Head Vs Heart

Head Vs Heart
March 14, 2021 Gary Shotton

The battle between our mind and our heart is very common.   All businesses will face difficulties and taking action to solve the problem is needed for success. By Gary Shotton   #000428

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Head Vs Heart

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m here as a part of inspiring better business; and I’m going to call this head versus heart. And I’ll explain here that we all can gain head knowledge, but until we have our heart into something, it really has gone to be lacking.

I happen to have graduated as an engineer in a fairly prestigious minerals processing Mining Engineering University, and I worked my first 10 years in that field for a big oil company. Well when I was in college just to be honest with you I wasn’t that good of a student. I was sort of happy that I would get a B and A maybe a C here and even a D as long as I could get out of school and get me a job. I didn’t think I wanted to be in research. I didn’t want to be in laboratories. I want to be out with hands on and management and work for a big company that at first. That’s what I thought my goal was, and that’s what happened. I graduated, I have a lot of choices, I had to choose one and I went to work for them.

Well, When I was in college, I’m thinking, Man, I’m getting all this knowledge, I’m going to hit the ground running when I get my first job. But the reality was, I went to college, I answered the question on the test sufficient enough to get my degree, but I had only had knowledge, until I applied that into the real world, did it move down to heart knowledge. I had moved from Head to Heart, because now I started having a passion for it and understanding. In my case it was heavy construction. I happen to manage and involved with a large plant installation, and it worked with a crane with a pouring concrete welders, big loaders, heavy steel, and I didn’t know about this. And I learned the post the head knowledge, but then I had my heart in that, in order to actually think ahead and be ahead of the game and be a good manager, a good producer I moved from Head to Heart.

Well, after 10 years I gave up that job openly. I took a leave of absence. I wanted to move to a new town and learn how faith works. How God through the word of God would teach me on faith. And about the supernatural, that how God works in the supernatural. And I arrived to this new town, believing that I would have a nice job and you know that’s good and fine but it didn’t happen. Well, when I was in school, I was learning to answer the questions from the Bible, I answered the questions correctly about faith. I answered the questions correctly to get a good grade maybe not 100% but I got good grades, in this Bible school. And once again, I’m thinking, oh man I learned all about faith, I learned how faith works, but all it was head knowledge I had to move that from my head to my heart and say you know this is going to work. The Word of God is going to work if I just learned how to how to do it.

There’s a lot of people graduated from Bible school, that all they had was head knowledge, and what happens is that with just head knowledge, the first bit of difficulty comes up and you say, Oh, this isn’t working. Maybe, I missed something, maybe this is not true. Maybe I had to abandon this, I mean, this is not working. No. If I have heart knowledge, I will know that I’m going to go through with this. Let me make an example of a marriage. Okay, a couple can get married, and they have the head knowledge, that of a marriage, and what would be good for a new marriage and they went through their recital and they said things like till death do us part. And they’re on this path, and they understand from head knowledge what might be consistent with a good marriage. But until they hit their first level of dissatisfaction with each other, I’ll call them fights, not necessarily physical fights but challenges in their marriage, challenges with their finances, challenges with their live. Then they start second guessing well maybe I didn’t marry the right person; see their marriage was all in their head. But if it was in their heart, they made a commitment, they’re going to say, listen, we’re going to find the problem and fix it. We’re going to stick through it till we find the result. We’re going to make it work.

You know I’ve been married 47 years. I would like to tell you that I never was mad at my wife. We never had a disagreement. But when I’ve been mad at my wife, we had some pretty serious disagreements. I hate to tell you this but one time, while she was working in the company with me, we were in a head on head disagreement, and I come to the conclusion that I’m the boss, and she’s going to have to respect my position. And she didn’t obey me and I said you know I’m going to call 911 and report you as a disobedient employee. I didn’t mean to hit both, I hit nine and then I hit one and I accidentally hit it a second time. You know in Oklahoma in the United States when you hit 911 somebody comes. It’s called the police. And now you’ve got to explain why and who dialed 911. And I had to explain to them that yeah, my wife and I had a different certain agreement, I didn’t hit her, we’re not in a fight, and they accepted because she was there and confirmed that; that we didn’t need the police to come. But that’s how mad I was. I was not happy.  We patched it up. We figured out how to say I’m sorry to each other. Why, because head knowledge says, hey, we’re married. Heart knowledge says we’re going to stick through it to the end. We’re going to work it out. We’re on track with God; we knew it was a godly marriage. Well, let’s apply this to your business.

You’re going to start out in a business. And at first, things might go pretty well. You might have read a book on how this was going to work, you had some anticipation, you have had knowledge about this, but until you’re willing to say, I’m going to stick with this. I’m going to stick with this and I’m going to figure it out, or there is no word quit inside of me. I know of my good friend Bob Harrison who talked about him and his wife. They were against back of their wall. This was many, many years ago. And they grabbed hands, but under the table as they’re talking to the banker and the banker say hey, you’re done. You’re finished. You’re quit. Throw in the towel. You’re out of here. And they just refused in a polite way to quit. That’s the determination, you’re going to have. That’s the determination when things are not going well, that you’re not going to run away and you’re going to stick with it. Now, you can make adjustments, you know, when you’re in that position you probably made a mistake, so you do need to make adjustments, you’re not just lowering your head and keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, you know, that’s the definition of insanity. If you do the same thing over and over again, expect a different result that’s not logical, but you’ve got to get committed to get through this. This is so critical. By the way, Satan will for sure throw a few things in your path. We’re giving him a little credit, but also just give the credit that we’re in a fallen world. In my case with a trucking company, there’s a time that my head two trucks, and both of them were broken down in my front lot. I didn’t have the money to repair them. I didn’t have the money to, to buy anything new, and I had to figure it out. I had to go on with what I knew God was wanted in my life in the business world. And I will tell you that there’s no test that you’re going to face that God hasn’t provided a way out that you can find it. You have to view it that way.

Well, this was part of an Inspiring Better Business and I hope it helps you to not quit when things get tough. Move from your head to your heart, and stick with it when it’s the right thing you should do. Thank you.


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