Great Omission

Great Omission
May 24, 2020 Gary Shotton

Leaving out or omitting a critical steps in the process will result in an unsatisfactory results. By Gary Shotton #000370

Great Omission

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

the title of this lesson is the great omission I have in my hand a book called the great omission I’m going to tell you the story it was in the early 50s 1949 50 and 51 there were some missionaries that wanted to reach out to a tribe in the Amazon in Ecuador and these missionaries worked hard at that and they used techniques to get in there but these these people they’re trying to reach were known to be either headhunters or violent to outsiders would kill people and so the man’s name was Nate Saint and the other missionaries were there and this book was written by Steve Saint and Steve Saint Saint wrote this book called the great omission and he summarized their story because when he was about 1 2 or 3 years old he by the way is about my age so he’s currently about just in his late years ago is when this happened and and he saw all this happen and they’ve still endeavoring to reach those people by the way many of them were reached and there were many Christians in that community in that area in Ecuador and it’s a great story and so as it turned out they were still trying to decide how to reach these people and they would have medical teams come down and these medical teams would come down and for example here’s the story there they brought dentist well they tried to fix teeth they had to pull a lot of teeth because they were beyond fixing and here was the problem the dentist would come and there would be hundreds of people come from a region around and they would either take a number or get in a line and so every day these dentists when they normally would see just a few patients each day in the United States they’re seeing a number of people every day and at the end of every day they’re tired and they go get refreshed and have a nice sleep and the next day they would see them again but it came to the reality that at the end of one day there’s going to be the end of the line the one person is the last person they helped with the teeth and that one beyond that line gets no help oh that’s a problem how are we going to fix that so this organization they had decided that they could actually teach dentistry to the natives not twelve years of college not medical the basics of how to do medicine how to do how to treat basic things in the teeth and they actually design some tools that were portable you could backpack and you could go back in and set up with a little battery-powered drills and do some drilling and fixing now here’s what happened they were creating the omission the great omission was only to come and do the work for the people and never to train them how to do the work in this case dentistry well it’s interesting that Steve st. was there and of all things he had a tooth that was hurting him really really bad it was infected he’s in the middle of the Amazon he’s an adult now it’s later years they had trained these Nationals these natives to do dentist work but he had a choice would he actually let someone drill his tooth in the middle of the Amazon and that person did not have years of medical training I loved it he did it here’s where we’re at now we as Americans and developing nations are constantly sending money to help people in developing nations oh we have so much they have so little less help them by sharing actually it sounds good let’s share what we have God wants us to share what we have and in general that’s okay if there’s a season for that but we have omitted the in responsive that we have to train people in God’s laws of doing business so they’re not relying upon someone’s sending them money the great omission is that we haven’t done a good job in developing business startups business growth you know not all money has to have come through a developed nation to a developing nation in fact it’s quite demoralizing we’re just waiting for a handout we’re waiting for a gift we’re waiting and at some point that usually dries up so we are focused as a ministry inspiring better business we’re in focused with what we’re doing is not sending money unless there’s an absolute purpose and usually it’s a long business banking line we’re looking at ways that we can send money to buy a piece of equipment but it’s for a loan and the loan is paid back we’re not just sending money because we’re emitting that leaving out that responsibility of a business person to do good business and now we’re teaching how to do good business how to start small and grow step by step how to put systems and processes together how to understand your numbers all the way from accounting numbers for your bookkeeping to to job costing numbers and numbers on your own personal household budget a person that doesn’t know their numbers it’s going to be at a disadvantage because they’re not really understanding that business side of their business because without profit this is just a hobby you have to make profit in order to call it a business you have to pay your bills and so we’re putting together and we’re excited about putting together courses and classes and and and and information that would be building the ability for people to own and operate their own businesses now some of them are going to be just family-owned businesses with no employees outside of their personal family maybe a husband wife that’s fine we call that a lifestyle business but we’re really looking for those people that God is called to actually employ people that would it start with maybe their family and then it grows to employ one person time and then another person and then a couple people and they can manage and they can learn step by step by step you see the reason we have forty and fifty percent unemployment in my opinion in these developing nations is that that business entrepreneur has never stepped up to the plate to stay in country and do business and there’s opportunity to there a lot of times those entrepreneurs want to leave because it doesn’t look like there’s any opportunity we’re going to show you videos and teachings of people that did stay one particulars is has to be a dentist and it’s in the country of the Nairobi Kampala Uganda and he had the compelling urge he got educators African he got educated in in London England and they actually asked him to be a professor and his parents and his friends said are you crazy you’ve got the dream opportunity but he went back to Uganda and he a Kampala and he opened up a clinic and now he has four or five clinics and he has a number of people working for him and he says the opportunities are better back in Africa than it would have been if he stayed in England well that’s what we’re about we hope to help you start grow and excel businesses thanks for being a part of inspiring better business Up next AUT


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