February 3, 2019 Gary Shotton

We all have habits. Bad habits feel good at first but very poor payoff in the future, but good habits are harder to develop but have great pay-off in the future by Gary Shotton #000263

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m so happy to be with you on these teachings and being sharing with you on Inspiring Better Business,  IBBTalks.com,  today we’re going to talk about a subject that we all should address it’s called habits and you know whether we like it or not we do all have habits and when we work on those habits and identify the habits it can make a huge difference it’s in our life because you know a one-time event is really not going to make that much difference in most cases but it’s what we do over and over and over again that really creates the end result I know a lot of people and I can’t judge what happened in their life but I do know that there’s a lot of people that in life SiC broke poor and hungry oh my heart goes out I mean how can we go 50 60 even 70 years and end up in that situation I suggest it’s because of habits now that’s what we learned it’s what our education was a little bit but almost more than any of it it’s our habits and we developed good habits or have we fallen down and created bad habits I know this is not a subject I really want to talk about because I’m thinking all of my bad habits and and how I should be fixing them but it’s worth talking about now I really want to end life rich not just in money rich in life I want to have a full life I want to be healthy in my life if you notice some of my old pictures my old videos I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last several months I want I had to create a new habit it could kill me even though it was slowly at a time I didn’t like that so we’re not here on a diet kick-butt I’m just telling you habits or a real thing now we we got it Ekans knowledge that some facts about the habits you know it’s kind of really deceptive because here’s what happens when you want to create a good habit let’s say a habit of saving or a habit of eating right or all of this is going to apply to business so I’m not here just being psychological with you I’m talking about real things in life and we’re going to get to business and so the habits we have are going to make a difference and if we really recognize it all of the good habits unfortunately are hard at the beginning and the payoff in the future is just tremendous let’s just take something we all have my habit of overeating didn’t seem too bad a lot of people are doing it especially in America actually I could join right in with everybody else it was hard to change that but the payoff in the end is I’m gonna be way healthier I’m gonna have a much fuller life and probably Ling live longer the good habits are hard in the beginning and the payoff is in the future whereas just the opposite the bad habits are real easy at first man just have another hamburger I know I’m talking about food but it’s so good example but the payoff is not evident until sometime in the future I was with somebody there ten years younger than I am how would you won’t know who that is but they’ve had a triple bypass surgery ten years younger than I am probably some bad habits so let’s move into the business world okay whatever you do in your personal finances your habits of your personal finances most likely will bleed over or extend over into your business habits in other words if you cannot control money as an individual personally you’re not going to be able to have a good habit of controlling money personally in a biz in a business they bleed over if you are late to appointments personally you’re probably going to be late that’s a habit to business appointments these are bad things the payoff is down the ways a little bit but bad habits of being late for appointments of overspending or not able to control your spending that’s a bad habit in business all kinds of the habits of how you talk to people are you a salesperson that’s you can’t just turn it on and off I’m talking about business you can’t be gruff rough tough on a personal side and then be nice and polite and kind on a business side those are habits you create it goes on and on and on virtually everything you do ends up at some kind of a habit and if you could learn to adjust those habits and learn the disciplines that come with the habits then you’re gonna be a better business person I know I’m telling this bye-bye-bye videos so it could be dangerous but most of the United States is deep in debt that’s a habit that’s a habit of spending more money going out than is coming in so I’m on track to be 100% debt free in my rather large business didn’t happen that way but the payoff is so good in the future so I’ve taken a modest small salary for 12 years a modest salt a small salary so that I can pay down on my debt on my business which I borrowed money I’m not against borrowed money it’s whether or not I can control that and the payoff is absolutely fabulous I happen to have a large several what we call rental homes or investment homes that’s one a good example if I buy a home and I don’t take any money out as a habit it’s about 10 to 12 to 15 years that the loan is paid down to nothing the payoff is 100 percent of the rent less a little bit for taxes and insurance and minor repairs are now totally my money to do whatever I want with it goes on and on the habit of driving a car that’s above your means a lot of people do it that’s a personal thing that’s what you could do when you get in business I’m not bragging but I have never had a car loan in 60 plus years because I made a habit of buying a vehicle that I could pay cash for wasn’t the best vehicle at all times the pay off down the line is good it’s worth it I’m telling you not don’t follow what I’m saying don’t do what I do and don’t try to copy me don’t try to eat the foods that I mean I’m just saying look at your habits and determine if you’re happy with them and if you’re gonna have a payoff in the end that’s you’re gonna be proud of guess what this is more than one generation – have you ever noticed when I was my dad’s passed away many many years ago and I went back to my little farm community and I walked into this meeting and somebody said man you walked just like your dad I was 50 my dad had been gone for 10 15 years I still walk like my dad because I picked up that habit you follow me our habits are real deal with them get them under control choose what you really want to do as a part by the way banks they look at your personal habits in the United States to see whether they want to loan you money well I hope this helps you hope it doesn’t come across too hard I hope it’s not too personal but thank you a bit for being a part of Inspiring Better Business


  1. Tim Walterbach 4 years ago

    The setting was perfect for your “Habits” talk.good lighting, background, sound had a little echo…not bad
    Very practical teaching, presentation was great A+.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Tim, Thanks for your encouragement and support. Blessings, Gary

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