Good Soil

Good Soil
April 27, 2019 Gary Shotton

An entrepreneurship getting started is like a seed being planted. Our goal at is to help prepare the soil of business by sharing our experiences, both successes and failures.

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Gary Shotton
Founder |
The founder of which was formed to "Inspire Better Business."
As an astute businessman, he is passionate about helping others in the business world achieve maximum profits. He has a keen interest in international business.


  1. Tim Walterbach 3 months ago

    That was a great lesson, it should be especially relevant for our friends in Africa that are involved in agriculture, but anyone can understand these principles.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 months ago

      Thanks for your comments and encouragement.
      It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Nakyazze Faith 2 weeks ago

    Wow, this is so inspiring

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 days ago

      Thanks for being a part of IBBTalks!! Your involvement mean a lot to me and it is an honor to be working with you on this project.
      Gary Shotton

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