God’s Laws for Business – Experiment & Research

God’s Laws for Business – Experiment & Research
December 5, 2021 Gary Shotton

Doing the proper amount of research and testing at a small scale can save time and money. Each time I customer makes a purchase they have voted for your product or service, but the vote comes when the customer comes again for the same purchase. This is called a “repeat customer”. By Gary Shotton #000477

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God’s Laws for Business – Experiment & Research

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business. Today we’re going to talk about one of God’s laws for business called experimenting also known as doing research. Sarah was one of several of the women that lived in a government housing. The government housing was there because their husbands were in the military and they would be out doing their duty, serving the government in a military way. It was a peaceful time so there was not any war, anything chance of war. So it was just duties they had duties away from home, and this left the women many of them with a number of small children to take care of things around the house while the house wasn’t very much of a house because it was just a small room and very inefficient and very uncomfortable and not very attractive and they were feeling stuck. The ladies were feeling very stuck and very disappointed, maybe even in life just kind of there with their children day after day. And some of the ladies were innovative and thought, well, what can we do to make a difference? Now they had been attending the local church and they had been excited about serving God. And they asked God, what can we do with what little we have? We have virtually nothing. We’re just living on a small amount of funds from the government job and and we’re here with a lot of difficulties, but one of the ladies Sarah got a hold of God’s plan for the group. And she got this idea because she watched some people buy some a small handful of what’s called ground nuts. These are what looked like peanuts, but they’re called the ground nuts because they’re glore are raised in the ground. They are raised as a rough crop, and they’re very high in protein very good for consumption. And the people would eat them just like raw or baked or broiled, or boiled, and they would they would use this as one of their base types of food. But the idea wasn’t just to compete with other people in selling these ground nets. But maybe they had a plan, a plan that they could roast these like sun roast them just out in the sun on a plant tray, and they could add some flavor to them. They can add specific flavors to each one at each of these ground nuts and these specific flavors could be things like some kind of sweetener, like a honey or something that would make them very sweet to eat like a candy or they could make up something that’s a little spicy, they had access to some spices and they could mixed up and this is where we call the Law of experiment. If see. They had an idea. They had an idea and they were willing to experiment with just handful small amounts of these ground nuts. And as they experimented with this, they would take a handful or a small amount and they could mix up the small amount of flavoring and maybe it’s more of a bit more than a handful, maybe a pot full and they would mix this flavoring up and then they would test on their friends, test it within the group then test it out with their neighbors out on the street. And they do use these small bags that’s commonly used for holding small quantities of water like a little drink of fresh water that’s common there. And they would bag these into small bags and create their own brand, their own name for their nuts, ground, ground and nuts meaning that they’re raised in the ground with different flavors. They could experiment with a different flavors because they knew what people liked and didn’t like based on the samples they gave out. They would experiment on the size that they could sell and then they could buy the nuts in and in bulk. They could buy a bag, maybe a few kilos of pounds. I in American terms, 50 pounds of these ground nuts and with these ground nuts. Now they had plenty of experimenting to do but they would need to do some other things that are called God’s laws for business. They would need to create some systems and processes. You see, they wouldn’t want to have a different flavor every time so it had to measure accurately, really very accurately. The amount of flavoring the amount of sugar, the amount of sweetener as they tried these different flavors. And they had to document this in a way that when they made and found the perfect flavor. One of their new flavors, they could name it, name it something unique, and then they would keep testing that until they locked down this is the exact recipe necessary that will make the flavor connected with the raw ground and now they have a new product. They can make another flavor. Once again they had to use systems and processes to know how to to make and measure and keep track of exactly the same flavor that would come from their efforts. They had to do some record keeping because how would they know what to charge? They had the cost of the ground nuts, maybe in the 5050 pound range quantity. They could use that as they did record keeping. Then they had the small amount of flavoring that adds up so that he didn’t need to make a record of how much flavoring they’re using for a certain batch size of these groundnuts with these certain flavors. And when they had that, then they could roll this out into bigger quantities. They could start growing this because you see as he found a flavor that was very popular. They would use the the customer as their test. People those tests people would tell them man that was so delicious. And you know how they really voted the people. They came back and they’d bought some more they would watch for them. So the ladies grouped together and they said let’s take turns some of us with can this to this day can take care of all the children and maybe do a little day’s care where they’re actually giving them some instructions of teaching and make some fun things to do for the children. And then some of them that day would be those that wouldn’t be mixing up according to the recipe, the ground nuts with the right flavoring and some of the people of these ladies primarily would be out selling they would go out and find the best location that they on the street side to start with. And as people came by they would have a small sign or a small indication of what they’re doing. And if they maybe they would voice it like ground nets for sale ground nets for sale, get your own flavor and they could now start selling these different flavors as they continue to experiment. You see God’s laws are meant to work together. They don’t work together with just one thing. They don’t work together in a way that’s it’s a standalone law. They work together like starting with what you have growing step by step. Then experimenting like we’re talking here and then maintaining your quality along with your your systems and processes both in making sure you can create the same exact taste again, but also a system and process for accounting, a way of paying all the ladies that were working working together. So not everybody gets a free ride those that worked. They got a part of that part of the income. Well as a part of experimenting, there’s more as they grew and they went further on. They realized that maybe they could buy because they were gaining in momentum. They were big gaining in their cash flow that they could they could actually buy a bigger quantity of these ground nuts at a cheaper price. They knew how much to buy. They’re going step by step. And they even started thinking about somehow traveling out away from the metropolitan area and buying directly from the ground net farms. See that would cut out some of the expenses that that are being paid to somebody that’s like a middle person that sample the person is bringing him in. And they have to look at that and analyze whether or not this is going to be something that’s profitable. Is that a step that’s going to be profitable to make on take on those those responsibilities. And then, you know, there’s kind of no limit to this you keep adding flavors, you can keep adding territories. You could kind of make your own logo and brand so that you could expand out into different areas.  You realize with God, there is no limit. When you start down the path. It’s this path of following the Holy Spirit following the plan. That God has for you and you pap go down that path and you find that there’s actually no end to the path. It’s not like we find a destination and we start and stop. It’s like once you get there, you go down the path. And you can see hey, there’s more. There’s something more than I can do. And these laws of doing business God’s way are designed to help you go down that pathway. And as you’re going down the pathway, you have the Spirit of God with you, nudging you guiding you warning you telling you to be careful in this area. Be careful not to give too much credit or to give no credit. Cash only be careful not to define some bad nuts so that would cause a problem and and maybe even make somebody sick and then give you a bad reputation. You see there’s all kinds of things that God wants you to learn as you’re going down the path. And as you go down the path and learn these things. You can apply it all the rest of your life. Well thanks for being a part of God’s plan. God’s Laws for Business – Experiment & Research – IBBTalks.


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