Haiti : 9.14.2019

Haiti : 9.14.2019
September 23, 2019 Gary Shotton

9.14.2019 – Group Meeting

“Report of the call to Haiti. The goal is to help people start their own enterprise,to grow their business, to excel  and leave it as a legacy..  Saturday , September 14th.  Tim and I had a call to Haiti.  The call was  with a  young student’s  group in the North of Haiti( Cap Haïtien).   They have a beverage business,( Kleren Africa) and are using natural plants to make their product.  One of the most important points that Tim Taught them was the value of hard work to bring about better opportunities in their business.   Tim shared with them how he started his first enterprise and how he grew his business.   They were happy to learn how Tim began and how he makes progress by working day and night.   They told me how they are motivated to learn more and help more people in the future..    Huguens Gustanar


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