Good Soil

Good Soil
April 27, 2019 Gary Shotton

An entrepreneurship getting started is like a seed being planted. Our goal at is to help prepare the soil of business by sharing our experiences, both successes and failures by Gary Shotton #000282

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Good Soil

By Gary Shotton

Hello, My Name is Gary Shotton. and I’m glad you’re here as a part of Inspiring Better Business and today I’m going to talk about “Good Soil”.   The reason I’m going to talk about good soil and I’m going to do that in reference to entrepreneurship because my friend Octavian and I have entered into a new business venture on this whole years in what we call it experimental and we teach on that is that maybe the first year you just should experiment have your other income from other ways if you can do that and then you can really learn how this thing should work. but we’re doing a garden farm planting vegetables in fact we have 450 tomato plants we’re starting and we hope we have tomatoes as our anchor vegetable and then we’ll have other vegetables for sale here in a month or two but good soil and we worked hard to get good soil we’ve been working hard to get compost in fact we’ve been working hard and we probably sell compost because other people want good soil why do they want good soil well when they put a seed in the ground they want that seed to germinate grow and be healthy and have a good crop well.

I’m going to use that seed as an analogy to you as an entrepreneur you if you’re called by God to be entrepreneur with business in your blood and a desire to expand and use that for the kingdom of God. I think you’ve entered into a good calling now not everyone’s called to the same thing so don’t judge yourself based on someone else I really do regret sometimes .I meet certain people that they just have to be a pastor they think the only thing there  is pastoring a church and when I meet him and talk with him a little bit I’m thinking man you would have been a great, you really are a great business person you could have done just as good just as well for the kingdom of God or better if that’s your calling and stayed in business because there’s a Ministry of business and that’s what we’re all about now I will say that a calling for entrepreneurship is what the big corporations actually are looking they’re looking to hire people that have that drive and energy but they want you to spend it on them for their company ,for their growth of their company and I’ll warn you that at the end of the road on that many times it’s pretty shallow because after 30 40 years there’s enough mergers or acquisitions. So, there’s enough change in leadership and change in the trends in business and what you’ve been working for  30 or 40 years maybe you’ll end up not quite as happy that you did that So if you’re an entrepreneur and you become kind of pulled into the safety of a job be careful with that now good soil entrepreneurship. We’re trying with our business to basically fertilize and add water to the seeds of those that are watching your at the seed you are the one that has to germinate grow and sprout and produce and we’re trying to make the soil as good as we can by giving you the insight and wisdom and some of the experiences that we have. that’s not just me that’s a lot of people some from different cultures so that you can jump past some of the mistakes that we have made getting to where we’re at but ultimately you’re the one that’s going to have to learn those lessons and you’re probably going to learn them firsthand to be honest with you  can read and understand a bit but you’re going to probably experiment a bit I’ve seen entrepreneurs

I spent all day today with an entrepreneur that’s 90 years old in fact we spent three days with him he thinks business. We  had lunch with my friend that’s 90 years old he’s proud Jack Turner he’s got some videos on our website and he’s in 90 years he’s never had a paycheck he has always worked for himself, he’s always coming up with ideas. Both of these men are very amazing but they’re entrepreneurs and they’re called to do that they think that way now it’s interesting that we can till the soil and get the soil as right as we can a plant we want that but I’ve noticed from time to time I’ll be walking across a pavement like either concrete or asphalt it’s either black or gray and I’m looking down and I see in a crack some plants growing up usually weeds .but I’m thinking how in the world could that plant be growing in that no soil at all in fact they worked hard to make sure there wasn’t any soil and that they put pavement or concrete down. Well you know that’s an entrepreneur that’s a seed that would not be denied and as some of you are hearing this that’s  you’re not going to be denied. I do not care how hard it is you’re going to figure out a way to make it happen we’re here to help you but you’re going to have figure out a way to make it happen now last but maybe not least I want to be careful with something because the soil of the United States in business is pretty good and so we have an opportunity now that those entrepreneurs in foreign countries especially developing nations that have a poor soil in that terms in other words they’re their utilities aren’t on all the time the Internet’s not good, the waters not good I mean there’s a just the basic things needed for a business are not there that’s what I would call it bad soil.

So, we tend to have entice them to come to America where the soil is better. I can remember clearly talking to some people that they came to America because they knew they wanted to own and operate a business and this is the best place to do that no other people come to get a job. I know that but there’s certain number of people that come and they come to this law I’m hesitant here because we need you back in your country we need you to see that even though the soil is not this good meaning the climate for business is not as good where you’re at with God’s help he will see that you get through those issues and actually since the competition is a little bit less there are quite a bit less you’re going to find yourself in a very good position. if you’ll stick with it and make it happen in the culture and country you’re in so you have to choose I’m not going to be down or disappointed, if somebody comes from America please I know that we’re a land of opportunity but if you can stay in your own country and go through and help work with God’s help and maybe our encouragement stay onboard we’re seeing that happen on some of our videos where we know situations where they had opportunities to leave the country that they’re in and there’s stayed in the country and years later they said boy I’m glad I did because I’m in much better position than if I had stayed in London or go ahead move to America well the soil is ripe and ready for the seed to be planted in many places. We’re here to help that but plant and grow as entrepreneurs and God will see the harvest come that’s not the harvest of finances all the time we’re thinking all money that is not the object I’m way past that table .I’m here to serve the kingdom of God through the marketplace and we ask you to join us and be a part of Inspiring Better Business.

Thank You.


  1. Tim Walterbach 3 years ago

    That was a great lesson, it should be especially relevant for our friends in Africa that are involved in agriculture, but anyone can understand these principles.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comments and encouragement.
      It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Nakyazze Faith 3 years ago

    Wow, this is so inspiring

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      Thanks for being a part of IBBTalks!! Your involvement mean a lot to me and it is an honor to be working with you on this project.
      Gary Shotton

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