November 24, 2019 Gary Shotton

Generosity is a character quality that can be developed like any other character quality and it is not always measured based a financial contribution.  By Gary Shotton #000327

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By Gary Shotton

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hello my name is Gary Shotton and I do enjoy speaking with you through these video lessons and I hope they’re valuable and on audio I hope you can also enjoy them whether you listen to them today we’re going to talk about a general being generous or just generous and I’m going to talk about it in a line of your business and how valuable that is I actually think this is one of the top 10 laws that God has for doing business his way and it’s something that is trickled down from many many examples and you might miss it if you’re not careful so first of all it’s hard for your business to take on a different culture a different attitude than the leader the leader the owner the lead manager you set the stage on all things what happens in how you handle people and how you handle customers and vendors it trickles down good or bad if you’re a rough tough unfair you’re gonna find out that that trickles down and your people are gonna pick up a lot of that to a point but if you’re generous that’s going to trickle down to and so I encourage that you just encourage yourself in that regard that you become a generous person it doesn’t mean that you’re just giving away all your money and we’re gonna get into the importance of knowing your financials but so you just can’t give away things and maintain much a profit but you can do little things that convey the fact that you’re a generous person that you’re a generous customer company and so there’s a spirit that we want to kind of kind of instill inside the business owner that’s going to be successful and so what do I mean by being generous well like I said you can’t just give away things and not charge for them but you can do some things that do not cost you very much money or at least start with knowing your and knowing how that you’re standing on solid ground is a business it really helps to be generous in being generous if you’re actually making a profit it’s a little harder when our real hard when you’re not able to pay your current bills and now you start giving away even the littlest of something you’ve got a a process here that’s contradicting each other so the owner must be able to understand their financial statements and be able to to know where they’re at well let’s take some examples it’s not out of line I go to a certain restaurants and I go regularly to a certain place and just every once in a while every ten or fifteen times they person behind the counter will call me by name hey today this one’s on me oh it’s just a cup of coffee I was just going to charge a dollar anyway it wasn’t anything that’s got to really affect them I know that they know that but it is a form of generosity that causes me to be very pleased there’s a chicken chain that’s called chick-fil-a in the US and they’re also generous first of all they’re generous in their portions are going to talk about that some more but they have instructed all of their workers that they have a certain dollar amount I’m not sure exactly how it works but when they see a situation maybe a family maybe a parent with four or five kids they just doesn’t look like they have much and they have the the prerogative the freedom to say you know our company wants to give you this meal today Wow that spreads around the other people that hear that they can kind of see this situation they never put anybody down make them feel bad or ugly and so that’s something that that that you can instill in your company again it’s something that’s got to be within your budget within balance you see a free sample I see many times that we’re walking through maybe a shopping mall and in the u.s. people will be handing out free samples well if that free sample is totally predicting or pressuring or anticipating that you’re now going to come in and by that product let’s say a small chunk of chicken and it’s a chicken fast-food place you’re really not giving it away you’re you’re you’re giving them a sample that to me is not being generous at all being generous is like one bread company that they give away a generous slice and they use that term of bread and butter and honey on that bread with no expectations of the individual buying a loaf of bread they were challenged on it and they said what if a street person came in with no money do they still give away a generous portion of bread yes now they don’t they can’t be taken advantage of but that’s a generous company that’s where we’re talking about and so you’ve got to know though where you’re at and you and it’s going to help if you know that you’re producing a product or service that is a generous portions I will tell you that the most regular place that I eat out with my customers are with my friend is a location where the person seating us and there’s hundreds of people that come to this restaurant hundreds every day and and they know my first name I don’t come there that often but I come there and I’m generous even coming to their location because they serve a generous portion of food for the cost I like that you know I can go out with my wife rub a a special occasion and spend a lot of money for a meal because that’s a special occasion so from based on whatever I’m paying I do expect a generous return for what I pay that establishment the same things true when I spy a small thing I like a generous portion not overdo it and and and these people know that I will tell you that in our society tipping is something that is almost to the level of expected and I’m ok with that and so if you’re known for being willing to tip on the generous side you’ll get better service they’ll remember your name we have a group that meets 15 or 20 of us meet and not always when a group meets does the everyone necessarily give a generous tip well we’ve used the room we’ve used their facilities I didn’t have to rent this there’s not out of line for the entire meal to be for everyone like 75 dollars I would easily regularly put a $20 tip to that waitress because she took care of our group and in my regard they were generous to me and I’m generous back and they remember I will tell you that well there’s a bunch of other examples I will tell you at our company I’m sitting here at my machine shop and and the the plant manager he’s generous with his time we have some customers that need just a little extra help they need a little piece may they need threads adjusted they we we don’t charge for every little thing that we do for our customers they come in with something we charge when we put it on the machine when we are consuming our manpower but from my standpoint my manager the plant manager we do a lot of things for our customer and we just don’t even talk about charging if they say hey well what do I owe you hey no problem that’s on us that is a generous company and that does mean something well don’t give away the farm as we say don’t overbeat be overly generous to the point that you’re cutting into your profit but an attitude of generosity will go a long ways 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