Gods Laws for Business – Overview

Gods Laws for Business – Overview
September 5, 2021 Gary Shotton

God’s Laws for Business can be established with Undeniable Evidence, Biblical Confirmation, and Current Examples. by
Gary Shotton #000501

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Gods Laws for Business – Overview

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and today i’m going to talk about the subject “God’s Laws for Business”.    There are thousands of books written, even hundreds of thousands of books written on business, and how to be successful in business and how can a person read a book or take some instruction or take a class or graduate from college and be a successful business person and that’s good but we have some problems here what materials are correct who has the right answer what has the right formula and what with will the lessons only work in certain continents or in certain cultures you know a lot of people look to the u.s from foreign countries and they try to adapt foreign teachings and sometimes it works but sometimes it’s just not able to comprehend what we live with here in the united states of america and it won’t necessarily apply in a way that’s meaningful in another country where they don’t have uh infrastructure and they don’t have uh governments they don’t have law and orders so there’s a lot of discussions on how to come up with laws or rules or guidelines or teachings on doing business for success recently i heard of a lady in a major ministry a well-known ministry a well-known ministry that reaches out to help people and this individual invested 20 million dollars in east africa one particular country in east africa and at the end of the 20 million dollars this individual was very disheartened very disappointed and almost psychologically and spiritually wrecked her future because it failed everything that she tried to do or they tried in this 20 million dollars ended up with not nearly what they had hoped for with the desire and heart to reach and help people i’m not criticizing this these people i’m just telling you this is the kind of problem that uh we have to fill out and say how do we teach laws of business that will be helpful and and let’s make an analogy okay one of the analogies that i’m familiar with is the rules to lose weight you know americans are pretty historically known to have gained more weight than normally our structures are designed for and so there’s a lots of money spent a lot of books written and i’m not going to go into those but there’s laws and rules or all the ways from only eat one particular type of food and some guidelines say only eat meat and only eat protein and other guidelines say oh don’t don’t eat any meat or only eat vegetables or be vegetarian i’m not taking sides i’m just telling you depends on who you’re talking to when you’re talking about a healthy living and healthy lifestyle you’ll get a wide range of opinions well back to doing business and doing business god’s way are there really laws for god that god has laid out to um to that would be universally true that would be true in any culture any language any continent any country and in any time period maybe 500 years ago a thousand years ago in the bible the bible times or a hundred years from now if things roll on like we currently have them are there such things and what gives us the right to to suggest that we have those laws well let me give you some thoughts we have and we’re trying to develop these laws so that we can help people and in their own culture and their own language we’re working and have had discussions with our east africa friends but i just spent two hours a couple nights ago with the country of mongolia and we’re introducing those same laws is it true could we do that well i have three points or we have three points we’d like you to consider on this subject number one there’s certain things that are undeniable evidence in real life that this is the truth as an example there’s the law of gravity you don’t have to believe that god created this earth or that there was evolution to create the earth it doesn’t matter your opinion you can test the laws of gravity they’re undeniably true in any country any language any culture any continent and they were true a hundred years ago a thousand years ago and they’ll be true a hundred years from now what about the law of lift to fly an airplane we didn’t know about that law we didn’t understand it until about 125 years ago and we’ve developed that unknown law into something that’s unbelievably successful i’ve done my calculations several times and i believe at this moment right now anytime day and night there’s approximately one million people in the air flying and those people all believe they don’t understand but the law of lift is undeniably true well i believe there’s laws in god’s word and in god’s plan they’re just as equally true as just as solid and we have to find those that way and present those that way we’re not presenting my ideas who cares what i i think and but we’re presenting something that’s undeniably true number two we believe and i believe that these laws are evident in the word of god and at first you think well the bible it has nothing to do with business i’m telling you it does and it does a lot let’s look at the at the bible what does it say well one of those things is that as example a law of quality can you find in the word of god that there’s such a law as a law of quality well in genesis chapter one is the story of creation and you’ll see that day after day after day and that would be a law of growing step by step god did things step by step but the quad the question is quality and in genesis chapter 1 verse 12 after the third day of creation jesus said and it was good wow that’s a stamp that god said there’s a high quality that happened basically after every single day starting on the third fourth fifth and sixth day but on the sixth day it’s kind of interesting in genesis 1 31 god said and and this is after man was created and he says and the and that it was good and it was very good high quality high quality what about the quality uh it demonstrated in the first miracle jesus did in john chapter 2 verse 10 jesus was reportedly did the very first miracle on this earth and that was when there was a wedding and a wedding feast and they ran short on the one on the wine and jesus was instructed his helpers to bring six large pots which were empty and filled them with water and when they filled them with water they dipped out and took it to the person in charge and this this is what the man said and every man of this man that was sampled this wine and every man at the beginning does set forth good wine and when men have well drunk in other words a little looser then that which is worse but they thou hast kept the good wine until now undeniably highest quality there was was even in the wine on the first miracle no question well number three what is the third number one undeniable evidence number two the word of god number three people are actively engaged who are actively engaged in business confirm these laws to be true on an ongoing basis i can tell you about judith the jeweler in kampala uganda who learned the law of that same one quality when she handed a necklace to her first customer and it broke and judith says i learned the law of quality i will never ever have a chain made so cheap that the necklace would break i my friend uh alfred matua in in nairobi kenya and he had a lifetime of having auto mechanics and more everything he did was quality so people called him back that’s the law of happy customer and they told their friends that’s the law of referral customers all there together and in my own experience i said i have a machine shop i must have high quality parts so let’s look at and be honest there are some real laws of god in business and we’re endeavoring as hard as we can to identify those simplify them keep them forefront and teach those laws to those that will listen especially in developing nations and we believe that if those laws are taught and understood and applied and with god’s help those laws will work and they will no undeniably work every single time and when someone knows those then they can take them with them without ever losing them they are part of their arsenal they’re part of their knowledge base and we want that we want to see god’s people to prosper and be blessed as the word of god says have abundance in the form of provision at every turn well thanks for being a part of inspiring better business


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