did they did it in droves I had a product and I had thousands of people who bought those cassettes and the way we did it is I’m gonna only go sell this one time you sign up you pay a fee from then on were shipping it to you until you tell me to stop it’s coming to your house and we’re billing your credit card but we’re gonna put the burden of stopping on you we’re not going to call you every month you want it again next month too much labor and all that we only handle a bail one time you’re with me see I learned all that stuff you’ll take advantage of where you are I don’t care how basic your job is there’s something valuable that you can carry with you into your next assignment and so we created product God loves product that’s why he says a good scale an honest scale of fair trade God loves


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