Inviting Mentors

Inviting Mentors
November 4, 2018 Gary Shotton

We are inviting business owners and people with business experience to help by becoming a business mentor to a Business Peer Group in a developing nation. #000240

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Inviting Mentors

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and this is going to be just a little bit of a different talk because I’m asking you to help me or help our organization and we’re inviting you to be a mentor with us to groups of people in developing nations that will need some encouragement and need some business advice as they face challenges if you’re watching or listening to this you’re already probably someone that’s a business owner or someone that has owned a business in the past or maybe somebody that has lots of experience in in the details of running and operating a business and we need you so badly we need mainly you for your experience and your willingness to share from this wealth of experience you have in owning operating or running or being involved with business we kind of want to explain a little bit about who we are inspiring better business also known as IBBTalks we have a unique difference maybe than other organizations that are abroad trying to help people we’re helping Nationals own their own businesses I don’t know of many doing what we’re doing they’re probably out there a lot of people are helping employment and hiring people and hiring people and in spreading the gospel through their employees but we are very focused on entrepreneurship and helping people own their own business I think it could be helpful if you’re not sure about who we are I’ll give just a little history IBBTalk stands for inspiring better business talks its fashioned after TED talks where in our case we have 8 to 10 minute teachings all on one subjects with lots of illustrations on how to be an entrepreneur especially at the starting stages and we’ve done these now I started some three years ago we have about 350 of these lessons on our website at I baby talks calm and a majority of them are me at the moment maybe half but more and more of them are different business people especially in the developing nations in other words Africans to speak to Africans with much more authority and experience when they are dealing with the same culture and language and by the way all of our lessons are we believe consistent with the Bible the Word of God but we’re not using it as a preaching platform we’re actually using them to show how to go out and take action which with activities and and actions that are consistent with the Word of God now we have this situation where we have over the last not six months developed a number of peer mentoring groups or peer mentoring clubs in East Africa so that happens to be our current focus but it’s not at all the exclusive focus because we expect this to go around other parts of developing nations and in these peer mentoring groups we ask there we’re encouraging them to meet and many of them are meet not all but many of them are meeting weekly well because you know if you just get a dose of food every week or every day and you starve in between you’re not going to get very healthy are you so we’re believing that as these groups meet together they’re feeding on each other’s experience and what we’re doing is calling in via Skype to these groups to give them mainly encouragement we found out that that they that they need a lot of help especially in the area of the business details how to start and grow a business and we’re not that much into the technical side like if someone’s raising chickens we’re not going to be very good at explaining hit them the best diet for a chicken and how to avoid a disease you know we’re going to call in some experts for that but we’re going to help them in an other area so that we’re typically the calls are like little business lessons like customer service how do you make a customer happy have a happy customer you’re going to have a repeat customer and if you have a repeat customer they’re gonna refer to other people that’s true with every business every culture every language quality is important in every language so I’m giving some examples of the kind of lessons you’ll find on our website I’ll tell you more we’re going to talk about we also talked about processes and systems and starting small and growing step by step and then in these discussions we ask them to ask us really tough questions well to us it may not be that tough but it’s what they’re facing and so we’re here to help them so we invite you would you consider being one of those people those business mentors that can help us you see at this point I have about we have about 15 groups but if we grow what we think to be a hundred groups I can’t call into a hundred groups I need help i need you would you consider we’re inviting you to be a helper now we’re not gonna just throw you in to this with no training we’re going to give some training in its instruction so let me give you some ideas what we’re going to do on our plate part to make this happen first of all we’re gonna ask you on your own time to watch or listen to about 20 of the lessons or talks that we have on our website now this will give you a great idea of what we’ve been talking and teaching and and give you a basis for what we’re trying to do see the talks are what we call starting points our talking points for these groups when they meet if they want to use those then we’re going to set down and set on a just ask you to set in on a current call as we call in my friend Octavian who’s native land is Tanzania East Africa and I typically call in and we just have you call in with us you can listen and talk as much as you want so you’re gonna get an idea how this flows and goes we’re also going to give you some instructions about the culture you know our culture and their culture is always a little different and things that we think are natural are not necessarily normal in their culture and vice-versa so we’re going to help you and then we’re not going to have deep studies into things like cash flow and financial analysis and and high-level discussions if we’re going to talk about finances it’s going to be more like pull out a paper and a pencil and draw some lines and and now start an income stay by all of your income on this page and all your expenses on this the second page in hand write them you know that could be a start or we could heart start them on an Excel spreadsheet so we’re not talking high level high intensity business although it’s all the same around the world we have to start someplace and then oddly enough we’re going to ask you to sign a commitment for three things that you do or won’t will or won’t do one we’re gonna ask you not to send money we found out that if all of we’re doing is creating a pathway that the individual looked listening on the other end is going to do certain things in order to qualify for you to send money that’s not letting them stand on their own feet it’s not encouraging them to stand on their own feet and we don’t think we’ll ever get to the end result number two we do not want you to take control of their group they have a leader you’re going to be talking to that leader who is in English you may need to in the cultural same way learn to pause after phrases so they can translate into Swahili or French or or Spanish or whatever language you were in but we don’t want you to take over for that group they are in charge you’re there to help and then last but not least of the three is share as many failures as you have successes you know we all learn more in our failures than our successes and we don’t want it to look like man I just started out and everything we’re fine because we know that’s not true and you can learn a lot from the mistakes you made and if you’ll share those it will help now we really need you we invite you to join us we ask you to consider being one of those people those business mentors and I’m going to give you right now my name and cell phone number on the bottom of the screen here the last little bit call me email me respond in a comment section will respond to you if we will reach out to us thank you very much this is Gary Shotton and IBBTalks


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