Grow Step-by-Step

Grow Step-by-Step
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Your business needs to grow one-step-at-time. You can inch-up rapidly when possible. #000015

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Grow Step-by-Step

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

Hello viewers my name is David Kamanzi. Today I’m talking about growing business step by step. It’s very important. If you realize the importance of your business, then you need to start small because it will help you grow. I have three points I would like to start to share with you.

  1. Start on a bottom step. On a bottom step means no investment, capital, no nothing, you have to start somewhere.
  2. Small steps to grow. You have to realize your steps in your journey. As you grow step by step you have to know the small steps.
  3. You have to learn at each step. Each level you have to learn.

I have stories I would like to share with you. When I was doing my bottle business; remember, when I was doing my bottle business, this is the time when I was living on the street I had nothing to eat, I had really nothing and it was hard to have a business. But you know, my growing my business step by step I had to start somewhere. This time I was collecting bottles, and that’s the only level, that’s what I had. I remember that’s when I was nine years old. Nine years old you’re very young, you know nothing about business. But you have to really start. You have to start somewhere. And so, I learned a lot of things each step. I learned a lot, customer satisfaction, setting my good standards in business, and all the challenges I had in business support. So, I really had to start small because each level I was learning. I was learning a lesson, I had lessons to learn I had to grow in business and to realize what I was getting out of my business and all the excitements. But, also you know there were dangers. You have to realize the dangers in your business sometimes. I remember when I was doing my business and this lady needed me to collect all these bottles early in the morning. I was disrupted, the boys came and told me we need to go and do swimming and just have fun, but remember I was expected to deliver my deal. To deliver my business, but now I am nowhere. She was just looking for me. So, I realized of this day, today I did not make money, so I should not expect to really get my paycheck and so that means I had to go hungry, go without food. And all those dangers, each one of you know the dangers of you spare your fist in business. But that taught me if I am to be a good businessman, I really need to be consistent. You know consistent do hard work each day, because each day I want to provide to meet my bills. I want to eat. You know on the street you really need to get some money, you need to get some food. And so there are a lot of sicknesses; you know sleeping on the damp, you get sick you want to get treatment and so you realize you have to be careful. Because of these dangers, I realized that I need to protect myself. And so, each step I learned a lesson.

When I was 14 years to 16 that’s when I had started to do my bricks business. But also, in my brick business, I realized I really didn’t know how to make bricks and I needed to learn a lesson, and so I had to go to this friend of mine. It was very hard working because you know if I don’t know, then I don’t expect a salary. So, I went and asked him, please if you let me work for two weeks I think more than two, two and a half weeks to learn and so he told me, yeah you come and learn, make sure you have your food. I’m not going to pay you anything, but make sure to come and learn. Come and learn every day. So, my number one step was to really master what I was going to do, and learning there was working hard. You know, and that’s when I realized the fetching of the water or the firewood, you need to have firewood. You need to have all these things in place and It was hard work. But I disciplined myself to every morning go and get some lessons. Go and work hard and you know to make sure that we have things ready to get our bricks ready. And so, I had to go there. So those were my steps, the small steps I needed to take so that I understand the bricks business. I did not start by making I didn’t know how to make bricks. I didn’t know how much I would be selling my bricks, so I needed to learn all these details. Again, I needed to know my market. You know understand Who is going to be buying my bricks? How much do they pay? Do we have the demand in the area? Do they need our bricks or are we just making bricks for the sake of making bricks? So, I had my two-weeks taught to me to get all these details in place. I realized, oh yes, I will get my customers, I have my customers, I know prices, how much I’ll be selling a brick, so that really helped me a lot.

So, in everything you’re going to do, you have to start somewhere, you have to start small. There are things, that details you’re going to get. You know there also can be dangers in growing fast. Because you know you have a million shillings you go start your business, you don’t know the weather, if you make the pile of bricks you don’t know the details of the weather; You know I know of a friend who made bricks, and he really was squeezing the corner. He needed it to provide it for his family. He poured money in his brick business. So, when I learned this when I was doing my two weeks this guy took me and showed me all his twenty thousand piles of bricks that were destroyed by the rain. That was a lesson for me, and I was like oh so if I had this million it was going to just go in just a minute. So, I needed to get all these details. We need to start small, we need to know the details, we need to know the dangers you know. And so, in our growing a business step by step, we need to learn you know, we need to learn at each step. There is something for you to learn, there are lessons for you to take.


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