Increasing Sales – Convenience

Increasing Sales – Convenience
November 3, 2019 Gary Shotton

After creating a solid business you may still need more sales and one option to increase sales may be to focus on ways to be more convenient. By Gary Shotton #000322

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Increasing Sales – Convenience

By Gary Shotton

Hello I’m Gary Shotton, and I’m so happy to be here again with you as a part of inspiring better business. Today we’re going to talk about increasing sales. We have a certain amount of sales in our products or services and yet we would like to increase those what can we do to increase sales. And the answer needs first to start with, do you have a good foundation Do you have the things necessary that every business should have I’m going to review them quickly and if you’ll go through our website and just listen to many, many of these lessons by many speakers you’ll get the basis of a good businesses, having quality. Having on time delivery, making sure you know your customer and know what their wants and desires and needs are, all kinds of these things are just layers upon layers of lessons that you need to be diligent add to be sure you are producing a product or service that meets the requirements and expectations of your customer at a fair price. But let’s say you’ve done all that and you are doing that or you’re continuing to improve on that, and you have competition and the competition is doing the same thing they’re after your same customers. What do you do to increase sales. Well, I’m going to talk about two things that I believe could increase sales in any business or service. It’s a minor adjustment in the way you focus. You could focus on your product and service. And yet, how can I focus just a little bit different in addition to doing the good things the right things that I’ve just mentioned are one of those, I believe, is focusing on convenience, and I’m going to give a number of examples of convenience and how that is basically taken over the society that I live in and that we are so convenience oriented, that we are now disappointed if something takes us longer than expected. I’ll just mention our grocery stores that if I’m in line at the grocery store and I noticed that the line is getting longer and longer and longer, and there’s only one or two tellers and the teller in front of me is being very slow. That’s not convenient for me, the product is good. The service is good. The price is good, but boy is this inconvenient to stand there and wait. Finally, look at my watch and finally get my product or service in this case a product. They need to have something that’s more convenient that I can get in and out quickly. And there’s a whole line of things that are based on convenience. We live in a world that Amazon and Amazon Prime and the united states, states is basically taking over. Well, their biggest selling point is convenience, I can go to my phone I’ll just go to my phone right now, and I can look up my app for Amazon Prime, which I’m already a member I’m already logged on, I could search for almost anything. And in just a matter of one or two minutes, I could find that product. I could hit one button. Since I have my credit card on file it’s a rather dangerous, but in one button. Sir, believe it or not, that product may be able to be delivered tomorrow morning. 24 hours later, or it may be within two or three days, there are certain districts where you can order in the morning. This is a major metropolitan areas, and it will be there by four o’clock that afternoon same day. That is convenience. I’m going to refer to a study I made of a large car dealership in Dallas, and they focused on convenience and then I’m going to talk about somebody there in Nairobi, Kenya, but in Dallas they recognize that convenience was a part of their service, and when somebody needed an oil change. They not only would allow you to bring in and bring your car and drive your car there to wait then in line or set in the waiting room or come back later. That’s not convenient. Instead, you can make an appointment, and you can make an arrangement, they’ll come and get your car, bring your car to their dealership service it and bring it back home, back to your place of work or place of business if that’s what you wanted, that is convenient. I’m going to talk about my friend, Alfred Mattoon, in Nairobi, Kenya, he focuses on convenience. He has a list of very prime customers he is a auto mechanic gifted auto mechanic able to fix many things, but he has now workers for him he’s on our website, listen to our agreement to his lessons. But if you listen through them, you’ll recognize that he focuses on convenience, he basically does car repair, but he also has drivers that come with a car that vehicle, things like his primary customers drive by and come by almost all other opportunities for a mechanic or for a car and come to him. He gave examples of his prime customers, where he really valued their repeat business. And in one case someone was in a high position in the government, and their wife was in another country, and their car broke down. They called Alfred metinvest dealership and they went and got the car in another country, and did whatever it takes to bring it back. He talked about knowing his customers and so we had the high end customers that had more than one car, but he had just the new professionals he’s smart enough to know these new professionals are going to climb the economic level. And they’re going to buy more or take care of more than one car, and have more than one car, and so they recognize at the moment they had only one vehicle. Well, it takes more than 24 hours to fix the vehicle maybe takes two or three days to fix the vehicle. He loans them a replacement vehicle I don’t know if there’s a small fee or it’s just wrapped up into the business cost of making the repairs, but that is convenience, there is just so many other examples. One other is my friend He’s on the website is how romand from Cameroon, more West Africa, and he had a publishing company with books, and he was selling books and he had the normal bookstore waiting for someone to come to town and find his books, but no no no, he contracted with some people with a bone a bonus or motor scooters or the bicycles, and he put books, mobile and he brought books to people in an area in North door to door are in someplace much closer and his business sales went up, way up. So ask yourself are you not only selling a good product at a fair price, but is buying from you is extremely convenient. And if not overcome the objectives that you’re saying that if I’m shopping my own shop, and it’s in one location, could I add something like online, or are like, like shopping with a phone call or a text or, and I would possibly deliver to that person you see, we used to have deliveries from things like years and years ago the milkman delivered at the door. Then we started going to the grocery store, because we get other things now we’re back to the possibility of in our country what’s called Uber Eats or lift eats or have some other name, where your food is delivered to your house hot and ready to eat. That is convenience. So what are you doing to make it convenient, ask yourself, what can I do to make it so convenient, that my customers don’t even have a chance to go to my competitor have I beat him to the punch. I’m ahead of schedule I just thought of another one on our phones we used to go to the bank and the banks were not open all day they were open from like 10 till two. That’s a very low window of time that’s what I was a kid, you had to go schedule all around if you want her to go to the bank and then in comes a new bank that was connected with a major corporation and they advertised open, eight in the morning till eight at night. Wow. That change now beyond that, you can do banking on your phone, you don’t even have to mail something you can take a picture of the check that was written you with to you if that’s how you’re doing business and you can deposit it right there right now write that into your account and never leave your anywhere you’re at by the phone convenience convenience convenience, since you don’t want to be one of 10 look alikes on the same city block, waiting for someone to walk by five others. And finally, some of them arrive to your, your booth or your table or your service, you want to stand out as being different. That would be convenience and added value, those are two things. To start with, well I hope you enjoy this. We’re glad to be a part of your life, inspiring better business. Thank you.

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  1. Tim Walterbach 3 years ago

    I liked how you started that off with how to increase sales. Naturally we want to talk about better marketing, advertising, sales etc. but the first question that should be ask is what’s the level of service that we are providing and could we improve our service to help improve our bottom line.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      Tim, Thanks for your comments on this lesson. I will try to incorporate your thoughts on more of the lessons. Blessings, Gary

  2. Mark Plummer 3 years ago

    One of your best yet Gary.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      Mark, Thanks for taking the time to view!! Thanks for your comments. We are rolling pretty strong with and our weekly mentoring program. We now have about 7 mentors and we touched more than 700 people in foreign lands with our Peer Mentoring Groups. I trust all is well with you and all you are doing. Blessings, Gar

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