Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees
November 28, 2018 Gary Shotton

A growing company will need to master the skill of hiring employees that will help them be successful by Gary Shotton #000249

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Hiring Employees

By Gary Shotton

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hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here with you as a part of Inspiring Better Business and today we’re going to talk about “Hiring Employees” you where we were asked this question on one of our calls to East Africa about how do you hire employees when do you hire them give us some suggestions is what they ask on that so I’m going to try to do that for anyone that’s watching or listening here today well first of all I got recognized that every business go through at least four phases well the general phases are starting your business and growing your business and then you operate in the area of experience in your business and you’re experienced and then you want to excel beyond that to even go to the next level that’s the four major phases in most businesses as I see it now first of all you want to be very slow to hire people you’ve got to look at this situation especially on your very first business when you’re first getting started that’s where most of my talks are focused on after you’ve figured it out a little bit through trial and error and through reading books and making experiments you know you’re gonna figure some things out but especially when you’re getting started you want to be very slow to hire you let me give some examples you know I have our friend Gwyn was in the city of Morrow Gore I’m sorry Maura gore oh yeah moremore Oh Tanzania and she has a crispy tasty chicken and she’s selling her chicken at the college where she’s a student at college and she’s making money by cooking this chicken and the students have money and they don’t necessarily like the meal provided and so they buy some crispy chicken tasty Christy a tasty crispy chicken from her and in talking with her we said you know what’s your limits here said well it’s all I can cook well if she’s already got a market and she already knows she’s gonna have her customers why wouldn’t she hire somebody just part-time say Oh Cal how are you just like for three hours today when I really really need you because every time you’ll hire somebody at the beginning your profit is going has to in prease or your revenue has to increase so that out of your profit comes the expenses obviously for that help so be slow to hire people don’t jump at that and don’t necessarily feel like you have to have a whole staff of people and then hire as many people as you can part-time to begin with now as you grow it’s gonna you’re gonna get higher quality of people and you’re gonna need to be more full-time and even add benefits here if you’re in the United States you need to have benefits if at all you’re gonna get some quality people so things will change over time as you grow well what what kind of things are you going to look for or not have when you’re hiring somebody first of all I’m one that resists the idea of these titles what’s my job title I want to know what my job title I want a business card that distinguishes what I am responsible to do and in general that’s okay but I really want to look at it from a standpoint when I’m starting a brand-new business like when I started the trucking company boy I was everything I was the the answered the phone I I took the order I drove the truck I had a helper I collect the money I did the accounting I mean that was just for a season but boy did I learn a lot and now that I know what I’m doing in those particular areas or have an idea then I can start hiring somebody to take over something that I had already been doing myself no this is at the beginning stages and you know I had an attitude when I first started this company that I will do anything it takes to get through the day and to make a profit and to be successful well that’s what I’m looking for when I hire somebody I don’t want a job title somebody that’s requiring a job title and only limited to certain things they may be skilled in certain things more than others but I’m waiting for someone that’s willing to sweep the floor clean the toilet carry out the trash willing to answer the phone willing to type a letter well I mean anything that needs to come up I need people that will have an attitude of just about anything that would come in their path they’re willing to jump in with a smile and take care of it I look for somebody number three that’s versatile you know if only one person can just do one thing well you know I can’t type well hold it then you can’t use them there Oh I don’t do dishes we’ll hold it you can’t even wash up your own dishes I mean come on you can’t do you want somebody that says you know almost I can almost do anything you asked me to do now I may not be experienced at some of those things but I’ll learn real fast if you’ll show me there’s the versatility that you want I think of one young man that’s our works at our company here he is so versatile he this is one of the last people we would see gone because he can do so many things and not afraid to dig in and do it or learn that’s really good another thing you might think of is the key words that says that I’ve said this many times that I don’t ask anybody to do anything that I am not willing to do myself and that I have already done myself in my business career boy you better believe I’ve carried out the trash pull you better believe I’ve swept the floor boy you better believe I’ve done the things I didn’t want to do but I’m not asking anybody to do something I haven’t already done and you know there’s lots of examples now of us when we talk about character qualities that we can be trusted in our business they can I trust this employee can I trust them with finances can I trust them with their time are they consciously aware of the time they’re spending maybe answering a phone call that’s unrelated to business when I need them now they have to be really disciplined to be perfect on my list can you always get perfect no but that’s what you’re looking for well there’s a lot of people that were they weren’t necessarily hired in the Old Testament or New Testament boy they were workers though and I like the verse 2nd Timothy 2:2 and the things that you have heard from me among many witness commit two faithful men who will be able to teach others wow that’s a long verse but the two key words that I understand there I’m finding somebody that’s faithful and then I will make them able in other words I’m not always looking for the most skilled in any particular field if I discover they’re not faithful they’re not willing to get to work on time they’re always making excuses or they’re gonna jump away from me into another job within a few months about the time I get him trained I want them to be faithful to me and so those are some key helps I think would would run down the list of people especially real quickly in the old and new Testament you know Abraham he was faithful and God made him able to lead the nation of Israel and change his name to Jacob there’s Moses he was faithful and he was also able that he was made Abel he didn’t know what was going to happen but lead the Israelites out of the Egyptian captivity into the Promised Land Daniel Daniel was so so instrumental in his leadership as king after Kings Hall in David David David and Goliath you know they were faithful David was faithful to be able to kill the bear and the lion with his slingshot and that made him qualified and able to kill the giant New Testament the same way Paul was very faithful and God made him able to lead and the 12 apostles you look down how faithful they were and many of them to death they were that faithful and God took Raw individuals that had good character qualities and made them able that’s what you want you want your workers to feel good about working for you and you want to advance them in their personal skills many times I use these terms I say you know are you learning anything today while you’re working for me and they said yeah I am I said well good we’re creating an environment for you to learn and I can never take that away from you and I think our people appreciate that they can learn many skills when working our company well I hope this is helpful thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business


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