IBBTalks.com Vision

IBBTalks.com Vision
December 30, 2018 Gary Shotton

Gary Shotton shares from his heart how ‘Inspiring Better Business” and IBBTalks.com got started and gives some insight into the future for this organization by Gary Shotton #000254

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IBBTalks.com Vision

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I just want to share with you my heart how Inspiring Better Business got started and just why we’re here and what we are trying to accomplish so I’m gonna give you the two action steps were currently involved in right now and then a third that’s shortly to follow well number one IBBTalks, “Inspiring Better Business” our trademarked and they’re the doing business as or a subsidiary of a nonprofit organization I formed almost twenty years ago called in global business success foundation so that’s legal in the United States and that’s kind of important to a lot of people and we started out with my personal passion I have a belief that if someone’s called to the body of Christ in a particular area that they need to be responsible and are responsible to mentor others in that same calling if someone’s called to be a pastor and they’re pastoring they should be raising up some pastors young people along the way same one someone that’s singing you can’t just sing a song or play the guitar you should be helping someone else by giving lessons or helping out well in the business world I’ve always felt that that that’s a part of my calling to be helping others find specifically where they’re called into business now are what they’re called to do in the body of Christ now in my case I’m fortunate that I could look back in my life and I can say very clearly and early on that I knew that I was called of God to be in business I tell a quick story here when I was about 14 a typical 14 year old I was just discovering girls and I certainly was already interested in sports and so I was just a typical guy and we live it on a farm and my dad I one day told me on a Tuesday because I know it was Tuesday because of a sale day it was cattle sale day where dad normally went in row 45 minutes to town and spend all day buying cattle at the auction I never went with dad but that day said go in there and get some better jeans on you’re riding with me or going to town really that surprised me I never dreamed I’d do that so I’m obedient and I’m driving along riding along in the passenger seat and my dad’s not very talking even we get about 10 fifteen minutes from our destination and dad just says a few sentences he said well Gary you need to go in there to the bank and borrow enough money for a 300 head of cattle because we’re gonna show form the my last name shopping they’d be shot in brothers partnership in a feed cattle no that’s our business my dad was in the cattle business this wasn’t new to me but it was new that I would be like helping start an organization I’m 14 well I didn’t think much over it in those few minutes and and I’m thinking well dad will go in with me and we’ll set down and he’ll talk to the banker and we’ll he’ll do all the talking but surprise surprise it was one of those times I could forever remember in my mind seeing the taillights of the pickup driveway and I’m standing on the curb in front of the bank all by myself with those limit instructions and I know dad did not call ahead because that was the day of long-distance phone calls and he would not have called a phone call and prepped the the banker on this well I walked in and I talked and found the banker he told me to talk to and I fumbled through making a absolute fool of myself I’m sure other than I know the banker picked up right away well what am i why did I tell you that story my dad was an entrepreneur and I can look back and say from childhood I was picking up things about being an entrepreneur now maybe your story isn’t like that but I tell you there’s certain people listening to this and this website that we’re divided designing inspiring better business is mostly to help entrepreneurs to see around the world we don’t have enough jobs in many developing nations we look at 30 and 40 and 50 and 60% unemployment that means there’s another 15 20 or 30 percent that have a job but they hate it they can’t get the job they want and so I am passionate about helping businesses get started in developing nations and that’s why we formed inspiring better business and we’re now currently three years from kind of what I call the experimental stage and we’re ready to kick in gear and really make this hang happen and we have about 350 of these eight minute teachings that are on our website they’re patterned after a fairly famous a website called ted.com or TED Talks there’s our little longer but ours are around eight nine minutes long each one they cover one subject so that’s the first thing we’re doing building a complete library of talks that would help people grow and start and excel in their businesses number two we’re helping form what we call peer mentoring groups peer mentoring clubs we did this a little bit when I was on my trip to in the Vulcan countries in Eastern Europe but especially in East Africa in Tanzania Kenya and Uganda and we formed these groups when we spoke and and we helped get them together and and and some of them hung on but now we’re calling in from a distance we’re calling from the United States and once someone in these developing nations will form a group of ten or twelve people and round that number then we make ourselves available to call in not to take over but to give them encouragement we’re mentoring on a weekly basis the most calls that we make are to the Congo and the Congo and Rwanda and and Uganda and Tanzania in Kenya and we’re forming these groups there’s a saying by I think it’s John Maxwell that says no matter how thin the pancake there’s always two sides well let me tell you the two sides of what we’re doing when we’re talking about forming these groups their side that really needs the help and want the help are in these developing nations and they’re asking us to help them not send money but we’re sending experience and expertise maybe the money will come later maybe but we’re sending that encouragement but when we get more than 10 15 20 50 a hundred we need mentors on this side that’s the other side of the pancake there’s hundreds and thousands and thousands of business people that have lots of experience that have time on their hands and we want to match them up and create weekly or by every twice a month calls in encouraging these groups just sometimes just to keep on or answer the tough questions the third thing that we’ve done a little bit in a different format and we’re going rollout soon is what we call inspiring better business mission trips and these are trips that will go back to these countries that we’ve been to and develop new countries go into new countries and we’ll have what kind of in the TED talks will we have it they have a TED talk event will be having IBB talks event and those people that that are already interested in in what we’re doing we’re going to invite them because we’ll have a database of people in a region and we’ll invite them to come and we’ll record these eight and 10-minute videos and these things will all keep working together we’ll keep good doing videos and teachings that are available in video audio and podcast will continue forming these peer groups peer mentoring clubs and then when we make a trip we’ll incorporate the two to give some enthusiasm and excitement about what’s going on and what the future can hold well I hope this makes sense I’m passionate about it my personal mission is very clear and has been for twenty years to identify and develop Christian business leaders who will utilize the resources within their respective countries to fulfill the Great Commission the call of God to identify and develop Christian business leaders who will utilize the resources within their own country to fulfill the Great Commission I’ve made statements to with without any hesitation there’s enough money in every nation to reach that nation for Christ we’ve just got all new things just a little bit different and create an empowerment to help the locals the people in those countries own and operate their own business when they do you know over time they’ll employ some of those other people that need jobs well thanks for being a part of this I hope you’ll join in there’s information on our website that will help you InspiringBetterBusiness.com or IBBTalks.com thank you


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