Judith Kokuletage; Her Story

Judith Kokuletage; Her Story
June 17, 2018 Judith Kokuletage

This is an amazing story about a young lady that did not finish High School because she had her first baby at age 18. She took $30 from her household food budget to start her jewelry business. By Kampala Uganda Africa #000201

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Judith Kokuletage; Her Story

By Judith Kokuletage

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton, and I’m the founder of inspiring better business (IBB talks) and I want to introduce you to Judith the jeweler and we’re happy enough to give you a Summary of her story and how she got started in business. I think you’ll Be inspired. Let’s hear the jeweler from Kampala Uganda.


My name is Judith Kokuletage and I’m a Jeweler. I started this from home. When I had my second baby, I was home bored so my husband could leave, me a little money so I would keep a little. I got home so bored just seated so I decided to go to town, and Just moving around I’d not seen anybody, making jewelry But I’m a lady, and would like to accessorize ourselves so when I went through town Looking at the jewelry around I decided to ask somebody who was selling the jewelry to show Me where they sell materials to make the jewelry So, that’s how, the guy ended up taking  me to the shop cause it was near I had 100,000 Ugandan Shillings and it’s the one I use to buy the little things that I needed to start with so that I bought I went home put them on the floor and I really don’t know but I started creating things when I created the necklaces, the earrings. In WhatsApp and Facebook I decided to start sending pictures to my friends to ask  them how the product has come out and everyone loved it and They started making orders small orders coming in one, order two orders, and that is how I started from home and I never looked back. And even when I had like another job being employed somewhere but then when I saw That this was bringing in money for me and what I was getting in a month wasn’t really worth it, because the money I was getting in a month I could make it in a week.

I decided to quit as an office manager. I stayed home. I decided to concentrate and Get more knowledge on the jewelry cause, I didn’t go to school for the knowledge I could just go on internet look for ideas, look for tutorials and that’s how I taught myself more skills. The most skilled, I got it’s the more pictures I took. And it’s the more good feedback, I got back so the good feedback I got back it’s What inspired me to go on and do what I do. Until I found, myself growing, and the market growing, and people were asking Where am I am located but I didn’t have a shop. So that’s when I saw I needed to have a station not Just working from home and delivering things, cause there people out there that I do not have contact The contact but they, would like, my product So, that’s how I ended up going to Shoprite Lugogo mall At Game, walk to the manager I told him, what I made I showed him the pictures and He was a good man he told me come, and try and see how, it will work he started with, giving me three days Three, days turned into Four, days four they send into a week and It has been good business so right now, where you found us here at a Acacia mall. We’re trying to move around to see if we get an opportunity to be offered space in Supermarkets. Cause right now, we can’t afford a shop. Because our business is still on a small scale but as we grow we’ll be looking at shops and you know, but, we Offered like outside the supermarket, we offered space We put our table and display our jewelry so that’s how, we let our business move. Thanks



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