Growing by Developing Your Team

Growing by Developing Your Team
June 14, 2018 Alfred Mutua

Alfred Mutua is a master a developing his team and shares how this has helped him grow his Auto Repair company located in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. #000196

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Growing by Developing Your Team

By Alfred Mutua

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Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, I’m founder of inspiring better business IBBTalks and Today we’re going to hear from Alfred Mutua and you know He’s going to take us through his progression in his business career where he grew step by step by step, you know This is a long haul. This has takes an effort to get there. He’s age 47 now and it didn’t happen overnight Too many people believe that you can do this and one jump or a few months or maybe a year or two. This is a long haul effort. Let’s hear from Alfred. Thank you. My name is Alfred Mutua I’m here in Nairobi Kikuyu is the place where we are situated. This is where Universal auto touch Limited is. We are involved in the business of make, repairing vehicles, Rehabilitating as accident vehicles doing service and all kind of automotive. We’ve been here for the last One year, but Universal Auto or was begun three years ago. We began in a very simple a small way I remember the first time we began with that one vehicle and then we continued to grow from one vehicle to vehicles Customers who could be pay a lot so cannot repay Customers who are committed to us who are not interested with what you are doing But we continued to be patient and believe in God that in due time the businesses will grow. Remember, we’d not have capital to begin the business but you are depending every day on a customer to bring is vehicle So that you can get a deposit to repair and as he finishes the small kind of money we get we were using it Either to repair another vehicle for somebody is not living and deposit and to pay their workers so we’ve been able to to pursue that line and to grow day by day. And being patient, sometimes we don’t have tools. We don’t have materials. We borrow we are not able sometimes to pay in time that has been a, was a challenge but by the grace of God with the Time we’ve grown to where we are. We’ve been able to go through those challenges Financial challenges sometimes not able to employ the kind of workers we are We want because we are not able to pay them. I remember we were working, We used to work with makeshift customers I mean makeshift technicians who are not very qualified, but with a knowledge that I have I used to assist them and up to date now we are able to get the kind of technicians that we want we are able to Invite the kind of business that we are we want because we are able now to finance it, to that level. Thank you are involved in repairing and servicing of vehicles. Let me say is a very interesting area to do business someplace you require your employees to have the heart of the business to satisfy the Clients. So one thing that I taught me is to train my To vet my workers to see they have a team ,to have a teamwork and whatever we are doing to have our team Up the desire to satisfy the clients. I would say is like My my my stuff have the desire to do the job to satisfy the clients. Like most of our clients we shall pick the vehicles from their homes, and I don’t do it different clients have located different people Staff to go Contact them Pick vehicles from them make sure that the work is done and the vehicles are returned to them different unique clients called different staff Who do that specific job of, Letting vehicles for him if they have a question because every time they might not get me on phone. My phone might be busy. I might have traveled. I might be in a meeting But I always make sure that there is a contact person for every client who brings this vehicle to our garage. Sometimes it’s late. They might not get me on phone the start somewhere. They need our services They are I have special people special staff who handle these clients a different every time they are on call. We can rescue them when they are stuck. They can pick their vehicles for any servicing. They can pick their vehicles for And if there is any question they can Contact them and get their answers right. Thank you We are involved in repairing and servicing of the vehicles, fabrication of bodies and all kind of automotive Electrical engineer repairs and the restoring agent vehicles at what we do Is a very comprehensive Industry where we are involved the different people working different Departments when I began it’s like we became very few but where we are now we are people like the administrative part of it who are making sure that Cars are received they accounted for the kind of work that is supposed to be done in supervise. Well services who have People who are doing the accounting and financing People who are doing the deliveries of invoices collection of checks and following up with the drivers who go to deliver and collecting the vehicles from clients we have mechanics who are very many were Very committed in their work in doing engineering pairs and installation Suspensions. We have people who are doing spray painting and Buffing we have people who are all kind, we are covered the whole workshop With every kind of person who is required to do the job people are doing electrical on vehicles. We are the here. So what we do here at the universal Auto we don’t outsource any work in our garage We don’t take vehicles to other garages to be done and then we bring them again Otherwise people will bring the vehicles to our garage and find them in other garages, Which is not proper, so I’ve made sure that every department ranging from mechanical bodywork painting and administration accounting, purchasing, we have someone who does purchasing I don’t do purchasing who goes around sourcing for spare parts for vehicles. We have all these kind of vehicles, people who systems are working in our garage. We have a system that when a car comes It’s monitored from the beginning to the end until we make sure that their quality control is Maximum taken care of. Thank you


  1. Gary William Murphy 4 years ago

    This guy Alfred Mutua has great faith…

    • Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      I agree, he is amazing. Thanks for your input. Blessings,Gary Shotton 918.378.4366 cell

  2. Policarp 4 years ago

    Experience is always a good teacher. Everyone with experience has something to teach others. Thumbs up

    • Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      You are 100% correct. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Blessings, Gary

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