God’s Law For Business – Quality & Excellence

God’s Law For Business – Quality & Excellence
November 28, 2021 Gary Shotton

A very important Law in God’s Law for Business is the “Law of Quality and Excellence”.  By Gary Shotton

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God’s Law For Business – Quality & Excellence

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and today we’re gonna talk about God’s laws for business with a focus on the law of quality. I, Ivan was a young man in his early 30s. And he was setting outside of the Capitol building in the country of Uganda. And he was just amazed thinking back how did he get here? How did he get there setting in his own car, waiting for dignitaries to conduct business in the capital? Well, he thought back wow, when he was just a little boy, he was the oldest of a family with eight children. And he was very similar to many other families. They didn’t have much money and mom needed a lot of help. And he was the oldest he was only eight or nine years old and right away, he was always willing to help mom, Mama needed to help for various things, but one of the main things she needed to help for was to run back and forth to the store and buy this thing she needed to cook the meals or to get something special. And so right away as an early age, he was quick He was fast he didn’t delay and Mama could send him on an errand to go buy something he would go get it and find what was needed. Come back with a proper change and be able to determine what was the best things what the most quality things mom wanted in the products she he was buying she gave him instructions, but he had some latitude to think is this better or better price or how to get the best use of their money? Well, this went on for months and months and months. And as he got a little older he realized the neighbor she needed she was older she couldn’t get to the store and she he started being a courier for her. She would make her list and she would give her the money that was necessary to pay for the items and he would go and buy his the things for her and bring back all of the goods in a good way and all of the change with the receipt and she would give him money for doing this as a task. And this kept going and another person engaged him and so he had his own little business has just a person in his little 1011 and 12 year old and he was making a little bit of money while he was wise and he kept this money and he set it aside he had he use some of the money for fun things and for some candy. Of course he’s a young boy, but he had a vision, early vision to set aside money so he could buy a bicycle. Oh, he got a bicycle that he had a basket on some side sandals and he could even expand his business by reaching out a little further and it would be a modern day courier service. He was going back and forth to the store with responsibility to buy people’s things. And he became known as the young man in town in that little neighborhood that they could trust. He had a quality approach to his life. He had character in his ability and so this went on. Well as time went on, he always wanted to upgrade so he bought a motor scooter and did the same thing. And now he has his own car. Well, he didn’t make all the money to buy the car. He had an uncle that saw the situation and saw his diligence. And when it came time he asked the uncle when he possibly blown him the money to buy his first vehicle. And his uncle had the money and was willing because of this man’s personal character. This Ivan had personal qualities that his uncle could trust. And sure enough, he had the money and he bought the car and had had enough to start paying his uncle back because he’s now into the carrier courier business. He’s not only buying goods and and groceries but he’s now being rented out as someone comes to town. He had the car and he would rent his services out to be the chauffeur, the taxi for them. And he stayed with him and they paid him well and many times gave him gave him a really good tip. Well, when he had his car to begin with, he had an option. He saw the other people that had automobiles and they many times tried to cram a lot of people into a regular route like people setting on top of each other and pack packing in. It was too hard on the car. It would break down the car it would break down the seats. There would be handles broken inside the car. He were realized early on he needed to Turman what his customer was not those customers that want to just the cheapest ride to get it there as fastest with the least amount of money but wanted something with a little more quality or add quality and they were willing to pay the extra. So he started seeing that there’s a difference in customers. And he started going on in that route. And time went on and he started that the customers expected quality and everything he was doing.   Well one of the things he realized was that many of the other vehicles that were his competitors and there’s always going to be competition. They had old cars, they were not clean, and they were not clean inside or out. But also he’s noticed that their tires were bald, they had no tread, and sometimes they were rotted out and sometimes they had even gashes in the side and he says I can’t have that. I’m not going to have an accident. He had read of people that had going fast in their car with people inside and and because of a tire blow blowing. And all of a sudden swerving off the road. There was people hurt or killed. He’s not going to take that chance. He was his own quality. Advisor and he made sure that the tires they weren’t always brand new, but he used a coin. He could put the coin and put it in into the tread and he could see on the depth that would go in that there’s always a certain amount of tread, never bald, never ready to blow out. It could blow out but it wasn’t because he had bad tires. And so he was doing this in a good way. Well that’s what he got. Well that’s how we got to this job because it became aware that there was a need for a chauffeur for a dignitaries dignitaries in town coming to and from the capital coming to and from with important business and he had an opportunity by a friend to go interview for this job. And this person during the interview said bring your car, I want to see your car and that person was so happy because he looked at other cars. His competition didn’t have the quality he had and he looked at the most important thing. Oh, well first of all, it was good looking on the outside. Yes, that’s important. And it smelled good on the inside. Yes, that’s important. It was clean. That’s important. But the most important thing to the person making the decision was how good are the tires? Now a lot of people don’t look at the tires. And a lot of people don’t consider that. But everyone in this quality Job knew that the quality of the tires was very important and was he so happy when they put the checkmark Yes, you have good tires, and you have good service on your vehicle that nobody wants the dignitaries to have broken down on the side of the road or worse, have a wreck and have a flat tire and have a problem. Well, these things happened in Ivan’s life and he was on to a great great, great future in his business world because he learned so many good things. Let’s review them in regards to the God’s laws for business. Number one, he started with what he had. He didn’t have anything but feet and shoes. I don’t even know if he had shoes. He was willing to start with what he had it started down a path that what he could he wasn’t wasn’t looking for something big. And then he gained experience as soon as he was taking goods back and forth for the customers. He was learning to interact with money and he was were interacting with the door owners and it was bringing the change back he had happy customers and then he had to determine as we talked about today, the emphasis today is on quality and excellence. Well he learned that kind of early on because he made some mistakes. There was a few times when he didn’t do the quality. He didn’t do the experience that was that was best he wasn’t an excellence and he saw the results of that he says no, I must operate with quality and accidents. And then he created his own little systems as he developed his customer development. He as I mentioned earlier, he didn’t want the customer that just paid the least always wanted the cheapest. He wanted the customer that he could make value added value to to the service he was providing. And then he was he was able to grow step by step that’s very obvious he grows step by step and this process he grew the step by step by from the bicycle to the scooter to the from walking to the bicycle to the scooter then to the automobile and then he created value for the customer. He they had so much value that many times they would tip him they would give him extra because he knew to how to deal with him with a smile. He had personal personal cost habits. He developed his own habits and he knew he had competition. The competition is always going to be there but he know he could outdo them because of his quality. He added his service and the service he provided and in even a little things like generosity Wow. He had many people wanting a free ride. He didn’t offer free rides for people but every once in a while he would see someone on the road struggling maybe an older person carrying a heavy weight. And he had pulled over to the side and said hop in, put your goods in my trunk. I’m giving you our free ride home. That’s generosity. He was generous to God too. He understood the principles of giving the principles of providing a portion back to God’s work and he was a godly man doing good things. For the community and he had a great things and things just started working out amazing how things worked out other people’s things didn’t other people had situations where it didn’t work out and his situations. Not always but many times he was in the right place at the right time. And there he is setting in front of the capital of the cap country or opera offering chauffeur services to the dignitaries on that day getting paid a very good pay compared to the other people doing transport. You see, God’s laws of business are not just one law. They interact they intertwine with each other and we believe this will show you some of the thoughts connected with God’s laws for business. Thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.


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